Carnival Celebrations in The Caribbean, North America and South America – Annual Events

Brazil Samba Girl - Facebook Picture By
Brazil Samba Girl – Facebook Picture By

Carnivals in the Caribbean region, North and South America are the most popular and largest in the world. If you want to experience a carnival of your life or the mother of all carnivals, then pack your bags, book a hotel and get a flight ticket to South America, destination Brazil or take a vacation in The Caribbean, destination Trinidad and Tobago. The carnivals in these regions will give you a taste of what a true and authentic carnival looks like. The people there are so enthusiastic and passionate when it comes to festival celebrations. It’s an occasion to celebrate, dance, listen to music and party. All of this will be going on in the streets. Brazil has even built a sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, a safe place for revelers, dedicated to hosting samba events and performances. After all, who in the world can resist the charm of Samba girls dressed in sexy costumes?

A lot of world famous carnivals are concentrated in the Americas, the following is a list of cultural carnival events in the Caribbean, South America and North America:


North America and the Caribbean



Aruba Carnaval – Costume extravaganza, street parties, parades and crowning of carnival queen. Date: January/February. The 2015 event is from 27 January to 17 February. Starts the night before Lent.


Antigua Carnival – Date: 31 July to the first week of August on a Tuesday.

Barbuda Carnival – The other name for this extravaganza is Caribana. Date: May/June


San Pedro Fiesta de Carnaval – A three day event that lasts a week, featuring street dancers, revelers painting each other, flour throwing, and mobile bands. Date: February. It begins 3 days before Ash Wednesday. The Town Council of San Pedro participates in the organization of the event. The event will run from 7 Feb to 18 Feb in 2015.


Roseau Carnival – A major carnival in the city of Roseau in Dominica. Date: February. The celebrations are held for two days on a Monday and Tuesday. The 2015 event is scheduled for 16 and 17 February.

Dominican Republic

La Vega Carnival – A big carnival featuring costumed revelers and music. Date: February. During February, parades in different cities are held every week on a Sunday.

San Pedro de Macoris Carnival – A well known parade of grand scale, with groups of street dancers and revelers. Date: February


Port-au-Prince Carnival – A significantly large carnival in the region, the local people call it Kanaval. Date: The preliminary celebrations take off in January and the largest celebrations begin in February. Ash Wednesday is the final day of celebrations. In 2015, the main event takes place from 15 to 17 February.

Jacmel Kanaval – Date: Jan/Feb

Aux Cayes Kanaval – Date: Jan/Feb


Bacchanal – Bacchanal describes the main Jamaican carnival held in cities around the country, mainly Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Date: The carnival takes place during Easter every year.

 Puerto Rico

Carnaval de Loiza – revelers with masks dance in the streets. Date: July

Carnaval de Ponce – It’s a very old festival that has been held for over 200 years. Date: Celebrated in the city of Ponce, this is the main party in the country that starts 8 days before Ash Wednesday. Ponce Carnaval 2015 was held between 11 and 17 Feb and it happened to be the 157th event since its inception.


Trinidad and Tobago


Port of Spain Carnival – One of the biggest and famous celebrations in the world, which has been celebrated for over 160 years, the event is filled with contests, costumed dancers, music and partying. The Carnival King and Queen are chosen, prizes are given for the best costumes. Date: The 2016 event is planned for 8 to 9 February. The 2015 event was held on 16 and 17 February. You should note that these are the two days of the main celebrations, otherwise a lot of festival parties and events take place several months in advance of the two days of celebrations before Ash Wednesday.



Mazatenango Carnival – In this city, people engage in feasting, food is plentful, music and games are played. Date: February / the feast lasts 8 days.



La Ceiba Carnival – This city in Central America boasts the largest festival in the region. Date: May. The event is held on the fourth Saturday of the month of May.


Carnival of Bluefields – The Palo de Mayo Carnival is celebrated in this region along the Caribbean coast, and it takes a full month. Date: The whole month of May comes alive with dancing groups, parades and marches. Each day is a party, until a climax is reached towards the month end.

