Top African Countries with Curvaceous Women and Escorts


African Escort from Ivory Coast, Abidjan

One of the benefits of travelling is that you can check out women at your destination with the intention of making new friends, dating or having a one-night stand. A one-night stand with a busty escort or hookup with a local woman is what some sex tourists are looking forward to. Let’s be honest, drunkards like getting intoxicated with alcohol, drug addicts love to sniff cocaine and sex tourists love pussy, booty and boobs. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling on business, adventure or holiday, seeing beautiful women from other countries and cultures is something that is exciting. It gives you the urge to explore. Just like Europe, North America and Asia, there are a number of African countries where you will find the best escorts and attractive women. In Africa, highly populated countries are the best places to find attractive women and prostitutes. If you are looking for escorts to have fun with, African countries with a secular or Christian population are more tolerant towards adult entertainment such as escort services, strip clubs, brothels and massage parlours.

Why African Women Are So Attractive Compared to American Women

Just like everything that is good about Africa, no major magazines will mention the good about Africa, only a few will do that. They won’t tell you but most westerners are obsessed with African women because they have realized that African girls are more shapely, fit and bootylicious than American women who have become obese, thanks to a sedentary American lifestyle where people consume junk food. In Africa, people live an economic lifestyle. A healthy traditional diet composed of cheap vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains and meat is still part of the daily menu. As a result, women have maintained a good body shape.

So What Type of Countries Have Curvaceous Women?

If you are planning to have an encounter with a wide choice of juicy, shapely and sexy African women, there are things that you have to take a look at. First of all, you have to consider the size of the country. Experience will tell you that African countries with a small population (e.g. Less than 5 million) are the worst places to find a selection of shapely and good-looking women. In small countries, there are few good-looking women and do not be surprised when you keep bumping into the same washed-out hookers at clubs and the same escorts on local websites. To sum it up, small countries SUCK, most of the escorts are plain, not worth paying for, and not so attractive. You will be better off saving your money for a trip to a much bigger country where all types of sexy women are found. A close survey of African countries shows that the most popular sex destinations are countries with a large population, at least 25 million people. In highly populated countries, it’s difficult to bump into the same escorts all over the place. You have the pleasure of cherry-picking between Beyonce, Kim Khardashian, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna body types. It’s like a porn gallery where women of all shapes and sizes are found. If you are looking for big boobs – mangoes, cups, pointers, melons, you will find them. If you are looking for big booty, coca cola bottle shapes and pear bodies, they are in plenty supply.

If you are still recycling the same plain-looking whores in a small country, it’s time for you to pack your bags and head to a populous country with a variety of eye candies to fulfil your fantasies and desires. The following are the top African countries to find a bevy of African queens and beauties with seducing bodies. You will never struggle to find a Beyonce or Nicki Minaj type in these countries because they are many, the competition between prostitutes is high, economic conditions are favourable and the price is affordable if not lower. That’s the beauty of staying in a big country, you will never run out of curvaceous women with tempting bodies LOL.

Top African Countries to Find Juicy and Curvaceous Women:

  1. Ghana
Ghanaian Escort

Ghana is a perfect sex destination. With a population of 27 million people, you will find escorts and women of all colours, backgrounds, shapes and sizes. The official language is English. Local tribes include the Akans, Dagbani, Ewe including people of mixed heritage. Women in Ghana range from dark-skinned chocolates to light-skinned mixed women. There is no shortage of curvaceous women in the 10 regions of Ghana. Most escorts and prostitutes are concentrated in Accra the capital city. The only headache you will have is choosing an escort to spend a night with, because they are all beautiful. You may as well close your eyes and pick a random escort from a pool of over 300 women listed on Accra escort sites, the chances are you will be satisfied with what you see.

  1. Nigeria
Nigerian Escort

With a population of over 180 million people, the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the best sex destination you can find in Africa. The country is divided between religious lines, the Muslim North and the Christian South. All the fun and pleasure is in the Christian states where escorts, massage parlours and strip clubs operate without censure. Lagos and Abuja are the biggest metropolitan cities in non-Muslim territory. Other cities to find escorts include Port Harcourt, Benin City and Calabar. In Lagos, you will be overwhelmed with over 350 attractive escorts to choose from. In Abuja, over 150 escorts with voluptuous bodies will be fighting for your attention.

