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Husband Catches Step Mom Wife Having Sex with Step Son

Husband Catches Wife Having Sex with Step Son

What would you do when you catch your wife haxing sex with your step son? This is exactly what happened in the town of Warrnambool in Australia. A step mother was arrested for having sex with her step son on multiple occasions beginning in 2016. The age of the step son was not revealed as well as the identity of the woman.

It just happened to be another normal day in Warrnambool. The woman thought she would get away with it. When you do the same thing many times without being caught, you keep on doing it because according to your perception and newfound confidence, you are now a Teflon Jon who can never be caught. However, they say every dog has his day. On this day, the husband just happened to appear at the house without notice. What lay before him was unexpected. His wife was busy in the sex act with their step son. No picture is available of the Warrnambool woman but you may be wondering, what drove her to commit incest with a teenage step son?

Adult women having sex with teenagers is not something new. Teachers, instructors, principals, neighbors and relatives have been caught in the sex act with under-aged boys, not older than 16 or 18 years.

The randy Australian woman appeared in court, and she didn’t waste admitting her guilt before the magistrate. Out of the 11 charges brought before her, she pleaded guilty to 4 charges, which involved sex with a teenager and incest. The temptation grew to a point where it could not be resisted. Beginning in the month of November, 2016, she made her first sexual contact with the youth in her care. The secret affair went on for at least 4 months until it was busted by the husband.

The court case has been postponed to 4 June 2018, but it is estimated that the case will drag on until October of the same year, because of numerous cases that are on backlog. For now, the Warrnambool woman is out on bail under conditions restricting her movements within Warrnambool.  She has been ordered to surrender her passport, and not to visit the airport, border posts and other departure terminals. She is only allowed to call her kids once every fortnight, and she cannot see them without supervision from authorities.

Sources:  The Standard Australia

Feb 12

10 Popular South African Female Celebrities of the New Millenium

Sexy Pictures of the Top 10 South African Female Celebrities of the New Millenium

Khanyi Mbau (Left) in Omunye Video 2017

Since the debut of Kim Kardarshian and Paris Hilton, it’s now difficult to distinguish between a celebrity and socialite. These two were best known as socialites because they didn’t have any significant talent other than their seductive tendencies and luxurious lifestyles. Traditional celebrities used to be stars with careers in the music, movie, sports, television and modeling industry.  Later on, celebrity blogs like TMZ, Huffington Post and People Magazine popularized untalented women with an extravagant and controversial lifestyle, even though they were not stars in any field. When the era of social media came, with popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, the socialite scene exploded with numerous ladies coming out to expose themselves.

Khanyi Mbau

South Africa is one of those countries which caught up with the socialite trend. Here are some of the most popular female South African celebrities that have graced the world of glitz, glamour and buzz. It’s up to you whether you want to call them celebrities or socialites, the line is blurred since most TV, music and movie stars, including models are thriving on social media. Even previously unknown people are thriving on social media, gaining popularity by posting racy pictures.

Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau

Possibly the first and most popular socialite in South Africa, she has been in the TV and movie industry for quite a long time, appearing in Muvhango and Mzansi soap operas. Born in 1985, Khanyi is well known for her love of luxury. Her extravagant lifestyle and choice of men has caused so much controversy, with some people calling her a gold digger. However, it turns out her grandparents lived a high class life, and maybe that’s where she draws her inspiration. The mother of all South African socialites, Khanyi likes taking care of herself, she loves the limelight, making sure that she is looking impressive and seductive with each outing. She has an affinity for skimpy and provocative attire. The lady has undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries in the past, including skin lightening to achieve a young and sexy appearance. In 2017, she underwent another cosmetic surgery to reduce her waist and lift her boobs.  South Africa’s well known cougar is still giving young women a run for their money. She recently proved her sex appeal by appearing in the Omunye video, twerking seductively to music. Khanyi Mbau has over 1 million followers on Instagram, who are captivated by her juicy posts.

