A Sexy Tall Black Woman with Big Boobs – Amazon Ashley is a Sexy Giant

A Sexy Tall Black Woman with Big Boobs – Amazon Ashley is a Sexy Giant


Ashley is a tall black woman from the USA. They say she is 6 feet 7 inch tall, Wow! She is not just tall but she has a sexy full feminine figure – big boobs, ass and flat stomach. They call her “Amazon Ashley” in reference to legendary Amazon women who were basically giants. She is spotting straight blonde bangs and a strapless bustier dress that does well to shape and expose her cleavage.

What Makes You Want to Fuck? Boobs vs. Bums vs. Thighs vs. Pussy

What Makes You Want to Fuck? Boobs vs. Bums vs. Thighs vs. Pussy

A pretty nun at a Catholic convent wearing long robes doesn’t arouse a dick unless you are fantasizing her as a pretentious whore that actually loves to suck dick in a closet after Sunday service. An Arab woman in a bhurkha and long dress doesn’t cause your dick to stand up unless you watch her performing the Afro-Arab Malaya twerking ritual also known as Baikoko in Kenya and Tanzania.

You didn’t think about fucking your high school teacher until you got a crush on her, after catching a glimpse of her thighs under the table or taking a peek at her boobs when she was not looking. You also loved her voice, maybe it was soothing, and you imagined her mourning with pleasure while being fucked.

Anytime you felt boobs accidentally brushing and pressing against your arms, chest and back in a crowded bus, club or shop, you felt blood rushing to your dick but you managed to suppress your feelings or thank God, you happened to be wearing a restraining underwear in that instant.

Every weekend, you love going to church, not because you are a religious guy but because you love those church ladies who love sharing a hymn book with you while pressing their boobs against your arms.


Boobs Glorious Boobs

An office lady in tight body shaping dress and buttoned shirt that struggles to contain her boobs is the best thing that makes you want to fuck there and then. Showing chest cleavage, with boobs partly covered is the norm in today’s fashion. You never get tired of watching boobs and fantasizing, no matter how much you try to resist. Boobs and dark tits pressing against tight transparent clothing makes you want to take out your dick and ejaculate in front of the woman.

Boobs under a loose dress, jumping animatedly and shaking like an earth tremor makes you want to rip off the dress and play with them. Naked big tits uncovered before your face makes your mind go crazy, you can’t resist squeezing and sucking them.

Depending on your obsession with boobs, there is nothing exciting like pushing your dick between tight large boobs. Those things need to be fucked too. Lubricate the gorge with your cum and leave the woman to wipe away your mess. Loose large hanging boobs are also good for boob fucking. They wrap nicely around your dick. You can conveniently massage your dick with them.

Firm big tits with a dark areola makes you want to suck forever. It’s not only babies that love tits, but grown up men love them too. Men are babies when it comes to sex!!!


Brown Nosing That Big Ass

Bums, booty, ass. There is a reason why this pleasure area is celebrated with various names. An S-shaped booty is the dream of every sex-loving man. The modern woman will do anything to showcase her booty through tight body shaping dresses and pants. When you see a shapely ass under a tight skirt or short dress your first instinct is grabbing the lady from behind and pressing your dick against that round flesh. I prefer booty under skirts and dresses, am not a fan of jean pants and women’s trousers. She must wear a loose dress so that I can feel her flesh, not her jeans.

What happens when you see an ass in short dress? First you have to grind your crotch against her bums while cupping her boobs.When your dick is on fire, pull up the dress over her waist and push your dick between her ass. Do not let go, push in and out until you see your sperm starts dripping from the ass onto the floor. When it’s dirty, it’s nice.

Allow her to sit on your lap, so that you can feel her bums pressing against your thighs and dick.If she is wearing a wearing a thong or string, then that’s perfect. If she is wearing some panties, pull those panties back and up so that they are swallowed between her buttocks. Now that’s crazy shit which turns me on. I like it when she is the shy type that wants sex badly or when she is a big woman. When you are ready to fuck, push her to the bed and pull out the panties.Fuck her with her high heels on.

When you think of buttocks, you think of doggystyle.Fucking from the ass is the best thing because you can feel the buttocks with your hands and crotch. The sound of flesh pounding against flesh and sweaty bums is simply a turn on. There is something about a big ass that makes it so inviting and unconquerable, especially when the woman is sticking out her bums in crawling position. The brave will lick out the ass like a bull sniffing a cow. Those who are as horny as a donkey dick like to climb the ass from behind.