The choice of women you can pick in Nigeria is infinite, as there are more than 500 tribes including the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo which are the major tribes.

  1. Kenya
Kenyan Escort

Besides producing the first black US president, Kenya is well known for its booming sex tourism industry. It is a popular international destination for hook-ups and those seeking a new love life. With a population of more than 46 million people, you will find Kenyan women from all backgrounds and cultures. Kenyan women are among the most seductive in the world. Bloggers have written tales of the skilled Kenyan woman who knows how to please a man in bed, the traditional sensual Baikoko dance and how hard it is to stay in a hotel or club without being accosted by a sexy chick who will touch you down there to provoke your anaconda.

Women with sex drive are a turn on, and Kenya is the place to find them. There are more than 40 tribes in Kenya, the country is a melting pot of cultures. Although people of Bantu origin are the majority, you will also find women of Ethiopian, Somalian, Indian and Sudanese descent. Major tribes include the Kikuyu, Luhya, Kalenjin, Luo, Kamba, Mijikenda, Meru, Turkana, Maasai, Kisii and Taita.

So which are the best places to find escorts in Kenya? Escorts with seductive bodies are found in major cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa. They are also found in cities such as Nakuru and Kisimu. The supply is unlimited, the choice is wide, escort sites are many and the price is right. For as low as 1000 KSH a night, you can bag a Beyonce-type escort with all the right features. Big boobs, pointy tits, big ass, wide hips it’s all up to you to choose as long as you have cash.

  1. South Africa
South African Escort

South Africa is the most liberal country in Africa. With a population of over 54 million people, almost everything that is censured in other African countries is not censured in South Africa. We all know that SA has diverse industries that attract immigrants from other countries. One industry that is not censured in SA is porn. As a result, adult entertainment such as escorts, strip clubs, porn film making and massage parlours has been around for a long time.

South African prostitutes come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Although most South African escort agencies used to be dominated by white women, black women are also joining these sites to make a quick buck from selling their bodies. White women and coloureds charge an exorbitant price, which is quite unreasonable when compared to other countries listed on this post. Also, since there is a racial divide in SA, you cannot just go about booking a white escort for your pleasure. You might be rejected based on racial background alone and some escorts will overtly write something like “White Men Only”.

However, if flat-ass white hookers are not your cup of tea, there is plenty of black beauties with big booty to choose from. Major ethnic tribes include the Xhosa, Tswana and Zulu. A lot of black escorts have reasonable rates. You will come across types who are looking for fun and those who are in need of financial help.

  1. Tanzania
Tanzanian Escort

Tanzania shares a border with Kenya and it has almost the same population as South Africa. This country has more than 53 million people. The official languages are Swahili and English. There are at least 120 tribes which are evenly distributed, so there is no major tribe. Tanzanian women like their Kenyan counterparts are known to be sexy and seductive, extremely skilled in the art of pleasing a man in bed.

If you have never met a woman who knows how to make mind-blowing sensual body movements while making sex, then you should try a Tanzanian woman. Escorts with voluptuous bodies are found in major cities such as Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, Zanzibar and Mbeya. However, the problem with Tanzania is that most women do not have an online presence. Most Tanzanian prostitutes will register on Kenyan escort sites, and they love to operate in Kenya.

  1. Uganda
Ugandan Escort

Uganda has an approximate population of 39 million people. The country shares a border with Kenya and Tanzania. The official languages are Swahili and English. Ugandan women come from at least 14 ethnic tribes which include dominant Bantu tribes like the Baganda, Banyankore, Basoga, Bakiga and others. Uganda is becoming a top sex destination for most tourists who are either looking for fun or a serious relationship.

The capital city of Uganda, Kampala is a thriving spot for escorts and prostitutes from all backgrounds, cultures and colour. Busty prostitutes with hot bodies are taking their business online where clients make a booking.