Carnival of Managua – Streets are lined with spectators while dance groups perform. Unlike Bluefields, the celebration here is very short, lasting only 2 days. Date: The 2015 event takes place on 24 March.



Mazatlan Carnival – Residents celebrate for six days. One of the four biggest carnivals in Mexico, which has been hosted since 1898. Date: The 115th carnival [2013] took place between 7 and 14 February.

Carnival of Veracruz – The location has one of the biggest stadiums which hosts performances during festivities. The city is flooded with visitors each year prior to the carnival, who spill out into the streets during the celebrations. This lavish event provides visitors with 7 days of fun and extravaganza. Date: Celebrated 7 days in advance before Ash Wednesday.

Planned Events for Veracruz:

The 2015 event is planned for 11 to 17 February

The 2016 event is planned for 3 to 9 February

The 2017 event is planned for 22 to 28 February

The 2018 event is planned for 7 to 13 February



Las Tablas Carnaval – this small but magnificent town hosts an annual event called Desfile de las Mil Polleras that features beautiful women parading in traditional costumes. Date: Desfile de las Mil Polleras occurs in January. The main carnival in town is a 3 day event that ends on a Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The 2015 event is planned for 14 to 17 February. The 2016 event is scheduled for 6 to 9 February.

Carnival in Panama City – A 4 day festive celebration that takes place in the capital city of Panama, featuring day partying, drinking, dancing, parades and late night reveling. Date: Celebrations start just before Ash Wednesday on a Friday. Sunday features the pollera parade of Panamanian women in traditional attire.Apparently, the biggest celebrations of them all is on a Tuesday, Monday is relaxed and low-key, while Wednesday marks the end with a symbolical “burial” at the beach. The month of celebrations is February where Shrove Tuesday usually occurs. Carnival Tuesday also known as Shrove Tuesday falls on 17 February in 2015 and on 9 February in 2016.

The planned dates:

Feb 14 to 17 for 2015

Feb 6 to 9 for 2016

Feb 23 to 26 for 2017

Feb 10 to 13 for 2018

March 2 to 5 for 2019

Feb 22 to 25 for 2020



Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival – The country will be holding its first carnival to get in line with other Caribbean countries. Date: May. The first ever carnival celebration will take place from 7 to 9 May, 2015



Toronto Caribana – This is the most popular carnival in Canada that is celebrated in Toronto, with over a million people attending the festivities. The parade has Caribbean roots and it offers 3 weeks of fun to celebrate and enjoy the Caribbean culture. Date: July/August. The 2015 event is scheduled for 7 July, culminating in 2 August.


United States


New Orleans Mardi Gras – The most popular carnival event in the USA, which is celebrated in New Orleans. Date: Mardi Gras 2016 is scheduled for 9 February. Visitors who want to see the biggest parades are advised to be in the city before the 5th of February.Mardi Gras 2015 falls on 17 February. The traditional celebrations start a fortnight earlier before Mardi Gras, so the 2015 event will start on 31 January.


South America



Gualeguaychu Carnival – Samba dance festival. Date: January/February. The 2015 event takes place on 10 January to 28 February. The event is held on Saturdays throughout the period.

Corrientes Carnival – Samba dance festivity. The city is known as the capital of carnival. Date: January/February.



Oruro Carnival – A 10 day festivity also known as the La Diablada Carnival which means “Dance of the Devils” features a 4 km procession filled with dance and music. Date: February. The entrada takes place on a Saturday just before Ash Wednesday



Sao Paulo Carnival – A samba dance extravaganza which takes place at Anhembi sambadrome, streets are filled with parties, carnival balls take place in clubs and bars. Date: February. The 2016 sambadrome gathering will take place on 13 February on a Friday. There are two main events taking place on Friday and Saturday.

Salvador Carnival – [Bahian Carnival] – A very big 6-day street party attracting over 2 million participants, featuring big parades in the Barra/Ondina and Campo Grande/Avenida. People dance in the streets or watch from the sides. Dates: February. The 2016 street party will take place on 4 to 10 February.

