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5 Qualities of Best Spy Camera Sunglasses That You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Wear – 2017 Review

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Camera sunglasses are also known as Spy sunglasses. You will love these modern glasses because they are cool and trendy. If the name James Bond comes into your mind when you think of spy gadgets, then you are not alone. Just as the internet was not initially developed for the public but for military purposes, the first spy glasses were definitely not made for the public as casual wear or fun items, but they were made for stealth spying purposes.
Camera sunglasses are simply sunglasses with a hidden camera. The inbuilt camera is usually located on the far side of the frames or between the glass frames (the nose bridge region).This device consists of a memory card slot, battery slot and buttons to capture pictures and videos. The main use of these glasses is to take a picture or record a video without people noticing what you are doing. The glasses can also be set to record video and take pictures automatically, so you can operate them hands-free.
In the course of searching for the best glasses, you might be one of the many disappointed customers who cannot seem to find the right glasses for your needs. It is very hard to find glasses with all the qualities that are expected of a good spy glass. After browsing this fancy item from five or six shops on the internet or in a departmental retail store, the chances are you will exit the shop unsatisfied with the quality of product and options that are on offer.
This industry cannot be compared to the Smartphone or tablet industry where there are a lot of high quality models and brands to choose from. In the spy glass industry, there are very few options. To tell the truth, there are a lot of ugly camera sunglasses out there, most of which are bulky and ridiculous to wear in public. This is one industry that needs a Steve Jobs to conceptualize and design their product. Without wasting time, here are 5 qualities of good camera sunglasses (the ones that you won’t be embarrassed to wear):

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Well Shaped
One of the reasons that may stop you from buying glasses as soon as you enter a shop is the gross shape of most glasses with built-in camera. You might have $200 cash in your hand but when you imagine how ridiculous you would look in these glasses, you won’t pull out the $200 note, but would rather use that money for something else. Sunglasses with an internally built camera should look like normal sunglasses if you don’t want to gross out anyone you meet on the way. Anyway, a spy gadget shouldn’t be noticed or be easily recognized by anyone. It shouldn’t attract attention either. Weird looking sunglasses will attract attention and this is not good if you want to capture that secret face-to-face photo or video.
Light and Compact
A lot of sunglasses that you would find in a spy retail shop look so ridiculous with their bulky look. Unless you want to look like a cyborg or somebody who is making use of a bionic device to enhance their vision, then you would rather not take the risk of being the odd one out in a shopping mall. Once again, a spy gadget should not look bulky, it should be concealed and not easily noticed. Glasses with spy camera cannot be concealed under your clothing. The best concealment is imitation design. A compact, streamlined and thin design can achieve a normal sexy look that is expected of fashion sunglasses. You have to choose thin and compact sunglasses which give an illusion of lightness rather than the opposite (bulkiness).
Good Picture Quality
Sunglasses that come with inbuilt camera should capture high quality photos that are at least comparable to a Smartphone or high quality cellphone.A picture resolution of at least 3.5MP is okay but most glasses come with 5MP.
Good Video Quality
The minimum video resolution for most glasses is 720P HD. If video quality is your thing, you can go for 1080P HD and above.
 Built-in Memory + External Memory Card
The best sunglasses with hidden camera come with built-in device memory of at least 8GB. They also allow for more space whereby you can insert your own memory card, a MicroSD or TF card with up to 32GB storage capacity.
Which Are the Best Looking Camera Sunglasses with Good Picture and Video Quality?
The best looking sunglasses are well-shaped, compact and thin. They are designed to retain a fashionable look that makes you look good when wearing them, and at the same time, they have functional capabilities for hobbyists, sportsmen, adventure travelers, undercover agents, reporters, investigators and other photographers who need stealth hands-free photo/video capturing. You can take pictures while walking, cycling, racing on a motorbike or driving. You can capture scenes with hands in your pockets or while sipping a cup of coffee. Capture your subjects while chatting to them. Your subjects will not be aware of what is going on.
There are brands that produce camera sunglasses with excellent video and picture quality, but they often lack one feature – good looking design (think iPhone).However, after a lot of searching, we managed to find a few good looking spy sunglasses with a high rating among users. These are:
Good looking camera sunglasses - stylish appearance - Forestfish Sunglasses with Camera HD 720P Video Recorder Swith 8GB SD Card Sports Polarized

Forestfish Sunglasses with Camera – Get them on Amazon

1 – Forestfish Sunglasses with Camera HD 720P Video Recorder Spy Camera Glasses with 8GB SD Card Sports Polarized Sunglasses, Black

–          Video recording 720p HD
–          Picture Capturing 5MP
–          8GB built-in Memory Card
–          Supports External Memory Card up to 32GB (MicroSD or TF)
–          Polarized Lenses (UV 400 protection)
–          Two Control Buttons
–          Up to 3 hours recording time
–          Good looking and stylish
–          Good video
–          Made of high quality and durable Swiss material
–          Unobservable pinhole camera
–          Fairly Priced
–          Inbuilt memory
–          Prolonged use and long recording times may cause issues
Niceshop Camera Sunglasses - Get them on Amazon

Niceshop Camera Sunglasses – Get them on Amazon

2 -Niceshop® HD 720P SPY Hidden Pinhole DVR Camera Camcorder Eyewear Sunglasses Glasses Video Recorder DV CAM Up to 32G Micro SD Card

–          HD 720p Video Recording
–          5MP Picture Capturing
–          Supports External Memory Card up to 32GB (TF card)
–          Good looking and stylish
–          Low Priced
–          Unobservable pinhole camera
–          No Built-in Memory (You must buy your own card)
–          Supports TF cards only (No MicroSD)
–          Made of Low Quality Plastic Material
–          No UV protection specification
–          Less than 90 minutes of recording time
–          Mishandling can shorten lifespan


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