Educated South African Women Want a Doggy Style Booty Fuck and Big Dick for 4 Hours!!! – Not Money.

Sex in the Office
Doggystyle in the Office

Soon after eating, Detroit Letsego removed his trousers. Ayesha didn’t eat, she just wanted quick sex. She removed her pants and lay on the bed with her crop-top on. He was on top of her thrusting in and out quickly in missionary style, Ayesha tried to make movements. The round was cut short.

“Please stay still” Detroit said as he went for another round that never lasted fifteen minutes. Ayesha pressed the stem of his dick. “Shit this is boring!!!” Detroit got up and put on his trousers, he was disgusted with amateurs and their selfishness.

Things sucked….they had just broken up after returning from a trip and this was their last sex. Detroit didn’t want anything to do with anybody, the only thing that would give him peace of mind was seeing the face of somebody he cared for, and going back to the way things were with her girlfriend. But this was just another one of those arguments which demonstrated that they were not meant for each other. He knew that Ayesha was not the right girl, they were only bonded by this stupid obsession.

As he lay on his bed in detached mood, a low ringtone awoke him from his somber state, it was a text message from a woman. He thought it was Ayesha, but it was somebody else, he put the phone away, at this point he didn’t care for any random girl whether pretty, nice or sexy, even if it was Beyonce or a bombshell from BangBros, he would have ignored her just to get back at this inconsiderate creature called a woman.

After 30 minutes or so, he poured himself a glass of red 4th Street wine. Then he checked his phone again out of habit. He read the text message from this strange number. Like someone who is used to the way girls chat, he knew it was a woman trying to chat him up. It was not in his habit to call back or pick up calls, he enjoyed texting back and forth for prolonged periods, a procedure that allows him to gauge the other party and learn about the subject with no pressure from his side.

A few months back, Detroit had exchanged numbers with some people on a Facebook group but he never remembered their names, or what they wanted because he was fixated on Ayesha. Out of curiosity and impatience, the strange woman on the other end of the line decided to call Detroit.

Unlike in previous occasions where Detroit deliberately avoided calls because he didn’t want to satisfy the women’s curiosity or give much about himself, this time he instinctively picked up the phone because he was himself (DRUNK) and also because he didn’t care – it was an opportunity for him to vent his feelings about relationships to this female stranger.

“………..SILENCE………….” Detroit picked up the phone but he didn’t speak.

“How are you? So what are you doing? ” The female stranger greeted first, sounding enthusiastic and excited.

“Oh I am fine, just at home relaxing, so what’s up for today?” Detroit answered as if speaking to a well known friend. He resisted the urge to ask questions like where did we meet because whoever this woman was, she knew him and he had no clue who she was.

“I am planning to come over, where are you staying again?” The woman said.

“Ok come at 5 o’clock, 272 Flamingo Court, tell the taxi driver to drop you by the shops at Pick n Pay” Detroit answered. The truth is Detroit was not busy that day, he could have told her to come now but he didn’t want to look too eager. This would also give him time to prepare for the visitor.

“Oh I know the place” The woman answered

“Oh really, just text me when you come” Detroit said

Detroit’s place was in order, so no urgent preparation was needed to meet this woman. At 5:15, the woman arrived. She called him to open the gate.

“Where are you?” Detroit asked

“I am at the gate” The woman answered. Detroit quickly opened the gate with an automatic opener. Through the window, he saw a young woman wearing glasses and jean pants. She was a typical college senior in her final years, around 25 years of age.

Getting Pounded in the Office
2 Hours Later – Still Getting Pounded in the Office

Inside the apartment, she sat on a chair, then they started chatting like old friends. He never asked her name. They drank some wine, she stayed sober taking small occasional sips, he was already drunk but he felt like drinking more…he poured another cup. Sadly, on this day the drink never took him to high heaven, it was just filling his belly. He started relating the issues he had with his girlfriend. She watched him with interest as he spoke, clearly enjoying his passion, innocence and vulnerability. Detroit wasn’t faking vulnerability, in the past, a girl or two had told him how he comes across as an innocent soul.

She interrupted him “let’s get down to bed”. She was wet, there was something about this guy that turned her on. As Detroit stood up to put his glass of wine on the table, she leaned towards him, reaching for his crotch as if it was some kind of a wrapped Christmas present. He removed his trousers and slipped on a condom from his bag. The smell of impending sex was hanging in the room. She grabbed his throbbing dick which was long, although only in half erection mode. With eyes glowing like a girl in a candy shop, she looked at the dick like a professional sex addict who knows the right dick when she sees it.

Like a hungry animal, she started licking the unwrapped package with the tip of her tongue. Whoever this woman was, she was an experienced woman, far much better than his ex-girlfriend. He gently caressed her head as she sucked on like a submissive African bride who wants to please her king. Unknown to Detroit, this was not an ordinary chick from the club or streets but the woman getting down on him was a Science student doing a Degree at the University of Durban.