Rio Carnival – If you were to invite aliens for a carnival on planet Earth, then you would invite them to Rio. This is the most popular cultural extravaganza, the biggest in the world which runs for 5 days.Rio de Janeiro is the world’s capital of street samba and carnival. Over 500,000 visitors from other countries make their way to Rio each year to join the millions of locals who revel in their cultural celebration. Date: February. The 2016 event is planned for 5 to 10 February. Friday is always the starting day, which opens the official celebrations.

Note – Brazil holds hundreds of carnivals in almost every town and region,



Pasto Carnival – [Blacks and Whites Carnival] Different races gather to celebrate, dressed in masks and painting each other with black and white paint. It’s a 2-day event with historical roots dating back to the slave days, when slaves were allowed to party by their masters. The first day is called the El Dia de los Negros (Day of the Blacks); the second day is called El Dia de los Blancos (Day of the Whites).Dates: January. The 2015 festive event starts on 28 December 2014 and ends on 7 January 2015.However, the official days are 5 and 6 January.

Cartagena Carnival – Over a million revelers gather in the port of Cartagena to dance, party and just have fun. A beauty pageant is also held during the event to select Miss Colombia. It’s purely an independence celebration with lots of fireworks and parades. Date: November. Celebrations start on 13 November, Independence Day and end on 17 November when Miss Colombia is crowned.

Bogota Carnival – This is a 2-day event to celebrate the founding of the Hispanic nation. Simon Bolivar Park is usually the venue for celebrations but people also take to the streets to enjoy performances by local artists and dance troupes. Dates: Celebrations are held on 5 and 6 August every year.

Popayan Carnival – This religious town holds the Semana Santa procession to commemorate Easter. Date: Easter



Guaranda Carnival – Offers 14 days of street celebrations and parties where revelers drink chichi, and traditionally brewed liquor. The celebrations begin with the Taita carnaval, the official opening which gives way to long public celebrations. Date: February

Ambato Carnival – Also known as el carnaval de Ambato in Spanish, this is a 4 day festival that includes dances, parades, folklore, music and exhibitions. It’s the most colorful celebration in the country that is preferred by travelers. According to reports, the carnival is held to commemorate the fatal 1949 earthquake that destroyed the town and killed approximately 6,000 residents. Date: February/March


French Guiana

Cayenne Carnival – A very big carnival where people gather to dance to exotic music and revel in costumes. Date: Starts early January up to February. The parades and parties are held every Sunday throughout the festival season.

Kourou Carnival – A cultural festival of dance and partying that features a diverse groups from different countries in South America as well as France. People gather to watch parades, drum beats and street performances. Streets are colorful, everyone is partying, glitter is thrown around and dancers are in gear. Date: January/February


Cajamarca Carnival – The city hosts a unique and most popular cultural event in the country. People engage in traditional dance and tree cutting contest which is used to chose a governor for the coming year. Date: The date is flexible. The 2014 event was held on March 1 to 5.

Other places to enjoy carnival in Peru are Iquitos, Puno and Huaraz.


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Carnival Celebrations in Africa, Asia and Europe – Annual Events


Girls at Rio de Janeiro Samba Festival - Facebook Picture By
Girls at Rio de Janeiro Samba Festival – Facebook Picture By

The following is a list of cultural carnival events that are held by different countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Carnivals are festive seasons involving street parties and parades. They are characterized by cultural dances, elaborate costumes, music, revelry and simply having fun. It’s an occasion to go out in the streets and join thousands of fellow residents and tourists taking part in the annual extravaganza. It is also an opportunity to watch beautiful and sexy women in festival attire. Carnivals are the reason why Brazilian Samba women are admired and well known as the most beautiful women in the world. Above all, the event promotes diversity, giving you a broad perspective of the world. It offers a chance to learn about other cultures and explore beautiful traditions that you could never have seen in your life if you didn’t attend the event.