DOB – 15 October 1985

Amanda Dupont

Amanda Dupont

Amanda is well known as an actress in SA soap operas such as Skeem Saam. Born in 1988, she is a woman of mixed descent, in possession of good looks. Like other celebrities in the limelight, she has several seductive pictures on Instagram in scantily-dressed attire, even though she calls herself a “Child of God” LOL. Her Instagram profile has a whopping 1.5 million followers, waiting to see what she is up to.

DOB – 26 June 1988

Boitumelo Thulo

Boitumelo Thulo

Many fans call her by the name “Boity”, this South African beauty is well known as a TV presenter and actress. She is famously known for dating Cassper Nyovest, a Platinum Hip Hop artist, and being the centre of a beef between Cassper and A.K.A which was the main theme of Cassper’s diss song Dust 2 Dust. Born in 1990, Boitumelo has a staggering 1.8 million followers on Instagram, where she entertains fans with her swimsuits, bikinis and sexy outfits.

DOB – 28 April 1990

Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini is a popular TV presenter who has been on the scene for a very long time, starting with SABC Live and later on hosting several Achievement Award shows in South Africa. The Mzansi TV personality has also appeared in local Soap Operas such as Rockville and The Wild. Born in 1990, the beauty from KwaZulu Natal has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. However, whenever you see those enticing pictures of Minnie in swimsuits and cleavage dresses, remember that she is married to a handsome guy by the surname of Jones.

DOB – 7 July 1990

Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba

Bonang is a long-time TV personality and probably the most recognized face in the history of South African TV. If you don’t know her, then you have been staying under the rocks all these years. She was the famous face of an SABC Kids program at only 15 years of age. She ditched her university studies to accept a position as a host of the LIVE Music Series, and as expected she excelled at the audition. The TV celebrity has been a host for several TV shows in SA, and many brands have endorsed her in their magazines and awards. Bonang is a nice sounding Tswana name. She was born in 1987, and up to now she is still captivating fans with swag and sexy attire on her Instagram page which has grown to more than 1.8 million fans.

DOB – 25 June 1987

Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo Mbatha

Her rise began in 2013 as an actress. Nomzamo has appeared in several South African soap operas such as Umlilo, with her longest tenure in Isibaya, in which she plays the main role. The Instagram celebrity is also contracted as a brand ambassador for Puma, Audi, UNHCR and others. Like other female socialites, she will post a couple of pictures of herself in revealing attire, showing some cleavage and skin. Born in 1990, the sexy brand ambassador has attracted more than 1.4 million fans on her Instagram account.

DOB – 13 July 1990

DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle

Born in December 1983, DJ Zinhle is well known in the club scenes around South Africa. She is the most popular female South African DJ of all times. The sexy DJ has been involved in a love triangle with AKA and Bonang Matheba. While she was pregnant with AKA’s baby, rumors surfaced that her bae was cheating with Bonang Matheba. They broke up. AKA even disclosed her relationship with Bonang on SWAY in the Morning, saying Bonang is hot, and that “if you love somebody, you have to go for it, you have to shoot it” Zinhle Jiyane has more than 1.5 followers on Instagram. Her reputation for dating playboys, younger than her is well known in magazine news.

DOB – 30 December 1983

Thando Thabethe

Thando Thabethe

A light complexioned beauty, Thando is known for skimpy attire and flaunting her booty on Instagram. Thus, she even gave herself the nickname “ThaBooty” to let everyone know that she is a serious competitor in the booty wars on social media. However, besides her love for taking her clothes off before the camera, she is an accomplished radio DJ, actress and TV host. People will recognize her as Nolwazi on Generations, but she has played several lead roles in South African soap operas since 2008. The self proclaimed booty queen was born in 1990. She has gathered over 1.2 million fans on Instagram.

DOB – 18 June 1990

Pearl Modiadie

Pearl Modiadie

Born in December 1987, Pearl is an old-timer on the entertainment scene. She started her career in 2006 as a TV presenter on Craz-e. From there, she has gone on to appear in several South African soap operas including Generations. She is a presenter on Metro FM, Zaziwa, WanderLust and Expresso. In her career, she has also handled roles as a YFM DJ and writer. The TV celebrity will not resist playing the slay queen on social media. You will find a couple of pictures of Pearl in skimpy attire on Instagram. She has hauled more than 1.3 million followers on the socialite platform.

