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Airtime Chicks is a place for men and women to enjoy pictures of sexy women, sexy attire and celebrate the beauty of  girls around the world. We feature beautiful girls from all races and backgrounds for your eyes to sample.To be a part of this popular blog and be famous, submit your picture to airtimechicks@gmail.com

We do not promise to publish each and every picture that is sent to us, we have to take into account the quality of the picture and if it meets our requirements, we will publish it.

We celebrate love, sex, fashion, swag, relationships and beauty. We celebrate sexy women from Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune and Planet Earth.

We also publish news on real life stories, celebrities and entertainment.


Disclaimer: Although facts, news and opinions are published on this blog on a regular basis, some of the stories submitted on this blog may be pure fiction and fantasy, they do not necessarily portray the true experiences, facts or opinions of the characters mentioned nor the characters depicted in pictures.

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