Africa Carnivals

Cape Verde

Festivals in Sao Vicente

  • Sao Vicente Carnival – Date [mid-February] An exotic carnival that begins around the middle of February, 40 days before the beginning of Easter. Largest celebrations are held in Mindelo,the street party starts at 9:00am
  • Sao Vicente Baia Das Gatas Festival – Date [August full moon] A cultural and musical festival that is held on a full moon in August, over a long weekend

Festivals in Boa Vista

  • Boa Vista Day of Santa Isabel Festival – Date [4 July] Municipality Day

Festivals in Sal

  • Nossa Sra De Piedade – Date 15 August
  • Santa Maria Festival – Date 11 to 12 September

Festivals in Santiago

  • Gamboa Festival – Date 17 to 19 May
  • Tabanka – Date June and July

Cape Verde dance and music includes The Morna, The Batuko and The Funana


Victoria Carnival

  • Known as the Carnaval International de Victoria, a 3 day carnival from 24 to 26 April.


Harare Festivals

  • Zimbabwe International Carnival also known as the Harare International Carnival [HIC] takes place from 16-25 May, but the 2015 event date has been moved to September due an International Tourism Expo that will take place in June. The scheduled date is 12 to 19 September.

Victoria Falls Festivals

  • Victoria Falls Carnival – Date 29-31 December



South Africa

Cape Town Carnival – A non-profit carnival held in the middle of March – 14 March



  • Calabar Carnival – lasts a full month from 1 December to 31 December. Launched by Cross River State governor in 2004 to promote Nigerian tourism and hospitality.



Asia Carnivals


  • Kuta Karnival – Takes place in Bali at the Kuta Beach – Date: 9 to 11 September.
  • Solo Batik Carnival – Takes place in the city of Solo also known as Surakarta in Central Java. The carnival began in 2008 – Date: 12 to 14 June.
  • Jember Fashion Carnaval – Takes place in the city of Jember in East java province. Date: 26 to 30 August



  • Goa Carnival – Goa is the only state in India that celebrates carnival or intruz in the local language. It’s a three day event celebrated in the towns of Panaji, Margoa, Mapusa and Vasco da Gama. The Sambalpur carnival is a two-day event.Panaji draws the largest crowd. Date: Celebrated in mid February, from 14 February to 17 February.


  • Tel Aviv Purim Carnival – Celebrated by Jews to observe the day of deliverance from Haman who tried to influence the King of the Persian Empire to commit a genocide of Jews. Date: Usually observed in March at sunset on the Jewish 14th day of Adar.The 2016 event will take place on 24 March and the 2017 event will take place on 12 March. The 2015 event took place on 5 March.



  • Highline Carnival (THC) – Takes place in Geyikbayiri, Antalya. Date: from 14 February to 22 February
  • Balkahorani Carnival – Also known as Apokries is a 3 day Greek carnival that takes place in Turkish cities like Instabul and Tatavla.Date: Starts 3 weeks before Ash Monday in the Greek Orthodox Christian calendar. Ash Monday marks the beginning of the 40 day Lenten fast.


Europe Carnivals


  • Carnival of Binche – Celebrations start 3 days before the start of Lent [Ash Monday], a 40 day fasting period observed in the Orthodox Church. Date: 15 to 17 February 2015, the 2016 event will take place from 7 to 9 February.
  • Carnival of Aalst – Starts 3 days before ‘Clean ’ Wednesday [Another term for Ash Wednesday]

 Bosnia Herzegovina

  • Ljubuski Carnival – Date: February


  • Rijeka Carnival – Held every year before Lent. Date: Starts in late January and ends in early March. The 2016 event runs from 17 January to 10 February. It also features a pageant for Miss Rijeka Carnival.


  • Limassol Carnival – Fun event celebrated for 10 days before Lent (Ash Monday), by Greek Orthodox church. Date: Runs from 12 February [Shrove Thursday] to 22 February.

Czech Republic

  • Masopust Traditional Carnival – Date: Celebrated during Epiphany up to Ash Wednesday according to Orthodox Christian calendar.