Delilah’s Delicious Thighs

The moment you saw that woman sitting awkwardly was the first time you realized the arousing power of thighs. Of course not all thighs are arousing, they come in different shapes, sizes and tan. A woman with thin thighs as well as one with meaty thighs will find it hard to turn on a man. On the other hand, taking a peek at the flesh of big curvy thighs will make you breathe slowly with excitement. That is why we love women in miniskirts, especially when they are sitting or bending to pick up something on the floor. When a woman is sitting on a bench with exposed thighs or crossing her legs, there is an urge to run your hands between her thighs. The extremely horny dude will crawl under the table and sniff between the thighs. Next, you are already erect and you feel like pushing your dick in between the delicious flesh.

In order to enjoy a woman’s thighs, you have to do the side fuck. Make her lie on the bed on her side with one hand holding her head, then fuck her from behind, with your leg in between her thighs. This allows you to enjoy her ass at the same time. Fuck her crazily, until you can’t let go, locking her with your legs and tightly wrapping your arms around her chest.


Wet Pussy

The pussy is the final destination of your horny fantasies and desires. It is a vacuum to release your sexual tension. It has to be pounded hard like a punching bag, it has to be punished for making your dick angry. Fuck that pussy until you can’t cum anymore. Fuck those tight thick lips non-stop until your knees give in. You have to sweat. Sweat must run down your neck and chest. Fuck until she gets that elusive orgasm and tells you that I have never been fucked like this before!!! She has to crave your sweat and your breath behind her neck. Marathon sex also known as endurance sex is the only way to get your mind off sex for a while. You can stay a week or two without needing sex. The next time you want it, you will be very hungry and she will be very hungry.

Sexy Ethiopian Woman with Big Boobs in Strapped Bra

Yummy Ethiopian Woman
Yummy Ethiopian Woman with Yummy Boobs and Armpits


Sizzling hot!!! A sexy Ethiopian woman with big boobs contained in neck strapped bra, wearing a thin single layered chain necklace. According to an American real life movie narrator, there are three motivations which drive humans – money, sex and revenge. I say it’s money, boobs and revenge. There is something about boobs that makes you want to touch and feel them, and bury your face between them, especially well shaped boobs like these. For armpit fetish freaks like me, sticking your nose under those sexy armpits and licking out the sweat is the best indulgence in the world. Ok enough with fantasizing…..

Ethiopian women are one of the most beautiful women in the world, and they are definitely the most good looking African women you can find. With exotic smooth skin, tall, elegant and sexy, if I had to choose between Beyonce and this Ethiopian beauty, I would go for the later.

Sexy Zimbabwean Woman Flaunts Nice Big Boobs in Fishnets

A professional hooker, this sexy Zim bombshell is wearing fishnets displaying her nicely shaped boobs and tits
A professional hooker, this sexy Zim bombshell is wearing fishnets displaying her nicely shaped boobs and tits

This young and beautiful Zimbabwean woman named Clare has resurrected the sex lives of many men in South Africa. She is best friends with Chipo, another sexually skilled temptress from Zimbabwe. Here she is wearing some sexy fishnets that are tied to her bra. The boobs are on point, smooth, and rounded and you gonna love that belly ring if you have a fetish for body piercings.

Sexy Kenyan Girl with Big Boobs Spilling From Her Shirt

A gorgeous African city woman from Kenya with full boobs
A gorgeous African city woman from Kenya with full boobs
Check through the window, and you will see this marvelllous sight. They say it’s healthy to stare at boobs, and it’s much better if they are bigger boobs.This gorgeous black Kenyan woman from Africa is happy to give you that kind of therapy. The pretty lady is wearing a white, neck strapped bustier that gives a nice view of her cleavage. She looks smart, with healthy skin that is well taken care of. A nice smile and pretty face with clean long dreads. Like fresh baked bread, it looks like she is just coming from the makeup room after taking a bubbly bath.

Extremely Beautiful Nigerian Lady with Big Boobs Sits in Office

A banging African beauty from Nigeria, sitting in the office
A banging African beauty from Nigeria, sitting in the office

This smashing African beauty from Nigeria sits in the office with no bra, she is not just an extremely beautiful face, but she has a banging body too, the type of curves and cleavage that a man would die for. There are few beauties like these and they usually keep a low profile. Only the luckiest man can get a morning star like this one.

Body Language – This beautiful African lady is quietly doing her tasks and she is not even aware of the cameraman. This is what gorgeous ladies do, they are not keen to pose for the camera and when you steal a snapshot, you will find that they are extremely photogenic. The beauty increases when they are not smiling or trying to put an impression. The language of beauty is silent, beauty doesn’t need an act of confidence, it just oozes out like the morning light, when you look at sunlight, you will be dazed. Beauty is dazzling, this woman is a dazzling angel. Period.

Boobs – Most of you were captivated by the dazzling beauty of this African Queen, but a lot more of you were dazzled with her cleavage and full-figured body. Take a peek into that valley and let’s hope you will have a good night’s sleep.