Skilled Zimbabwean Hooker Gets Reputation For Best Pussy in South Africa


According to News doing the rounds, this sexy Zimbabwean girl called Chipo is reputed to have the tightest grip in the red zones of Kimberly, South Africa. She has become a hit with South African men who seek adventures outside of their bedroom. According to one client who drove all the way to seek the services of this highly skilled seductress, “She pulls you in like a suction cup”. You can just imagine the ecstasy. Whatever the secret herb that this woman is using or is it some type of muscle tightening skill or exercise, she is definitely the envy of every woman out there.

In most countries around the world, women believe in tightening their vagina in order to please their husbands during lovemaking. Indeed, a lot of men like it tight and village rumors are abound of women who lost their husbands because they had loose pussy.

Sexy Zimbabwean Woman Flaunts Nice Big Boobs in Fishnets

A professional hooker, this sexy Zim bombshell is wearing fishnets displaying her nicely shaped boobs and tits
A professional hooker, this sexy Zim bombshell is wearing fishnets displaying her nicely shaped boobs and tits

This young and beautiful Zimbabwean woman named Clare has resurrected the sex lives of many men in South Africa. She is best friends with Chipo, another sexually skilled temptress from Zimbabwe. Here she is wearing some sexy fishnets that are tied to her bra. The boobs are on point, smooth, and rounded and you gonna love that belly ring if you have a fetish for body piercings.

SA Hip Hop Queen, Gigi Lamayne Looking Hot and Sexy in Bikini


Gigi Lamayne flaunts sexy and shapely body in blue bikini and neck strapped bra
Gigi Lamayne flaunts sexy and shapely body in blue bikini and neck strapped bra

Gigi Lamayne is the hottest young woman on the block in South Africa. This sexy girl is a celebrity rapper literally ruling the SA Hip Hop charts on YFM with hits that have helped her to win the SA Hip Hop Awards four times. She has scooped many significant awards since 2011 and needs no introduction to South Africans.

Slutty South African Woman Sits on the Roadside with No Panties – Offers 24 Hr Free Sex


Addicted to sex – with no underwear, a South African hooker sits provocatively, with bums on pavement displaying her assets, offers free sex on whatsapp
Addicted to sex – with no underwear, a South African hooker sits provocatively, with bums on pavement displaying her assets, offers free sex on whatsapp

Wearing nothing but a yellow woolen jersey, this young woman from South Africa sat on the roadside with no panties to attract clients.Did this slutty but sexy South African girl pull off a stunt or is she a real hooker that is upping up her game?According to some reports from Mzansi, she posted a whatsapp message saying that she is giving away it free for 24 hours to any man out there. As expected, she became popular overnight as her post went viral. However, it’s not known whether she meant it or not. Either way, she is a sexy woman with the right slim body structure. People are calling her magosha [translated to slut in English].But women are giving it away Free nowadays, an example is the Zambian hookers who celebrated by giving it away free the whole day after the national football team won the Africa Cup of Nations.


Sexiest Dance Styles from Africa – Popular Sensual Dances by African Women and Men


Mozambique - Massinguitane Dance
Mozambique – Massinguitane Dance

A lot of people are familiar with singers/dancers like Nickey Minaj, Shakira, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez, some of whom are popular because of their booty shaking and waist movement skills. When some of these famous booty shakers released their hottest music videos, featuring booty shaking, what you might call twerking, the media would portray their trending videos as the newest dance style on the block, giving the impression that the dance style never existed before the artist’s debut.

Every time a good-looking dancing diva from the US comes with a new dance style, which in most cases is a knock off from a lesser known individual or country, she is always credited with “inventing” a new dance. But do you know that most of the sexiest dance styles are originally African and they have been practiced for many generations by lesser known countries and tribes in Africa? If you thought Miley Cyrus’ lewd stage acts are anything to go by, then you have never travelled the world. If you thought Nickey Minaj does the best booty shake, then you have never seen the original booty shake. The Goddesses of waist and loin movement reside in Africa.

Here are some of the original sexy dance styles from Africa, some of which have been widely adopted or in the process of being adapted [“stolen”] by westerners he heJ. It’s not a joke, but dance schools for African and Asian dance are sprouting everywhere in Europe and USA. Anyway it’s good to share culture as long as proper credit is given. Without wasting time, let’s take a journey into the top sensual African dances of all time.