  • Nordic Halloween or Fastelavn – Date: A carnival celebrated on a Sunday or Monday preceding Ash Wednesday, Christian Orthodox calendar.


  • Notting Hill Carnival – The largest street carnival in the UK and second largest in the world. This is celebrated by people of Caribbean origin in England, particularly Trinidad and Tobago. Date: 30 to 31 August.



  • Nice Carnival – Date: The 2016 event starts on 13 February and ends on 28 February. Generally the celebrations take place between mid February and end of February or beginning of March.
  • Dunkirk Carnival – Date: Mid January to late March
  • Paris Carnival – Date: July


  • Cologne Karneval – Date: [11 November is the start of carnival season]


  • Patras Carnival – 3 day event. Date: The 2015 event opens on 17 January 2015. Annual event starts on St Anthony Day.


  • Venice Carnival – Date: The 2016 event starts 23 Jan to 9 Feb.
  • Viareggio Carnival – Date: The 2015 event starts 17 February to 17 March
  • Ivrea Carnival – Orange fight. Date: The 2015 event takes place on Tuesday 17 February. The 2016 event falls on 15 February.


  • Nadur Carnival – Date: Street party happens in the period 13-17 February, and usually starts on 12 February.
  • Valleta Carnival – Date: The 2015 event falls between 12 Feb and 17 Feb
  • Floriana Carnival – Date: 13 to 17 Feb


  • Rhineland Carnaval – 3 day event held in Maastricht, the capital city of Limburg province. Date: Happens 15 to 18 February in 2015, otherwise in the month of February.


  • Torres Vedras Carnival – Date: 13 to 18 February
  • Ovar Carnival – Date: Every year on Fat Tuesday, February or March
  • Sesimbra Carnival – includes Samba dance parades. Date: February
  • Madeira Carnival – A one week celebration. Date: 3 to 10 February
  • Loule Carnival – Streets get jammed with revelers. Date: The 2015 event runs from 14 Feb to 17 Feb.
  • Nazare Carnival – Date: Shrove Tuesday


  • Las Palmas Carnival – 500 year old celebration that goes on for a month filled with galas and dancing. A very large carnival after Rio de Janeiro.To enter the galas, visitors pay between 10 and 15 euros per individual. The main spectacle of the extravaganza is the Gala Queens competition. Date: Will run from 3 Feb to 21 Feb in 2016.
  • Sitges Carnival – Date: The 2015 extravaganza takes place between 12 and 18 February.
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival – Capital of Canary Islands attracts a million participants to the event each year. The main highlight of the event is when the Carnival Queen is chosen.Date: The 2015 celebration starts 8 Feb t 22 Feb. The 2016 extravaganza starts 31 Jan to 4 Feb. [January/February/March].


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Miss Gabon 2015 is Reine Ngotala – 18 Year Old Girl ! – PICTURES

18 Year Old Reine Nogotala Crowned Miss Gabon 2015 - Holds Flowers
18 Year Old Reine Nogotala Crowned Miss Gabon 2015 – Holds Flowers

So far, the only African countries that have held their Miss World National pageants for 2015 are South Africa, Zimbabwe and Gabon. A few other African countries are expected to join this year’s Miss World event as time progresses.

The winner of Miss Gabon 2015 is an 18 year old girl, named Reine Ngotala.This young African beauty who comes from the French speaking country of Gabon has also won the local Miss Nyanga pageant, a city in which she lives.

The winner of the beauty contest was announced on 26 April, at Hotel Residence in the city of Libreville.Reine Ngotala takes the title of Queen from last year’s reining beauty Maggaly Nguema.

There is still hope for runner-ups and other finalists in the top 10, because the Miss Gabon organizers are planning to take part in several international beauty contests.However, the winning Finalist of the national pageant (Reine Ngotala) is an obvious choice to be sent to the prestigious Miss World pageant, as well as the Miss Universe pageant.