DOB – 29 December 1987

Buhle Mkhize

Buhle Mkhize

Buhle is no stranger to the socialite scene. She has one of the hottest pictures on Instagram, showing her milkshakes and booty. She became the most talked about socialite when she exposed her affair with a South African government minister on Twitter. Born in 1984, the bootylicious socialite stayed in the UK for some time, then moved to the USA. Her Instagram profile had a massive following but it has since been deactivated. One of Buhle’s naughtiest comments was when she stated that “My milkshakes chased some wives with their husbands away” at a Caribbean resort. Buhle has a College Accreditation in Psychology, she probably figured out that the best way to snatch other people’s husbands is putting on some skimpy bikinis.

DOB – 1984

Feb 10

Top 5 Hot Female South African Socialites to Follow in 2018

Sexy Pictures of the Top  5 Sexy and Curvaceous Female South African Socialites to Follow in 2018

Are you interested in curvaceous South African socialites? This is a list of young, fresh and sexy female socialites that you would like to follow in 2018. These women are hot, good looking and they have already gained a huge following on social media. Socialites come and go, taking a low profile as they grow older to live a quiet life and get settled. However, by the time they retire from the social scene, they would have amassed a huge amount of fans and followers, which they can market their brand to, if they want to.

The following are the hottest socialites at the moment, making waves in South Africa and on Instagram.

Sbahle Mpisane

Sbahle Mpisane

She is a fitness babe with a hot body that most women would like to have. She possesses the type of physique that guys would love in a girlfriend, neither too slim or fat, but somewhere in the middle with curves in the right place. Her legs are sexy, she has a well toned and shapely body. Above all, she is as fit as a fiddle. Sbahle does not only inspire millions of women with her fitness routines, but she also inspires guys. If you like a beautiful woman in the mold of Serena Williams, then Sbahle is the South African version. Fit women are sexy. The eye candy has more than 810,000 followers on Instagram in awe of her workouts and tantalizing pictures. Very soon, she will be having more than a million followers.

Faith Nketsi

Faith Nketsi

She is originally a dancer by profession, known for twerking with the ProTwerkers female dance group. She has evolved into a model and entrepreneur in beauty care, event planning and hosting. This beautiful light complexioned socialite has a breath-taking curvaceous figure which any guy would die for. Her Instagram account has more than 676,000 followers, waiting to eat up anything she serves.

Kim Kholiwe

Kim Kholiwe

Another light complexioned South African beauty, Kim Kholiwe is friends with Faith Nketsi. The Xhosa socialite is light and sexy, with a curvaceous body structure that you would like to see at a beach gathering or party. Kim was part of the Protwerkers dance group, and she does modeling and event hosting with Feline Management, a company in which she is a co-owner with Faith and Tebogo Thobejane. Her Instagram has more than 220,000 followers.

Tebogo Thobejane

Tebogo Thobejane

Tebogo also known as “Tebz” on her Instagram profile, is a thick and bootylicious woman who likes an honest opinion about her assets. The socialite mum joins Faith and Kim as the most famous light complexioned trio in South Africa. The Instagram celebrity is a TV producer, actress and co-owner of Feline Management. She has 142,000 followers on Instagram.

Mpho Khati

Mpho Khati

An educated, sexy and artistic model, Mpho Khati is a curvaceous beauty with brains. She is well known for her seductive hips and pear-shaped physique. What most don’t realize is that Mpho is the former Vice President of the SRC at the University of Free State in South Africa. She was part of the campus student leadership that organized protests against outdated policies at the university in 2016. Apparently, students were required to take lessons in Afrikaans despite the fact that the institution was dominated by non-Afrikaans speaking people. The police clashed with protesters arresting 21 students who were wrongly profiled and charged with malicious damage to property.

After leaving university, Mpho emerged as a professional model on Instagram, showcasing some creative African print fashion for brands and her store. She shoots videos and pictures for various commercial projects, fashion shows and expos in South Africa and across the African continent. Mpho Khati has more than 108,000 followers on Instagram.