Face – She epitomizes the Goddess of beauty, it’s difficult to describe her beauty, you have to see it yourself. A million words are needed to describe her. Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful lady on AIRTIME CHICKS, please let me know when you find a lady who is more beautiful than this smashing beauty. A fine piece of God’s handiwork. Look carefully into the picture, pay attention to detail and you will find that she has the finest qualities from all races. This is a lady that we should send to represent the human race if ever there was a beauty contest between Earth and other living planets.

Lips – Perfectly shaped

Hair – A nice choice of dark long wave Brazilian hair that looks natural

Swag – She is wearing big round earrings that are neatly hidden under her long hair. The bare shoulder dress that she is wearing exposes her busty chest and fine arms. But her beauty overshadows the swag that she may try to put. You can’t look at this woman and fail to recognize her beauty, it takes the limelight off anything that you might be thinking or watching.

Overall – This is a beautiful woman who doesn’t need anything to add, whether it be a show of confidence, fancy attire, expensive jewelry or stylish makeup. She can wake up in the morning, apply basic makeup and still look amazing. This is what natural beauty is about, if you are beautiful, you don’t need to prove anything or obsess with outward ornaments.


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Nigerian Samba Girl with Big Boobs Celebrates Festival

Nigerian Girl imitating Brazilian Samba Dress and Dance
Nigerian Girl imitating Brazilian Samba Dress and Dance

No, this is not a Brazilian girl celebrating samba, it’s a Nigerian woman. This jovial African beauty is looking sexy in a bodycon top that allows somebody to take a peek at her big lovely boobs.The bridge between those marvelous boobs is enough to send hormone tickles through your body. More appetizing than McDonalds roast chicken breasts.

Body Language – The big-breasted Nigerian girl is in a celebratory mood. We all know what Samba girls look like. They are very keen to strip off and dance for everybody. They like the shocked attention that is heaped on them by members of the public, but while some will be enjoying the festival samba dance displayed by these colourful girls, most guys will be surveying the curves and the tingling movements exhibited by these girls.

Boobs – A Samba dancer who is all covered up is not attractive, but the word itself conjures up imaginations of a scantily dressed girl with colorful head feathers and body gear. It is a must to show some flesh and cleavage if you need to be desired by the onlookers. This Nigerian African girl did just that, she has some boobs to be desired.

Face – She is a fine beauty with fine facial features.

Lips – This sexy dancing woman is pouting her mouth, like a model who is about to blow kisses to the crowd. There is a hint of self-centredness and vanity in her eyes, they type you would find in girls who’ve been told a million times how beautiful they are. She is an angel and she knows it.

Swag – It’s a celebration and she looks awesome in festival attire. The purple bodycon dress that she is wearing shows a fine bust, with firm oozing boobs that are irresistible to peek at.

Overall – Beautiful girls are found at Samba Festivals in Brazil, but you can also find beautiful black girls at Nigerian fashion shows. This girl looks more beautiful than the emaciated models strutting the ramps.


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Sexy Coloured Nigerian Girl with Big Boobs

A sensual Nigerian Girl - Top view of boobscape and curves
A sensual Nigerian Girl – Top view of boobscape and curves

A juicy Nigerian girl, mixed black girl with big boobs and hot smoking curvy body looks at the camera while she is lying on a bed. The light skinned African woman is wearing a short mini dress that draws out her cleavage very well .As she rolls over the bed, her tempting boobs follow the rhythm, rolling sideways and spreading all over.

Body Language – This curvy sexy girl knows she is a good sight to watch, she is showing no emotion almost expressionless, like somebody who is watching a brick wall. As she stares into the camera, she knows somebody is watching her and breathing slowly, but what can it be? She may never know the answer but her boobs are doing the talking.

Booty – Seems like she has one hot ass, judging by her curvy body.

Boobs – They are breath-taking and gorgeous, a perfect sight to watch and heal your mind. As she turns over the bed, her jugs sluggishly follow pursuit, flowing sideways and making any guy’s mind go crazy. A warning should have been placed: Watch these boobs at your own risk.

Waist – Again, judging by the looks, she is a curvy woman with breathtaking flesh. Taking a look through the camera angle, her waist should be slim because there are no signs of bumps, only sexy curves are observable even as she lies on bed.

Face – She is a beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and chin. There is overall symmetry on her face, a wonderful sight to watch.

Lips – Beautiful lips, not on the thick side but just perfect for a natural beauty like this one.

Hair – A part of her black hair is dyed with blonde bleach, a stylish hairstyle that doesn’t look bad.

Swag – Ha ha, she is not about swag but sensuality and sexuality, but anyway the dark blue tight mini dress is hugging her body so well, and shaping out her gorgeous curves, that everybody wants to see.

Overall – Several words can be used to describe this light-skinned African queen: juicy, sensual, boobylicious, full, curvy and very tempting. She is beautiful, and healthy. If you like a girl that has everything, then this might be the girl to choose.

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