The Top 6 Best Sexy Dancing Styles from Africa

Kizomba Dance
Kizomba Dance


Kizomba [From Angola]

Kizomba is an original and sexy dance style from Angola, a coastal country in Southern Africa on the Atlantic Ocean shore. They say Kizomba is a dance style that was developed by young Angolans from Zouk and Semba dance styles in the 1980s. Judging by its wide adoption, sensual belly touching and bottom gyration moves, you can’t help but admire this stimulating dance which is highly desirable for couples and partners. There is no doubt that this is the most sensual dance style, which will always come top in Africa and the world. From the look of things, this is not a casual dance that can be mastered overnight unless you are a confident and flexible dancer who likes to flaunt their thing, definitely not a dance for the shy. If you can’t dance Kizomba, then you will definitely enjoy watching, it’s simply sexy, juicy and marvelous.

Tarraxinha Dance
Tarraxinha Dance


Tarraxinha [Angola]

Angola also takes claim to the second sexiest dance style in Africa, which is called Terraxinha.Terraxinha is the latest dance developed and loved by young Angolans. It’s a variation of Kizomba, and as usual, the creative Angolans don’t disappoint when it comes to creating an artistic and sensual dance. If you like Kizomba, then you will also like Terraxinha.It’s simply lovely and desirable, a sexy dance for partners on the dance floor.

Egyptian Belly Dance
Egyptian Belly Dance


Egyptian Belly Dance

Egypt, the land of the pharaohs, which also happens to be one of the earliest human civilizations, also happens to be an African country which came with the most graceful and sexy dance in the history of the world. The Egyptian belly dance is a sensual dance that is usually performed by single female dancers or a group of female dancers. There is a reason why ancient Kings and Pharaohs always told their servants to bring belly dancers to entertain them in the court when they were bored. Belly dancers are simply beautiful to watch. There is nothing as stimulating and desirable than watching a belly dancer.

Kwasa Kwasa Dance
Kwasa Kwasa Dance


Soukous / Kwasa Kwasa /Ndombolo [DRC Congo]

Soukous is a waist shaking dance from the DRC [Congo], which has consecutively transformed into Kwasa Kwasa over the years, and currently the Ndombolo version. This highly suggestive dance is very hot when it’s done by women. Because of its sensual and sex appeal, the dance gained a lot of fans, making it extremely popular. In the 1970s, the dance spread to many African countries and eventually gained ground in Europe in the 80s, especially France and the UK.Another factor which contributed to the immense popularity of Kwasa Kwasa was the attempt by hypocrites to ban the dance in four African countries, including the DRC where it originated.Kwasa Kwasa dance videos were censured in the DRC in 2005, but they are played in other countries, where fans and TV broadcasters love the dance. The ecstatic feeling that this dance leaves you with cannot be denied. It’s simply fantastic.



Baikoko [Tanzania and Kenya]

Baikoko is the Tanzanian and Kenyan name for a sexually suggestive dance that is traditionally done by women. The original and hottest baikoko involves women lining up to dance while an audience watches. The dance involves a sensual rolling of hips and “cutting the waist”, it is especially a breath taking scene to watch a woman do the baikoko while lying face down on the floor. You can’t help but admire the sexy moves, especially if the woman is curvy. A woman has to be skilled, self expressive, agile and flexible to pull this sensuous act.

A dance like baikoko and its variations is known by different names in many African countries. One thing you have to understand is that this dance which is called “twerking” in the USA and social media, is originally African. While the modern dance has been adopted for entertainment and social purposes, the original dance was just a mere ceremonial act, with no suggestive intent. Modernized people who are exposed to daily salacious movies, videos and commercials may think it’s suggestive, but to the traditional African or Arab man, it’s simply a ceremony. For example, in Congo, women of the Luba tribe do the Mutuashi dance (which resembles Baikoko) to pay homage to chiefs or as a celebration.