Feb 09

10 Sexy Pictures of Mpho Khati – Curvaceous South African Model with Wide Hips and Thick Thighs

10 Sexy Pictures of Mpho Khati – Curvaceous South African Model with Wide Hips and Thick Thighs

Mpho Khati – Thick thighed and wide hipped

Mpho Khati is a South African model, known for her voluptuous bottom and sexy pear-shaped body structure. The instagram model has captivated the hearts of many fans with her wide hips, thick thighs and big round butts. However, unlike most African socialites, this is not the only thing that Mpho has to offer. She is a graduate from the University of the Free State (UFS) in Bloemfontein, with a great talent in creative fashion modeling and art. As a university student at UFS, she held a position as the Vice President of the SRC on the campus.

Mpho is different from other socialites in that she is not chasing a luxurious lifestyle or wealthy men, she is just on social platforms to showcase her art. On Instagram, you will find her dressed in creative attire, ranging from sexy swimsuits to casual dresses, but the bulk of her pictures are African print dresses and head wraps.

The attractive art genius made headlines in 2016, when she, along with the SRC president Lindokuhle Ntuli, organized a student protest against the use of Afrikaans as the teaching medium at UFS. According to Mpho, the University of Free State has failed to transform its colonial policies which are seen as pro-white, despite the fact that the institution is now dominated by black students who make up the majority at the campus. At the time, the SRC leadership demanded that Jonathan Jansen, the Vice Chancellor should resign. Among other issues presented by the protesting students, the university was still bearing colonial names on its buildings.

When the protest turned violent, police were called to the scene, resulting in 21 students being arrested. The police was accused of harassing students and arresting innocent people based on racial profiling. Even those who had nothing to do with the protest were arrested. Bystanders who witnessed the incident said police overreacted to the situation. Students were beaten up, and one of those beaten up was Mpho Khati. She told news reporters that when police approached her, they slapped and kicked her, even after she fell down. Despite this, the protests continued for at least one week. The campus was empty, and when reporters visited the scene, names of African liberation war icons were spray painted on trees and buildings.

During the student protests, Mpho tweeted “Students are being arrested at UFS. Some were just walking on campus somewhere at res. So far 20+ people have been arrested. We need help” 7:52 PM – Feb 25, 2016

Videos of the UFS protests can be seen on YouTube.

Mpho is no longer a student, but she is now a professional fashion model, participating in fashion shows, video shoots and commercials in South Africa and as far as Ghana.

Her Instagram page has more than 108,000 followers. She is available on Tumblr, running an online fashion store featuring West African dresses and head wraps. And of course, she is always looking good in skin-tight jeans, which do justice in shaping her sexy wide hips. You can also visit her Facebook and Twitter Page, but she is active on Instagram where she posts on a regular basis.

Feb 09

10 Sexy Pictures of Tracy Obonna, the Curvaceous Nigerian Model Who Likes Skimpy Outfits

10 Sexy Pictures of Tracy Obonna, the Sexy Nigerian Model Who Likes Undressing in Front of Camera

Tracy Obonna

Tracy Obonna is not so popular on Instagram or any social platform, compared to other female socialites in Nigeria such as Ini Edo, Seyi Shay, Stella Damasus, Biodun Okeowo, Toke Makinwa, Bolanle Olukanni and Mo Cheddah.

Glitz and Glamour

Although Tracy has a paltry following on social media, she is undoubtedly the most attractive and curvaceous Nigerian female socialite. A lot of Nigerian Instagram beauties, such as the ones mentioned above have a big reputation and following, but they lack in the department of looks and desirability.

Bootylicious Tracy

Tracy is a good looking woman with a desirable coca-cola bottle shape, and as revealed in one of her interviews with ShowTime Celebrity, she likes showing too much skin because she is proud of her boobs and bums.

Bikini and Drink

The Nigerian beauty works as a TV Host for Videocity in the USA, and she is also an actress and model who has appeared in music videos and Nollywood movies. Although she was born in Nigeria, her parents moved to Canada, where she developed a passion for volleyball. She moved to the USA with her parents after securing a scholarship to play D1 volleyball in that country, and that’s how she got sucked in that country’s entertainment industry.