Unlike her 20 year old selfish and immature ex-girlfriend, this young dick loving woman was mature, intelligent and not after money, she just wanted a good dick. They clicked right from the start. Always on the same wavelength, they were birds of the same feather – sex birds and intellectual birds.

As she got up, they started kissing like an infatuated couple that would shamelessly fuck in the parking lot. He removed her top and ran his hands over her bums and boobs. She was passionate and subservient but she initiated most of the moves and positions.

Pound the Ass Harder !!!
3 Hours Later – Ass Gets Red from Too Much Pounding

In bended position, with her hands touching the bed, she turned around, submitting her ass to him. He grabbed the ass with both hands, she was wearing African beads around her waist. He started pounding the bums, slapping them and riding her ass like a cowboy. He pounded relentlessly, and whenever his dick slipped out, she would put it back with her hand. This was not a moment for pretending or acting like a gentleman. He pounded hard, delaying his ejaculation for more than an hour, sweat was running down his neck but he continued nevertheless. When he could take it no more, he took a break, slumping down on the bed beside her. It was a marathon fuck, but she never wanted to stop. She wanted to go on and on. He wrapped his arms around her naked body, his cupping her boobs. Sweat flowed from his brows and pubic hair. He wrapped her ass between his thighs, drenching her and making some fake thrusting movements. A thud filled the room each time he pounded her fleshy and sweaty bums.

She turned around and touched his dick with tenderness, it was limp. Her eyes were yearning for more. When a man fucks your ass doggy-style until he can’t fuck no more and the woman still wants more, you know that she has defeated him. Detroit was defeated. He would need a good break before starting another round. This woman had an insatiable appetite, she could enjoy dick all night.

Looking him in the eye, she caressed his dick, looking for ways to resuscitate the anaconda. She sucked the thing and licked the balls like the world’s best ice cream. Detroit was sitting up with his back on the wall and legs stretched on the bed. She sat on his dick in squatting position and rode on him, moving back and forth in quick motions with her ass brushing the man’s crotch.

In the midst of this wild session, someone knocked on the door. They ignored the knock, until the stranger went away.

Your wildest fantasies are not planned or sought after, they come when you are not expecting them. They come from unexpected people. They come from unexpected situations. In only 4 hours, Detroit had just had the greatest sex of his life with a stranger, the kind of sex he never had with his ex-girlfriend of 3 years.

Undressed South African Woman Flaunts Her Booty on Hotel Floor

Sexy Mzansi woman in underwear strips on hotel balcony
Sexy Mzansi woman in underwear strips on hotel balcony

Standing on the highest floor of a city hotel, a South African woman undresses and stands naked, with her booty to the camera. Black panties swallowed between bums, this sexy dreadlocked woman is starring into the cityscape, and clearly inviting attention to her backside. Now that’s some nice ass to bump on the hotel terrace.

Sexy South African Woman with Big Booty and Bust

Sexy Mzansi Woman
Sexy Mzansi Woman

A black South African woman with a killer body, well shaped S-booty, sexy pants and firm boobs. Each man has his own profile of what a complete woman is, but this woman has one of the sexiest bodies you can ever find – flat belly and CRAZY ASS. I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or deliberate but the way the pants and bra hug the flesh is tantalizing. And applause for the natural afro hair, this is an African woman of your dreams. As I always say, a woman is a woman because of her curvy figure, shapely ass, boobs and flat belly. If you can score points on these three areas – then consider yourself sexually attractive .A pretty face doesn’t count. Who cares about a pretty face when you have such a killer body?

South African Zulu Girl in Sexy Traditional Attire

Zulu Girl
Zulu Girl

Virgin girl with bare belly in traditional Zulu attire, which is usually worn during the annual reed dance where virgin girls are paraded before a King. This attractive South African Zulu girl poses in sexy traditional beaded mini skirt and bead bib necklace. She is also wearing a multi-coloured chevron head band around her long black wavy hair. Apparently, her attire is incomplete. The black bra is not traditional attire, she is supposed to be topless, with no bra on. Regardless, she has a fine flat belly, tight boobs and shapely thighs.

How to Keep Your Mind off Sex for a Week or Month – for Sex Addicts


Sex addicts like sex more than the normal person. They can’t seem to get their mind off sex, they are always thinking about sex, it might not be on a daily basis, but in specific conditions. They actively seek out sex or they spend time watching porn and other X-rated material. Whenever they are in a crowd or at a social gathering like a party, night club, sports event, beach, pool, church and just about anywhere where sexy women are found, their imagination runs wild. Of course, this is normal male behaviour, but if you think sex is preoccupying a larger portion of your mind and time, you should find ways to release that tension or at least reduce the obsession. It’s not only men who are sex addicts, women who are obsessed with sex are called nymphomaniacs.

Being preoccupied with sex all the time can affect your productivity and discipline in other areas which need your attention e.g. business, work, family, studying, exercise, event preparations and relationships. Your goals and plans will take a back seat. Flings, sexscapades, one-night stands and discreet relationships will take priority.

