South African Zulu Girl in Sexy Traditional Attire

Zulu Girl
Zulu Girl

Virgin girl with bare belly in traditional Zulu attire, which is usually worn during the annual reed dance where virgin girls are paraded before a King. This attractive South African Zulu girl poses in sexy traditional beaded mini skirt and bead bib necklace. She is also wearing a multi-coloured chevron head band around her long black wavy hair. Apparently, her attire is incomplete. The black bra is not traditional attire, she is supposed to be topless, with no bra on. Regardless, she has a fine flat belly, tight boobs and shapely thighs.

Sexy South African woman in Transparent Mini Skirt

Sexy South African woman in Transparent Mini Skirt
Sexy South African woman in Transparent Mini Skirt

A black South African woman looks sexy in light blue transparent mini skirt and high heels. She is wearing a long sleeved transparent crop top that reveals her sexy navel and mid waist. What she is trying to do with this outfit is to be sexy and modest at the same time – completely covered chest, modest back cut and over-the-knee skirt. If she wanted to be assertive, she would go with a fully backless garment,  thigh high mini skirt and half-covered chest. She is spotting some healthy looking and well-done pitch black straight Brazilian hair and red lipstick.

Kenyan Girl with Wide Hips and Slim Waist Rocks the Hood

This young Kenyan beauty says hips don't lie - I got it !!
This young Kenyan beauty says hips don’t lie – I got it !!

So nowadays everybody agrees that a curvaceous bottom rocks. Beauty magazines have suddenly dumped the thin model for a shapely woman like Kim Khardashian [but we all know her butt is fake]. Social media is flooded with photos of scantily dressed women taking selfies of their curvy bottoms, those who don’t have curves will console themselves with statements like “I love myself” but secretly they envy those with curves. Still, another group is not willing to be outdone, they live by the motto “if you don’t have it, then fake it”, as a result, a generation of plastic butts and boob jobs has been spawned.

But all hope is not lost. In this crazy world of plastic jobs, there are genuine women from Africa who have natural curves that were bestowed on them by their mothers. If you take a trip to Kenya, you will find girls like this Kenyan girl who has a perfect hourglass body. Let the media glorify a fake Kim K butt but there are millions of girls in the streets who have the natural thing. They say hips don’t lie, and true, this girl’s hips don’t lie. You just have to check them out. She is wearing some tight leggings made of African textile and patterns, a tight black crop t-shirt that exposes her flat belly, some African bracelets and gold collar necklace.


Body Language – Bumping

Booty – Shapely

Boobs – Small

Waist – Slim waist, flat belly, attractive navel and wide hips

Face – Pretty girl

Lips – Okay

Hair – Needs a lot of attention,

Swag – This Kenyan babe has a banging body, wide fantastic hips and small waist, but she definitely picked the right outfit to expose her physical attractiveness – she chose some skin tight African textile leggings which stick to the skin, shaping her hips so well. The crop t-shirt works best to expose her fine belly.

Overall – Sexy, curvy and nice leggings


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Women’s Fashion:

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Elegant Nigerian Girl Shows Curvy Figure in Long Tight Skirt

A sexy African woman from Nigeria, flaunts her figure in thigh and butt shaping long skirt
A sexy African woman from Nigeria, flaunts her figure in thigh and butt shaping long skirt

She looks elegant and tall, in high heels and sexy body tight long skirt that shapes her thighs. The young African woman is confidently showing us her curves from all angles, and yes she looks hot.

Body Language – A tall woman with confidence, oozing her sexuality with ease and grace. She looks smashing hot in her simple and tight outfit that shows her sexy figure to the fullest. She definitely loves the camera and it shows in her eyes and smile.

Booty – When a woman turns around for the camera to show her booty, you know she has confidence. Her backside has something to be confident about. She has a first class booty, nicely shaped and it looks natural. A champagne pop, here is to one of those ladies who doesn’t need to be looking into her iphone to prove that she has a dope ass.When you see a lady holding an iphone and taking a selfie behind a mirror, then it should be one of those thirsty bitches with fake plastic boobs and bums.

Boobs – She is a middle-sized lady with decent boobs but her top is too tight and almost flattening her boobs or it might be that she has a humble bust.

Waist – A thin and small waist that appropriately forms a diverging point for her curvy hips. She is a woman with sexy long hips.

Face – She is pretty enough and self aware of her posture.

Lips – She is grinning like a rabbit in the first picture, but she got it right in the second picture. It seems her smile vanished as soon as she gave us her back. She has no idea how dope that ass is.

Hair – Dreadlocks formed into a knot hair bun, looks amazing on this lady.

Swag – The silver high heels with leg laces look amazing, and they fit in well with the long tight bodycon skirt. The purple colored skirt is attractive as well as the bare belly crop top. This tight fitting outfit is very good looking for this tall curvy lady. The lady has long thighs, the outfit makes her look tall, elegant and sexy. Her long diamond earrings look great.

Overall – The lady has provided a demonstration on how to dress elegantly and show your body curves if you are a tall lady or if you want to look tall. She is elegant, sexy and smart.


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Women’s Fashion:

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Nigerian Girl in Short Mini Skirt and Bare Belly T-Shirt

A Sexy Young Nigerian Female in Short African Mini Dress Showing Fine Belly
A Sexy Young Nigerian Female in Short African Mini Dress Showing Fine Belly

Sexy Nigerian black girl in skimpy attire that will make you daydream. This attractive girl is wearing a short tight mini skirt with African textile patterns, a skimpy light green crop t-shirt that allows her pecky boobs to poke out provocatively, a necklace with an owl figure

Body Language – She is dressing provocatively and it seems she is looking for compliments. She seems unsure if she looks attractive or not.Well, somebody has to tell you that you look so attractive, young girl.

Booty – She has some tight bums with a sexy shape [8/10]

Boobs – Those perky boobs are so lovely, the way they poke your t-shirt, you will never know how it makes a man go crazy [8/10]

Waist – The young African girl has a sexy body, with boobs and hips taking their form in the most attractive feminine direction. The belly is wonderful, slim and flat, girl you are a beautiful woman! A hyper-sexy natural beauty [9/10]

Face – “How do I look?” she seems to be asking with that teenage innocence and curiosity.

Lips – Tell me something

Hair – The girl’s wild hair is just beautiful.

Swag – She doesn’t exactly have the sense for swag, but her body is banging and shapely. She looks like a novice but it looks like she got right. She knows how to dress in sexy attire, she chose the right-sized crop t-shirt that emphasizes her beautiful midriff and boobs, as well as a tight sexy mini skirt that highlights her curvy hips and booty.

Overall – This girl is hot, she has an eye for beauty and attire that highlights the best of her body. She looks young and just beginning to explore.

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Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

African Textile Mini Skirt – There are many types of African textiles that are used to make miniskirts. This fabric has abstract patterns and you can get it to make your own mini skirt if you are a good tailor.Otherwise, you can simply buy the textiles from a shop that specializes in African fabrics. You can find the shop in your city or you can buy online, from a shopping portal such as Aliexpress.If you want to make your own skirt, there are video tutorials that you can watch on the internet.


Short Sleeve Crop T-Shirt for Teenage Girls – The crop t-shirt is the in-thing for young women who are proud of their sexy bellies and waist. A slim and flat belly is very sexy and very appealing to the eye. The crop t-shirt allows you to expose your waist and belly. You can wear this t-shirt at clubs, parties and other casual activities.


Owl Necklace for Girls – This necklace is good for teenage girls and young women who have a low budget. When worn with a crop t-shirt, it looks sexy and fantastic. This long necklace is worn over the t-shirt.


Durban Girls | Sexy African Girl in Bikini Striking a Pose

Sexy Durban Girl in bikini
Sexy Durban Girl in bikini

A confident South African girl from Durban, posing in a stylish way in bikini and thin strap brown t-shirt. Ya, this is what I am talking about, you have to give it your best.

Body Language – Our Durban girl knows how to strike a pose, and get out the best from what she has to offer. Her sexy slim body type and confidence is what a scouting agent would look for, in hunting for the next catwalk sensation.

Booty – We give her a few points in this department, but it depends on what you like [5/10]

Boobs – Not exactly the type that would make you drool [510]

Waist – She has a fantastic body shape, a thin waist and flat stomach [8/10]

Face – This pretty girl must be a fashion designer because she knows what to wear, and how to look the best in any occasion. Her expression is nonchalant and just cool, a real model demeanor. You don’t have to smile like an idiot if you want to show your best looks for the camera. Ladies take a lesson.

Lips – A glossy transparent lipstick professionally applied to beautify this babe.

Hair – The long wave dark weave looks fantastic for her age.

Swag – This is the queen of swag. She is wearing almost nothing but she manages to pull it off and be the eye candy that a guy can’t ignore. Her hand jewelry is right on and the sunglasses are a perfect add-on to make a fashion statement.