Beach Girl

For several years, she was an unknown aspiring actress, but as she got opportunities, she started to get noticed. The moment that she was waiting for came when she was nominated for the NAFCA awards, as the Favorite Most Promising Actor. NAFCA is an African version of the American Oscars.

Curvaceous Tracy

One of the things that you would like to know about Tracy Obonna is that she is an educated woman with an MBA Degree obtained from Nova South Eastern university. When questioned why she didn’t make use of her MBA by choosing a professional career in that field, the Nigerian socialite said when she came to the USA, she discovered that working in the entertainment industry was what she always wanted to do. Anyway, she explained that she is making use of her MBA by running a business, a cosmetic shop by the name Sediore.

Straight out of Nigeria

In the United States, Tracy got a reputation as the “Nigerian Bombshell” in reference to her bootylicious appearance and seductive attire. The bombshell even claimed that “Of all my assets, my ass is my favourite”


Tracy claims that looks and a sexually appealing body, are not required for somebody to get far in the entertainment industry, but she is definitely proud to flaunt hers, for all the world to see, and she has no problems with her scantily clad pictures flooding the internet.

Looking Hot

Tracy Obonna has an online presence on Instagram with just less than 10,000 followers at this time of writing. Her Facebook Page is not so active, it was last updated on 21 March 2017 when she was shooting a movie in Hollywood in which she was co-starring. She has appeared on BET  and Grammy Awards as a presenter, and on many red carpet movie premieres.

Wet Booty

Feb 08

10 Sexy Pictures of Corazon Kwamboka, the Bootylicious Kenyan Socialite and Lawyer

Pictures of Corazon Kwamboka, the most Bootylicious Socialite and Lawyer in Kenya

Corazon Kwamboka is one of the most popular socialites in Kenya, known for her big ass and pear-shaped body, which she is proud to display on social media. She is an enigma and controversial figure with juicy tales surrounding her luxurious lifestyle. If you have been following the socialite scene in Africa, it’s dominated by curvaceous ladies seeking a high life, and they usually have a background in the entertainment industry, with occupations such as modeling, performing artist, TV presenter, actress or nothing at all. Corazon has a different story, in that she is a highly educated woman, in possession of an Undergraduate Degree in Law. She was accepted at the Bar, and works as the Advocate of the High Court in Kenya. As her biography says, she was an A student, consistently passing her examinations with flying colors.

They say education is the key to success. Corazon had it, so why did she choose to live the socialite lifestyle? Why does a Lawyer choose to put her professional career at risk by posting semi-naked pictures of herself on social media? Corazon came to fame in 2014, by posting provocative pictures of her booty on Instagram and Twitter. Her revealing attire set the ball rolling across the internet, and soon she began courting wealthy men and other high profile characters.

One of the most famous pictures in her career, shows her inside the private jet of a Nigerian billionaire. It is not known where she was headed, but in a later interview, she revealed that she was going to an exotic location where her birthday party was hosted. But this was not the only occasion where Corazon Kwamboka was seen boarding a private jet. She has been seen at least three times. The released pictures showed her in modest attire in contrast to her revealing attire which she is known for. The Kenyan socialite was well covered in a knee length skirt and brown top. Was this a self chosen attire for travelling or was she told to cover herself up? Nobody knows, but the second time she was seen in a private jet, she was also quite covered in casual jeans, t-shirt and spotting some sneakers.

Before dating a string of wealthy men, the Kenyan woman from the Kisii tribe had a relationship with a Ugandan artist, which didn’t work out. In Kenya and across the African continent, Corazon has gained a reputation as an A-Lister, who only goes for high class men. Sponsors have also been giving her an all-expenses paid trip to various destinations across the world.

Corazon Kwamboka’s decision to expose her body online has not gone down well with her father, who believes she should have pursued her professional career in Law rather than living the socialite lifestyle which taints her reputation. The issue has broken the family apart, with the mother taking the side of her daughter.

When asked whether she was dating old white men for money, Corazon refuted the claims saying she is a lawyer by profession, therefore she makes her own money rather than depending on guys. The bootylicious lawyer revealed that she earns money from sponsorship deals and fashion modeling. Some reports say she owns businesses in Kenya, including one international brand in South Africa. She also owns private residential property in Kenya.