It’s easy for women to keep their mind off sex for a while than it is for men. However, women also like sex but there is a difference in how they are sexually aroused .The sexual stimuli that men respond to is not the same stimuli that attracts women. For example, a man gets easily turned on by a woman in suggestive dressing like a mini skirt, body sculpting dress, transparent dress and cleavage top. Exposed thighs and boobs dancing under a transparent dress or half covered can easily get a dick up in less than a minute. Pictures of naked women can arouse a man instantly and brushing against a woman’s boobs and ass can put the cock on fire.

So the question is how can you keep your mind off sex or how can you stop thinking about sex? We are not talking about completely abstaining from sex, because it’s practically impossible for many guys even a convicted Catholic priest. But we are talking about skipping sex for a week or two and even one month. Sexual arousal cannot be avoided or stopped because it’s a biological need and response. A Catholic priest or church pastor will get aroused by a woman in mini skirt sitting in the front row, but of course he is going to suppress his feelings. Behind the scenes, this so-called “Man of God” can’t suppress his feelings. He is busy using his position to seduce female members of the congregation, soliciting sex in exchange for “blessings”, healing and forgiveness of sins. After some time, rumours start to circulate. The sex for blessings scandal is exposed by the media. Six to sixteen women are reported to be pregnant. The results of his sleazy dick, no different from a womanizing Hip Hop star with seven baby mamas.

Actually, a Hip Hop star with seven baby mamas is much better than a perverted pastor or hypocrite Catholic priest who doesn’t live what he preaches, and who manipulates the word of God to get under a woman’s pants. We know that Hip Hop is about bling bling, fast cars, bitches and wine. It’s a lifestyle, so people are not shocked to hear that a Rapper has seven baby mamas.

Ultimately, the best way to stop thinking about sex is actually having sex, but you have to do it in a certain way and it involves adjusting your mind to reality as well as psychologically desensitizing your reaction to women and the sex act. Here are ways to keep your mind off sex for a week or month:


Practice Marathon Sex

If you have a girlfriend or sex partner, you should practice marathon sex.Marathon sex requires stamina and endurance on the part of the male partner. It basically involves long sex sessions. The guy who is involved should seek to satisfy her partner. It is best done on a weekend when you are both off work. So you can actually plan to have sex all day as part of your quality time together. If you don’t sweat during sex, then you haven’t started. Sex until you sweat !!! , then start all over again. A relaxed environment such as a lounge where you can watch TV all day while sitting on the couch is recommended. If not, a bedroom with a TV is equally suitable. Just make sure that you have a comfortable place to spend the day.

sex until you sweat
Sex until you sweat !!!

Long sex sessions should allow you to experiment different positions, which keeps the encounter exciting. If you don’t have sweat running over your face or feel your knees weakening, then you haven’t done a marathon. The bonus is that this kind of sex is a form of exercise, that you don’t have to go to the gym for.Your muscles should be aching like a man who has been out at the gym. At the end of the day, you should feel like you have had more than enough. She may want more, but you should be tired. The goal of marathon sex is to make you bored and disinterested in sex, and at the same time, it is the most satisfying sex for both of you. Women like guys who can go a long way. If you do it right once, she will never forget it even if you skip months without sex.

With marathon sex, you can stay at least a week without needing sex again. Most of the times, it helps you to appreciate her other qualities other than her body. Just being in touch with her, doing things together is usually enough for you. The relationship moves from sex mate to soul mate.

So basically, to keep your mind off sex for a while, you have to accept that sex is good but you also have to believe that it can be boring. The only way to get bored with sex is having too much of it with your partner.

Disadvantage of Short Sex Encounters

The disadvantage of blow jobs or short sex encounters is that they do nothing but create more hunger. You feel like fucking her on a daily basis. After each 15 minute encounter, you still have a lot of energy and sexual tension left in you. That is some unfinished business which makes you want to fuck her tomorrow during lunch time in your car.

Disadvantage of Lazy Sex

Lazy sex is selfish sex. The guy does not make an attempt to please or satisfy the woman in bed. He is just a horny emperor who needs to relieve himself on top of a woman. The sex is short-lived and usually involves puppy love – groping and drooping at the object of sex. A guy who only thinks of his sexual needs can never get enough, he is bound to have wandering eyes.

Sexy South African woman in Transparent Mini Skirt

Sexy South African woman in Transparent Mini Skirt
Sexy South African woman in Transparent Mini Skirt

A black South African woman looks sexy in light blue transparent mini skirt and high heels. She is wearing a long sleeved transparent crop top that reveals her sexy navel and mid waist. What she is trying to do with this outfit is to be sexy and modest at the same time – completely covered chest, modest back cut and over-the-knee skirt. If she wanted to be assertive, she would go with a fully backless garment,  thigh high mini skirt and half-covered chest. She is spotting some healthy looking and well-done pitch black straight Brazilian hair and red lipstick.