Baikoko Dance - Suriname
Baikoko Dance – Suriname

Sensual Dances in Africa which Resemble Baikoko:

  • Kidogoro – Tanzania
  • Mutuashi / Mutwashi – DRC, Angola, Zambia
  • Mapouka – Cote de Ivoire
  • Massinguitane – Mozambique
  • Sabar / Leumbeul – Senegal
  • Funana – Cape Verde
  • Chakacha / Kata Kiuno / Viuno – Swahili dance
  • Niiko – Somali
  • Kawitry – Malagasy
  • Afro-Arab Malaya dance
  • Punta – By African tribe called Garifuna in South America
  • Chaabi Chickat – Morocco


Swazi Girls at Reed Dance Ceremony of King Mswati
Swazi Girls at Reed Dance Ceremony of King Mswati


Swazi Reed Dance / Lutsango Dance [Swaziland]

The Swazi reed dance also known as Lutsango dance is included here not because there is something skillful about the dance, but because it’s a beautiful cultural dance displayed by a people who have kept their tradition to this day.While other cultures are melting away and reducing the world’s diversity pool, the Swazis are proud to keep theirs. Can you imagine if everybody dressed and acted like Americans, it would be very boring indeed. That’s why we need diversity.

Another reason why the Swazi ceremonial dance has been included is the unique dancing attire, which a lot of pop/hip hop divas would want to copy, but they can’t because their culture doesn’t have the same freedom as the Swazis. Let’s be honest, a lot of hot female singers like Rihanna,Nickey Minaj and Miley Cyrus secretly wish to go topless and bare their breasts on stage, but they are afraid of the backlash and censure it would cause. Remember the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction? Ha ha sorry you may be millionaires but you don’t have the privilege to go topless, it’s only for the Swazis.


Swazi Girls Dancing the Lutsango Reed Dance
Swazi Girls Dancing the Lutsango Reed Dance

Carnival Celebrations in Africa, Asia and Europe – Annual Events


Girls at Rio de Janeiro Samba Festival - Facebook Picture By
Girls at Rio de Janeiro Samba Festival – Facebook Picture By

The following is a list of cultural carnival events that are held by different countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Carnivals are festive seasons involving street parties and parades. They are characterized by cultural dances, elaborate costumes, music, revelry and simply having fun. It’s an occasion to go out in the streets and join thousands of fellow residents and tourists taking part in the annual extravaganza. It is also an opportunity to watch beautiful and sexy women in festival attire. Carnivals are the reason why Brazilian Samba women are admired and well known as the most beautiful women in the world. Above all, the event promotes diversity, giving you a broad perspective of the world. It offers a chance to learn about other cultures and explore beautiful traditions that you could never have seen in your life if you didn’t attend the event.


Africa Carnivals

Cape Verde

Festivals in Sao Vicente

  • Sao Vicente Carnival – Date [mid-February] An exotic carnival that begins around the middle of February, 40 days before the beginning of Easter. Largest celebrations are held in Mindelo,the street party starts at 9:00am
  • Sao Vicente Baia Das Gatas Festival – Date [August full moon] A cultural and musical festival that is held on a full moon in August, over a long weekend

Festivals in Boa Vista

  • Boa Vista Day of Santa Isabel Festival – Date [4 July] Municipality Day

Festivals in Sal

  • Nossa Sra De Piedade – Date 15 August
  • Santa Maria Festival – Date 11 to 12 September

Festivals in Santiago

  • Gamboa Festival – Date 17 to 19 May
  • Tabanka – Date June and July

Cape Verde dance and music includes The Morna, The Batuko and The Funana


Victoria Carnival

  • Known as the Carnaval International de Victoria, a 3 day carnival from 24 to 26 April.


Harare Festivals

  • Zimbabwe International Carnival also known as the Harare International Carnival [HIC] takes place from 16-25 May, but the 2015 event date has been moved to September due an International Tourism Expo that will take place in June. The scheduled date is 12 to 19 September.

Victoria Falls Festivals

  • Victoria Falls Carnival – Date 29-31 December



South Africa

Cape Town Carnival – A non-profit carnival held in the middle of March – 14 March



  • Calabar Carnival – lasts a full month from 1 December to 31 December. Launched by Cross River State governor in 2004 to promote Nigerian tourism and hospitality.