Corazon has more than 282,000 followers on Instagram, including 3,565 followers on her Twitter account, which was abandoned on 21 August 2017. On her Instagram account, she goes by the name LilyTheGenie, describing herself as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, entrepreneur and booking agent. On her Twitter account which was created on March 2014, she calls herself the “New socialite in town! My world, your fantasy”.

She also owns a Facebook Page with more than 21,000 fans. The bootylicious and salacious lawyer owns a fashion store, which is located in Langata, Nairobi. Her online shop features stylish sexy body shaping dresses, pants, tops and jeans.

Regarding her current love life, Corazon is reported to be dating an Italian guy whose name has not been disclosed, but she has posted pictures of the guy on Instagram, with the two of them getting cosy. Has she finally found love or is this a fling? They have been seen together, yachting and globetrotting, taking snapshots at vacation resorts, hotels and lodges.

Feb 08

5 Arousing Pictures of Buhle Mkhize, the South African Socialite with a Curvaceous Body

5 Arousing Pictures of Buhle Mkhize, the South African Socialite with a Curvaceous Body

Buhle Mkhize Goes Underground after Love Affair Scandal with Government Minister – See Her PHOTOS

Buhle Mkhize bums posed a threat to wives with husbands at the beach

Buhle Mkhize is a well known Instagram socialite in South Africa. Like most socialites she is known for having a taste for luxury – travelling to beach resorts, staying in top hotels and lodges, flying from one country to another, and of course fashion.

Since Kim Kardashian released her sextape, there has been a growing trend in socialites around the world. Africa has not been left behind. Socialites have emerged in South Africa, and it’s even now difficult to count them. It seems any woman with a shapely body – a coca cola bottle shape or pear shape, can become a socialite overnight, getting thousands of Instagram followers by posting seductive pictures in semi-naked and revealing attire.

Buhle Mkhize gathered thousands of followers on Instagram by posting hot pictures of herself at events, hotels, beaches and vacations. Instagram is a way of showcasing your life through pictures. Socialites seem to be living the life, getting expenses paid trips by wealthy men.

However, everybody seems to be wondering what happened to Buhle, because since her love affair with a government minister, she has kept a low profile and gone underground. Her Twitter account has disappeared and her Instagram account has been deactivated, to the disappointment of her followers who were in awe of her salacious displays. Her last posts were in 2017, when she went for a vacation in the Caribbean Islands. On her Instagram post, the temptress claimed to have caused vacationers to run away from the beach, because she posed a threat to their husbands. Her threat – wearing a thong swallowed between her bums. The following are some of Buhle’s seductive pictures:

Buhle in Beach Thong and Sunglasses

Buhle Pulls Down Her Pants

Buhle in Tight Body Shaping Dress

Addicted to Beaches

Busty Mama Buhle Looking Classy and Sexy

Feb 08

Thick Socialite Tebogo Thobejane Flaunts Big Booty

Thick Socialite Tebogo Thobejane Flaunts Big Booty in Transparent Dress – PHOTOS

Tebogo Thobejane

Tebogo Thobejane, the thick and seductive South African socialite was seen posing in her latest attire – a transparent fishnet dress baring her steep booty. Although she doesn’t call herself a model, she definitely modeling for her fans, who are eagerly waiting for the next strip tease. After taking a few photos of herself in fishnet attire, she went removed the transparent dress to take pictures of herself in bikini, by the swimming pool at an unknown hotel. The posts which were uploaded in December 2017, have received over 7,000 likes, with people leaving adoring comments like:

“Cute ass”

“Gorgeous woman”


“You are amazingly stunning thick and sexy!”

“Damn girl. You got a bright future behind you”

After posting the photos, Tebogo Thobejane a.k.a Tebz was a bit hesitant about her bootylicious snapshot, asking “A lil thick huh”, to which some of the fans answered:

“Not lil thick mami but masterly thickkk cake”

“Just a lil bit”


“The donkey on you girl”.

It’s a common phenomenon that women, even if she possesses natural beauty, she will always be doubtful and worried about her looks. It seems Tebz will post some hot pictures, but she is not going to be by fluttered by 7,000 likes, which are mostly guys looking to get a date, casual encounter or engagement proposal LOL.