Overall – We like this girl, the pose, the confidence, and the fashion sense, even if she is just wearing a bikini and a thin strapped t-shirt.

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Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

A side string tie floral colours bikini – from Aliexpress

Side Tie String Bikinis for Ladies – The lady is wearing a bikini, the type that has strings at the sides to tie up. This popular skimpy outfit can be worn at a pool party, beach or private party. The bikini is worn as it is, with nothing underneath or something to cover it, so you have to be brave and confident about your body if you have to wear this thing in a public place like a beach. Summer time is the best occasion to strut out in your bikini, and cool down because it’s very hot. There are many types of colours and styles that you can find from a store, ranging from cool patterns to plain color, such as the black one below.

Black side string tie bikini – from Amazon

Thin Strap T-shirt for Ladies – These are ladies’ t-shirts which can either be tight fitting or loose, but they are all held by thin shoulder straps, and provide exposure of your shoulders and cleavage. If you are wearing a cleavage t-shirt, then you shouldn’t wear a bra because it looks unstylish and untidy. You will look much sexier and attractive in your t-shirt without your bra on. If you are going out, then make sure your bra matches your bikini, in case you decide to take off your t-shirt and show your fashion sense to everyone who is looking.

South Africa Girls | Sexy Girl with Wide Hips

Tall South African girl with sexy hips
Tall South African girl with sexy hips

A tall curvy South African woman with sexy hips, wearing tight pants and shoulder-bare t-shirt.

Body Language – This beautiful lady is sexy and she knows it. She is seriously confident, and you can’t tell her nothing because you know she is sexy. She looks like a no nonsense lady, this is a huge turn-on for a curvaceous girl like this. These types of girls are good in bed J

Booty – We know she has a dope-ass just by watching the front view of her wide hips [8/10]

Boobs – Not bad, they ain’t full but just sexy for her body [8/10]

Waist – The woman is blessed with wide hips and a thin waist, she also happens to have a flat stomach, which makes her super sexy [9/10]

Face – Like we said, she is a proudly sexy, beautiful woman with an expensive and rare smile “I am sexy and I know it”. We like the seriousness, pride and confidence that she exudes on her face.

Lips – Just okay

Hair – The thin long dreads look sexy on this young woman, and they fit in well with her wide hip coca-cola bottle shape.

Swag – The swag is right on, blue tight pants and blue bare-shoulder t-shirt with abstract patterns. The tight leggings are a good choice to show her curvy hips and booty. The 30 inch dreads are good on this lady. She is a big, tall and beautiful woman, with perfect curves.

Overall – We love the proud no-nonsense look, curvy tall body, matching skinny pants and t-shirt as well as the natural-looking dreads, which make her look like a real African beauty.

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Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:


British style dark green off-shoulder t-shirt for women – from DHGate

Black off-shoulder T-Shirt for women – from Haodouyi Fashion Wear

Off Shoulder T-Shirt for Women – This is a stylish t-shirt for ladies that exposes your shoulders. It looks like a t-shirt that has a hole cut between the shoulders and the sleeves, creating the impression of sleeves that are hanging in the air and unsupported. You can get a long sleeve or short sleeve off-shoulder t-shirt. There is another type of t-shirt, the British style off-shoulder t-shirt like the one worn by the lady above, which consists of an off shoulder sleeve and straps. As you can see, it looks cool. This is a casual t-shirt that can be worn when you are going out or hanging out with friends.

Fab earth leggings for women (navy blue,green and olive) – from SweetCouch

Tight Leggings for Women – The woman above is wearing some tight pants which are good for shaping the thighs and legs. If you are confident with your curves, you can get these leggings to wear at a party, club or just chilling out. Be aware that some leggings are made for sporting activities such as jogging, exercise and gym. They are also differentiated into types for winter and summer, and you can tell this by checking the material they are made of. Do you have attractive thighs and legs that are well shaped? Are you having a flat stomach? Then you are the right type to put on leggings.

Coloured Girls | Sexy Girl in Ripped Jeans

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Sexy coloured babe wearing destroyed jeans and white crop t-shirt
Sexy coloured babe wearing destroyed jeans and white crop t-shirt

A sexy Coloured girl with curly hair, hot smoking body, wearing tight fitting worn-out slashed jeans and a short crop t-shirt that exposes a breath-taking belly.