Asia Carnivals


  • Kuta Karnival – Takes place in Bali at the Kuta Beach – Date: 9 to 11 September.
  • Solo Batik Carnival – Takes place in the city of Solo also known as Surakarta in Central Java. The carnival began in 2008 – Date: 12 to 14 June.
  • Jember Fashion Carnaval – Takes place in the city of Jember in East java province. Date: 26 to 30 August



  • Goa Carnival – Goa is the only state in India that celebrates carnival or intruz in the local language. It’s a three day event celebrated in the towns of Panaji, Margoa, Mapusa and Vasco da Gama. The Sambalpur carnival is a two-day event.Panaji draws the largest crowd. Date: Celebrated in mid February, from 14 February to 17 February.


  • Tel Aviv Purim Carnival – Celebrated by Jews to observe the day of deliverance from Haman who tried to influence the King of the Persian Empire to commit a genocide of Jews. Date: Usually observed in March at sunset on the Jewish 14th day of Adar.The 2016 event will take place on 24 March and the 2017 event will take place on 12 March. The 2015 event took place on 5 March.



  • Highline Carnival (THC) – Takes place in Geyikbayiri, Antalya. Date: from 14 February to 22 February
  • Balkahorani Carnival – Also known as Apokries is a 3 day Greek carnival that takes place in Turkish cities like Instabul and Tatavla.Date: Starts 3 weeks before Ash Monday in the Greek Orthodox Christian calendar. Ash Monday marks the beginning of the 40 day Lenten fast.


Europe Carnivals


  • Carnival of Binche – Celebrations start 3 days before the start of Lent [Ash Monday], a 40 day fasting period observed in the Orthodox Church. Date: 15 to 17 February 2015, the 2016 event will take place from 7 to 9 February.
  • Carnival of Aalst – Starts 3 days before ‘Clean ’ Wednesday [Another term for Ash Wednesday]

 Bosnia Herzegovina

  • Ljubuski Carnival – Date: February


  • Rijeka Carnival – Held every year before Lent. Date: Starts in late January and ends in early March. The 2016 event runs from 17 January to 10 February. It also features a pageant for Miss Rijeka Carnival.


  • Limassol Carnival – Fun event celebrated for 10 days before Lent (Ash Monday), by Greek Orthodox church. Date: Runs from 12 February [Shrove Thursday] to 22 February.

Czech Republic

  • Masopust Traditional Carnival – Date: Celebrated during Epiphany up to Ash Wednesday according to Orthodox Christian calendar.


  • Nordic Halloween or Fastelavn – Date: A carnival celebrated on a Sunday or Monday preceding Ash Wednesday, Christian Orthodox calendar.


  • Notting Hill Carnival – The largest street carnival in the UK and second largest in the world. This is celebrated by people of Caribbean origin in England, particularly Trinidad and Tobago. Date: 30 to 31 August.



  • Nice Carnival – Date: The 2016 event starts on 13 February and ends on 28 February. Generally the celebrations take place between mid February and end of February or beginning of March.
  • Dunkirk Carnival – Date: Mid January to late March
  • Paris Carnival – Date: July


  • Cologne Karneval – Date: [11 November is the start of carnival season]


  • Patras Carnival – 3 day event. Date: The 2015 event opens on 17 January 2015. Annual event starts on St Anthony Day.


  • Venice Carnival – Date: The 2016 event starts 23 Jan to 9 Feb.
  • Viareggio Carnival – Date: The 2015 event starts 17 February to 17 March
  • Ivrea Carnival – Orange fight. Date: The 2015 event takes place on Tuesday 17 February. The 2016 event falls on 15 February.


  • Nadur Carnival – Date: Street party happens in the period 13-17 February, and usually starts on 12 February.
  • Valleta Carnival – Date: The 2015 event falls between 12 Feb and 17 Feb
  • Floriana Carnival – Date: 13 to 17 Feb


  • Rhineland Carnaval – 3 day event held in Maastricht, the capital city of Limburg province. Date: Happens 15 to 18 February in 2015, otherwise in the month of February.