Feb 08

Sexy Tebogo Thobejane aka Tebz Reveals Bikini Body at the Hotel Pool

Sexy Tebogo Thobejane aka Tebz Reveals Bikini Body at the Hotel Pool – PHOTOS

Tebz Thobejane in Bikini

Tebogo Thobejane is a sexy South African socialite, well known as Faith Nketsi’s friend. They form a powerful trio with Kim Kholiwe. The bond between these “sisters” seems unbreakable as they like taking pictures and hosting events together. They are no blood sisters, just friends who have been hanging out together for a long time since the Pro-Twerkers days.

If you have been following these three young women, you will realize that they have quite similar features bodywise. It’s quite hard to distinguish between the three women, because they look the same, almost like the Chinese. If you were presented with a face snapshot of these three or even a full body picture, and asked to identify one of them, you would certainly fail the quiz. They are all blessed with a shapely body and booty.

Like her counterparts, Tebz Thobejane is a confident woman who likes flaunting her booty, for all the world to see. The Instagram celebrity took to the social platform to post pictures of her summer bikini body at a private hotel swimming pool. She was wearing a black corset swimsuit with a bare back, which worked perfectly well to showcase her pear-shaped figure with wide hips and small waist. On this occasion, she was spotting long curly black hair. The bootylicious Tswana beauty is light skinned, what you would call a “yellow-bone” in South Africa. Is it just a coincidence that Tebz and her socialite friends are yellow bones or did they intentionally choose to be friends because of what they have in common – curves and light complexion? Nobody will give you the answer, but they are here to stay entertaining the world.

Tebogo Thobejane has more than 142,000 followers on her Instagram profile, still a long way from Faith who has more than 600,000 followers, but right behind the heels of Kim who has about 220,000 followers.

Tebz is the joint CEO of an events management firm Feline Beauty Bar which they run with Faith. The mother is also an AFDA graduate, actress and TV producer. She is also on SnapChat.

Feb 07

5 Sexy Pictures of Sanchi Rimoy, The Tanzanian Socialite with Big Natural Booty

Sanchi Rimoy, The Tanzanian Socialite with Big Natural Booty Strips on Video – PHOTOS

Sancha Rimoy, spotting some ultra-large and shapely ass

While the USA is running out natural booties because every woman is getting butt implants and fat injections, Africa is still home to natural booty. A Brazilian butt lift (fat injection) costs $6k to $8k, while a butt implant is $8k to $10k.

Sancha Rimoy Strips Down

Sanchi Rimoy is an African socialite from Tanzania. She became famous on social media for posting semi-naked pictures of her booty. One of her viral videos that made the rounds on the internet shows her standing by the river in very tight panties curving out her big bums. This is the evidence that all doubters needed to prove that her giant bums are real flesh. Her Instagram account has more than 519,000 followers. She doesn’t claim to be an artist, actress, fashionista, model or dancer, which is quite ironic, because these are the most common titles for women who become socialites. Sanchi is different. She calls herself an entrepreneur and Travel CEO for Eyes Traders Ltd. Apparently, she owns a website  where she says “Sanchi” is just her nickname, which is an abbreviation for Sanchoka.

Sancha Rimoy – pole in between the butts

Sanchoka means “A sweet girl you cannot get tired of” in her indigenous language. Apparently, Sanchi is using Instagram to market her business, and there is no better way to advertise a company than taking snapshots of booty, and having thousands of likes within a minute. So now, we have professional ladies and businesswomen joining the world of socialites to get instant fame.

Tanzania is home to bootylicious socialites like Agnes Masogange and Amber Lulu. Recently, the Tanzanian government has begun cracking down on socialites who like posing nude on social media. The Tanzanian Ministry of Arts and Culture issued a statement, warning that all socialites and artists who appear semi-naked on social media will be banned.

Sanchi Rimoy is one of the socialites summoned by the government to appear before a disciplinary board. If you have been enjoying Sanchi’s photos, this may be the last time to see her in g-strings, bikinis and panties HA HA. Maybe she will be appearing in body-shaping attire and leggings from now onwards.

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