Let the Body Speak:

Body Language – She is showing some confidence, because she knows she has a great body. One of those girls who don’t need to expose much flesh because they can still knock you out with clothes on.

Booty – The girl has some fine booty, a natural beauty [8/10]

Boobs – She is covered but you can tell that they are fine breasts, which are proportional to every part of her body [8/10]

Waist – a perfect waist and belly that any woman would want to have. It’s a belly to die for [9/10]

What the Face is saying – She has the looks of a model, you can’t read too much, and it’s definitely hard to guess. The young woman is beautiful.

What the Lips are saying – The red lipstick looks nice on her.

Hair – Her hair looks natural, the rich black long curly waves are just perfect for her face and body [9/10]

Swag – The skin tight torn jeans look cool with her white cropped t-shirt that does a good job of exposing her fine belly in a sexy way. Nothing looks wrong, everything fits in well, the curly wave hairstyle, simple white stud earrings and simple golden wrist bangles, plus a hot body.

Would you want to bang this chick? – The girl looks sweet,

Overall – This is one sweet and sexy coloured girl wrapped in one. She has the body of a model, a girlfriend that you would like to show to your friends. [9/10]

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Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:

Short crop t-shirt for ladies with bare midriff – from Aliexpress

Short crop t shirt for ladies – The woman is wearing a short crop t-shirt with a bare midriff. This casual wear will give you a cool yet sexy look at the same time, great for young women. You will realize that the t-shirt above has extremely short sleeves and it has a wide base, like a baby doll skirt. This type of shirt will make you look sexy if you have full boobs which kind of push the shirt forwards. The t-shirt is deliberately designed to cut off at the midriff, exposing your sexy belly. This female t-shirt comes in sleeves of different sizes; you can get the long sleeve, short sleeve, extremely short sleeve and the shoulder-bare sleeve.

High waist ripped stretch jeans for women body curve – from Alibaba

Destroyed jeans for ladies – These casual jeans have many names – ripped jeans, torn jeans and so on. The jeans are purposely made to look worn out, creating a cool fashion sense for young women. They are usually slashed at the front, as if somebody cut them with a razor or something. They are available for all body types, from slim to curvy. If you are the curvy type, getting the slightly skinny jeans which follow your body contour will make you look sexy. They don’t have to be skin tight, but just enough to compliment your bottom shape while making you feel comfortable.




South African women | Sexy Black Girl with Skin Tight Leggings and Thin Waist

A picture is worth a thousand words:

South African babe in tight fitting leggings and showing some fine ass
South African babe in tight fitting leggings and showing some fine ass

A South African woman looking sexy, wearing a black skin tight pants and top, with red lipstick and white head band. She is standing in the backyard and clearly enjoying the attention, the camera loves her!!!

Let the Body Speak:

Body Language – No words are coming from her mouth but those body ‘n’ looks are clearly calling somebody. Your eyes…. calling for me….I can hear you…..calling me!

Booty – “I’ve got the booty” and she is definitely right. They are not too big or too small, just the right size and perfect curvaceous shape [7/10].

Boobs – She’s got nice boobs that are she hiding away from the camera. They are just about the right size, not too big or too small he he, [710].

Waist – The girl has a perfect thin coca cola bottle waist, good to grab and rest your arm [9/10].

What the Face is saying – we have a pretty girl with a bitchy look, ready for a backyard party or shebeen party that will end up late at night with somebody drunk and in someone’s bed [7/10].

What the Lips are saying – the red lipstick looks right for the occasion and the attire, [7/10].

Hair – the hairstyle and the head band say something like hey I have a wild side, I am your average ghetto girl [7/10].

Swag – we think the clothes that she is wearing makes her look more attractive, she’s got perfect curves that will make any woman envious and I guess no other outfit helps to define her sexiness as this one. The outfit exposes the flesh and belly button around her midriff, which is quite good and sexy for a shapely woman like this one [7/10].

Would you want to bang this chick? – She looks very bang-able. Yummy

Overall – this black beauty is sexy, looks nice to bang and she has a perfect body with normal-sized features. Overall she’s got the feminine assets that you can only dream of. [7/10]

Meet South African women – Facebook 


Fashion Shopping Suggestions for Ladies:


Yellow Summer Leggings For Ladies from Aliexpress

Sexy ladies leggings for summer – These are not leggings for winter, sports, gym or morning exercise. They are sexy skin tights that women can wear during the hot months of the year. This summer fashion helps you look sexy and feel cool at the same time. The material is not cozy and it doesn’t trap heat like those winter skin tights which are designed to keep you warm.Therefore, you can comfortably wear the tights, feel cool in the summer heat and show off your body curves which are well defined by the tights, exposing your belly button and making you the centre of attraction in a summer party or club. The leggings come with a tight skimpy top that barely covers your belly button. This outfit is recommended if you have a flat stomach, so start hitting the gym if you want to burn that ugly stomach fat and make this outfit look good on you, he he. If you are naturally blessed with a thin waist or flat stomach, then congratulations to you!!!


