Mar 12

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Pictures 2020 – Beautiful Women in Skimpy Costumes

The annual Trinidad and Tobago carnival is a 2 day event which takes place in February, around the 25th of the month. On this day, the streets are filled with a lot of eye candy, you will mix and mingle with beautiful black Caribbean women, dressed to please in skimpy stylish costumes. Pictures from the 2020 street parade:

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Jul 10

Sexy Tall Rwandan Woman Sits Cross Legged Flashing Thighs

Rwandan women are some of the tallest in the world. There is something sexy about tall women. Below is a typical Rwandan woman in sexy attire.

Jul 08

Wicked Babydoll (aka Stephanie Blanco) Posts Cleavage Pictures of Her Busty Chest

Stephanie Blanco, an American-born Salvadorian known by the stage name “Wicked Babydoll” is a gorgeous female DJ, MC, hip hop artist, entrepreneur and celebrity guest host. Born on 1 November 1990, the tattooed exotic beauty likes spotting punk rock makeup, which looks perfect on her pretty face. She was seen below flaunting her busty cleavage pictures on her Facebook Page with more than 685,000 fans.

Jul 08

Ariel Grind Posts Cleavage Pictures of Her Busty Chest on Instagram

Ariel Grind is an Instagram model from Fort Worth, Texas, USA. The former magazine cover model doubles as a radio personality, actress and brand clothing entrepreneur. She has appeared in 16 music videos. The mother of one is wifed up and she has over 190,000 fans on Facebook.The sexy radio host appeared in several pictures with a pretty busty chest, but it seems those milkshakes may be the result of clever closeup photography. Pictures say a thousand words;

Jul 07

Lita Lewis, the HelloTV Fitness Model Sits Spreadeagled in Bikini

This sexy mama is so in love with social media and confident of her body. She is doing the work in the gym, staying fit and sexy. This is one of her racy and saucy postures she shared on Instagram, sitting provocatively like the temptress she is.

Jul 07

Bikini Pictures of Truly Young, Dr Dre’s Daughter

Truly Young is the daughter of Dr Dre ( Andre Young ). The slim sexy Instagram star has  120,000 followers which is quite low for a billionare’s daughter. Having passed high school with good test scores, she was admitted at the University of Southern California (USC).  Truly Young is seen posing in seductive attire on Instagram, oblivious of the divorce proceedings between her parents.

Jul 06

Cleavage Pictures of Dolly Castro , the Nicaraguan Instagram Fitness Model with a Hot Smoking Body

Dolly Castro, the Instagram model with a hot smoking shapely body was born in Managua, Nicaragua on 14 July 1984. The US-based fitness enthusiast has over 6 million fans on Instagram alone, oozing over her hot pictures. Although she is advanced in years now, she is still that MILF, and looks way much sexier than before. There are signs of minor plastic surgery on her face, and that shapely butt, is it for real, an implant or result of physical workout? Only the light Khoisan women in the Kalahari desert of Southern Africa would have that kind of butt.

Jul 06

Seidy La Nina, the Hot Female Cuban Artist Dances Provocatively in Underwear – Sexy Pictures and Video

Seidy La Nina is also known by the name Seidy Carrera. Hailing from Cuba and based in the USA, the attractive female dancer and artist likes strutting her stuff on social media, seducing fans with daily posts of her social life, appearing in bikinis and scantily clad attire. The following are hot pictures of this sexy Cuban beauty.

Jul 04

Lita Lewis, The HelloTV Fitness Host Looks Hot in Swimsuit

Lita Lewis is a female host for Hello Fitness TV. She is looking hot in a bikini swimsuit, but do not entertain any hopes because she just got engaged to his man.

Jun 21

Sexy Slim College Girl in Panties Feeling Aroused

A sexy slim college girl with nice tits and panties feeling aroused and begging to be eaten all day. The type of slim girl to cheat a thick boobylicious and bootylicious woman with. Irresistible !!!!!

Jun 17

Lil Wayne Likes Them Big, Curvaceous and White – Sexy BBW Models Dated by the Rapper

Lil Wayne has a thing for BBW models, and he loves them white. He makes the adage “opposites attract” very true, considering that Lil Wayne is not just a stage name, the Hip Hop artist & rapper is really a small man in physical stature, and this might explain why he loves them big.

Anyway, after breaking up with his attractive girlfriend, a popular BBW model by the name Latecia Thomas, Lil Wayne didn’t waste time looking for another BBW. The next lucky big and beautiful woman to catch the eye of the US rapper was Denise Bidot.

Denise Bidot is a US born model with 666,000 fans on Instagram and Latecia Thomas is an Australian model with 1.3 million followers on Instagram. The following are sexy pictures of these two thick and curvaceous female models:

Latecia Thomas HOT pictures:


Denise Bidot HOT pictures: