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Malaika Mahlatsi the Fat Feminist Mocks Her Simp Zimbabwean Boyfriend Who Pays All the Restaurant Bills!!!

Malaika Mahlatsi (4)

Malaika Mahlatsi the Fat Feminist Mocks Her Simp Zimbabwean Boyfriend Who Pays All the Restaurant Bills!!! Today we are deviating from eye candies, hot bodies and sexy women in bikinis. We will be discussing the controversies, contradictions and obnoxious behaviours by a fat and unattractive South African feminist called Malaika Mahlatsi on social media. Just …

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Zodwa Wabantu Banned, Told To Wear Underwear at Harare International Carnival – Horny Zimbabweans Fight to See Her Pussy

Zodwa Wabantu, the talentless social stripper from South Africa has been banned from participating at the Harare International Carnival taking place on 1 to 9 September. The Harare Carnival is a popular annual street parade featuring the famous Brazilian Samba dancers, as well as participants from 19 other countries, from as far as Cuba and …

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Skilled Zimbabwean Hooker Gets Reputation For Best Pussy in South Africa

According to News doing the rounds, this sexy Zimbabwean girl called Chipo is reputed to have the tightest grip in the red zones of Kimberly, South Africa. She has become a hit with South African men who seek adventures outside of their bedroom. According to one client who drove all the way to seek the …

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Sexy Zimbabwean Woman Flaunts Nice Big Boobs in Fishnets

This young and beautiful Zimbabwean woman named Clare has resurrected the sex lives of many men in South Africa. She is best friends with Chipo, another sexually skilled temptress from Zimbabwe. Here she is wearing some sexy fishnets that are tied to her bra. The boobs are on point, smooth, and rounded and you gonna …

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First Princess Anne Grace Mutambu Takes the Crown after Miss Zimbabwe 2015 is Disqualified and Dethroned for Posing in Nude Photos

Anne Grace Mutambu who was the 1st runner-up during the Miss Zimbabwe pageant in April has taken the Miss Zimbabwe 2015 Crown from current Queen Emily Kachote, who was stripped of the title after her nude photos were leaked on Whatsapp.   Zimbabwe is among the very few African countries that are contesting for Miss …

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Miss Zimbabwe 2015 Crowned – Emily Katanga Kachote – 25 Years Old Financial Advisor – PICTURES

Miss Zimbabwe 2015 was crowned on 25 April at a ceremony in Shamva, Mermaids Pool in Zimbabwe. Her name is Emily Katanga Kachote, a 25 year-old woman who hails from the city of Harare. The slim beauty takes over the reins from Tendai Hunda, the 2014 Miss World Representative. The Zimbabwean beauty has won a …

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Tendai Hunda – Beautiful Zimbabwean Girl – Former Miss World Representative 2014

Zimbabwean women are the type of beauties that men like George Clooney would want to marry because they are not only beautiful but they are brainy, sober-minded and well cultured. If a Zim woman is not good-looking, then she will have an education or culture to boast about .Among all the drop-dead gorgeous women in …

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