  • Torres Vedras Carnival – Date: 13 to 18 February
  • Ovar Carnival – Date: Every year on Fat Tuesday, February or March
  • Sesimbra Carnival – includes Samba dance parades. Date: February
  • Madeira Carnival – A one week celebration. Date: 3 to 10 February
  • Loule Carnival – Streets get jammed with revelers. Date: The 2015 event runs from 14 Feb to 17 Feb.
  • Nazare Carnival – Date: Shrove Tuesday


  • Las Palmas Carnival – 500 year old celebration that goes on for a month filled with galas and dancing. A very large carnival after Rio de Janeiro.To enter the galas, visitors pay between 10 and 15 euros per individual. The main spectacle of the extravaganza is the Gala Queens competition. Date: Will run from 3 Feb to 21 Feb in 2016.
  • Sitges Carnival – Date: The 2015 extravaganza takes place between 12 and 18 February.
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival – Capital of Canary Islands attracts a million participants to the event each year. The main highlight of the event is when the Carnival Queen is chosen.Date: The 2015 celebration starts 8 Feb t 22 Feb. The 2016 extravaganza starts 31 Jan to 4 Feb. [January/February/March].


READ MORE >> 40 Carnival Celebrations in The Caribbean, North America and South America

21 African Women Strip Naked and Get Their Ass Licked By a Pastor


A pastor ordered 21 women to strip naked,then kissed their asses,in order to give them blessings,so that they can find a husband LOL
A pastor ordered 21 women to strip naked,then kissed their asses,in order to give them blessings,so that they can find a husband LOL

The controversial picture has been circulating around the internet since July 2014 and it shows at least 20 naked African women lining up on the beach, and kneeling on the sand with their buttocks sticking out, and a man purported to be a pastor kissing their asses to impart ‘blessings’. It is claimed the pastor took the single ladies to a Caribbean beach resort, where he invited them to the beach and ordered them to strip naked so that he can give them blessings to find a marriage partner.

One famous female blogger had this to say
One famous female blogger had this to say

Apparently, these were single church ladies who were desperately looking for a marriage partner, and they complied with the pastor’s order to strip naked and get blessings to find a man.However, there are questions about the authenticity of the stories. The origin of the picture remains unknown, no details are given and the sources are unverifiable, which makes one doubt the credibility of the stories.

In most cases, with regards to controversial stories like these, the author or reporter would have given the name of the church, pastor or location where the event happened, but no details are available, it’s just a picture. The person who posted the picture might have deliberately done this to achieve a viral effect.

Some stories say the women are from Nigeria, and some say they are from South Africa. The story has appeared on Reddit where one community member provides a link to a Twitter account where the story is supposed to have emanated around the month of July in 2014.

Members of a church or cult doing crazy things is not something new. A church in South Africa [The Rabboni Centre Ministries] has been in the news headlines after the pastor [Mr. Lesego Daniel] ordered his congregation to eat grass and drink petrol. In Nigeria, a 53-year old pastor [Mr. Timothy Ngwu] was arrested after he impregnated more than 20 female members of his church, who include young girls and married ladies. He says he slept with the women under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In Kenya, a pastor ordered his female congregants to come to church without bras and panties so that God can easily enter them. All these stories prove that people can be brainwashed to do crazy things in church, so the story of women stripping naked at the beach might be true.

A pastor from South Africa told members of his congregation to eat grass because "believers are supposed to do unconventional things"
A pastor from South Africa told members of his congregation to eat grass because “believers are supposed to do unconventional things”
A Nigerian pastor impregnated at least 20 women and young girls from his church.He claimed the Holy Spirit directed him to have sex with them
A Nigerian pastor impregnated at least 20 women and young girls from his church.He claimed the Holy Spirit directed him to have sex with them

Other Possibilities:

It Might Be a Porn Photo Shoot

It is possible that the naked black women at the beach are not church congregants, but sex workers or strippers who participated in a commercial porn shoot. The guy who is kissing the women’s bums is wearing some earrings. A male earring or piercing is not exactly a decent fashion item that a pastor would put on. This is the kind of attire you would expect for pimps, players, bad boys and non-believers. The guy in the picture might be a pimp ,porn actor or something. It is not known whether these are African women or African American women, but they might be porn actresses.

It Might Be a Smear Campaign against the Church

It boggles the mind why the poster never gave details about the photo. He or she might have done this to smear the church. If the story is real, the author would have obtained an opportunity to defame the church by giving the names and details to a news agency who would do the investigations, but the story lacks substance and it’s obviously fake.