South African Sexy Girls | When a DJ Meets a College Girl

As Noncebo sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed, the DJ swore she had never seen such beautiful thighs on a girl

As Noncebo sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed, the DJ swore she had never seen such beautiful thighs on a girl
As Noncebo sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed, the DJ swore she had never seen such beautiful thighs on a girl

It was a casual Sunday morning, Noncebo was strolling to the nearest supermarket to buy something for breakfast. As she walked under the cool suburban sun of Cape Town, she was in a fantastic mood, hoping to make up time before getting down to watch her favourite TV show at 9:30 and completing her college assignment. Suddenly a red Golf GTI pulled up from the side, and a playful soprano voice called out “Hi Cape Town girl, I am lost, can you show me the way to the supermarket please?”

Noncebo looked at the car as it pulled to a stop, then at the driver of the car. She didn’t come close to the car but stood far as she pointed in the direction of the supermarket with her finger, “You go straight, turn to the right and you will find the shops, are you not from here?” she said calmly as she studied the guy.

The guy didn’t answer her question, but he asked her “What’s your name; you look like that pretty chick on Facebook?”

“Really, and what is your Facebook name?” Noncebo countered without answering his question.

“But I asked you first”, the guy said.

“You didn’t answer my first question either” Noncebo said.

The guy turned the engine on as if he was about to speed off, then pulled out his Samsung Galaxy S4 touch phone and said “Sorry, I forgot, what’s your phone number, I would like to ask you something later”.

In this circumstance, any girl would not have resisted the offer to hand out their contact number, it was almost a subconscious reaction. Noncebo could not resist this offer either, she never wanted to give out her cellphone number but her feelings told her the opposite, finally she struck a balance, she never wanted to come off as impolite either, so the polite girl in her said “Sorry bhudi, I don’t have a cellphone, but thanks anyway” praying that no-one would call her at that moment and expose her crappy lies. Her phone was on vibrate and the ringing tone was on, she just hoped the guy would drive off at that instant.

“Ok it doesn’t matter, my name is DJ Vanilla Flava, we’ll meet on Facebook” he said as he drove away, leaving Noncebo in gasps.DJ Vanilla drove away in the direction of the shops, while watching the rear-view mirror of his car, the stunning girl he had met on the road was watching him, he was not really going to the shops but just trying to bullshit her. He didn’t want to be seen as just another township jerk that would tell blue lies to get a woman into bed, so he slowly turned around the corner, cruised a few metres and parked in front of Shoprite supermarket. He went inside the shop to buy a bottle of Energade. As he sipped the drink, he peeped outside the door to watch Noncebo who was strutting towards the shops.

As Noncebo approached, DJ Vanilla went to his car and waved at her, Noncebo smiled and waved back. The job was done, he drove away, all the while making sure that Noncebo was watching her.

Noncebo was experiencing all sorts of emotions that a girl would have when they met Justin Bieber or Usher. She felt humbled, proud and happy, she had just met the much-talked about DJ Vanilla. So this was DJ Vanilla, the thoughts ran through her mind, she had never seen him but her friends were always talking about this DJ.She was not a party or club girl, her boring life had finally come to an end – DJ Vanilla oh yeah yippee!!! , she couldn’t contain the excitement.

At night she went on Facebook to search for DJ Vanilla Flava, he was easy to find. The guy was really popular, he had 4350 friends, his status updates had no less than 200 likes, his timeline was full of adoring comments from fans, and a large number of these were girls. She checked the photos and immediately recognized the red Golf GTI; others were pictures of him at social events.

Noncebo sent DJ Vanilla a friend request. The following weekend, she spent the day at the studio for a photo shoot that was organized by DJ Vanilla. As Noncebo sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed.She looked stunning in red panties, neck strapped white bra, short African hairstyle, and a blue bracelet on her left hand.The DJ swore she had never seen such beautiful thighs on a girl, but he kept it to himself like a man.


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