Judging by the quality of photo shoots, stage lighting, glitz and glamour, anybody can tell that the organizers were enthusiastic about hosting the event, and they left no stone unturned to ensure that this was going to be a bright night for guests and journalists.

In case you don’t know, French and Fang are the widely spoken languages in Gabon.

Well done Gabon!!!


Results: Miss Gabon 2015

The Queen – Reine Ngotala from Nyanga

1st Princess – Anis Christine Pitty Yaya from Haut-Ogooue

2nd Princess – Dessy Oyane from Koulamoutou


Pictures of Miss Gabon 2015 – Reine Ngotala

Miss Gabon 2014 Hands Over Crown To Miss Gabon 2015
Miss Gabon 2014 Hands Over Crown To Miss Gabon 2015
The Outgoing Queen Maggaly Nguema Crowns The New Queen
The Outgoing Queen Maggaly Nguema Crowns The New Queen
The Miss Gabon Organizers and Beauties on Stage
The Miss Gabon Organizers and Beauties on Stage
The Outgoing Queen Maggaly Nguema Speaks at Miss Gabon 2015 Gala
The Outgoing Queen Maggaly Nguema Speaks at Miss Gabon 2015 Gala
The Gabon Beauties on Stage
The Gabon Beauties on Stage
A Moment of Tears and Joy - Miss Gabon 2015 Event
A Moment of Tears and Joy – Miss Gabon 2015 Event
Hugs From The Team - Miss Gabon
Hugs From The Team – Miss Gabon
Outgoing Queen Maggaly Nguema Addresses the Audience
Outgoing Queen Maggaly Nguema Addresses the Audience
Miss Gabon Gala 2015 - Awesome Stage Arrangement
Miss Gabon Gala 2015 – Awesome Stage Arrangement
The Bevy of Gabon Beauties Pose on Stage
The Bevy of Gabon Beauties Pose on Stage


Watch Her on YouTube:



Miss Zimbabwe 2015 Crowned – Emily Katanga Kachote – 25 Years Old Financial Advisor – PICTURES

The Queen Emily Kachote [Centre] Was Crowned Miss Zimbabwe
The Queen Emily Kachote [Centre] Was Crowned Miss Zimbabwe
Miss Zimbabwe 2015 was crowned on 25 April at a ceremony in Shamva, Mermaids Pool in Zimbabwe. Her name is Emily Katanga Kachote, a 25 year-old woman who hails from the city of Harare. The slim beauty takes over the reins from Tendai Hunda, the 2014 Miss World Representative.
The Zimbabwean beauty has won a beauty pageant before, she was the winner of Miss Harare 2011, one of the local beauty contests held by cities around the country.

Standing at 1.73m, Emily is a tall beauty who also happens to be a degreed Financial Advisor at Old Mutual. Persistence and determination has paid off for this beautiful woman who started competing for Miss Zimbabwe in 2012.Although she failed to make it then, she never gave up, and today her dreams came true. Confidence was in her face as she strutted the ramp, with everybody cheering and shouting for her.

In the previous months, Emily Kachote has participated in a boot camp organized by the Miss Zimbabwe Trust, which she credits for improving her eloquence and confidence. Besides modeling, the pretty girl has also played a role as an actress. She says she wants to be a role model for young girls, and looks forward to improving the lives of women and girls in the community.

The winner of the beauty contest (including the 1st and 2nd princesses) will walk away with a car each, cash prize plus other packages, and of course, the Queen will get the largest share.Spero Villioti, a well-known South African designer attended the event, including former beauty Queens Tendai Bongani Hunda and Malaika Mushandu.

Results: Miss Zimbabwe 2015

The Queen – Emily Katanga Kachote

First Princess – Ann Grace Mutambu

Second Princess – Chengetai Kanonhuwa

Emily Katanga Kachote - Miss Zimbabwe 2015
Emily Katanga Kachote – Miss Zimbabwe 2015

 Pictures of Miss Zimbabwe 2015 – Emily Kachote

Emily Kachote - The Miss Zimbabwe 2015 Winner is Former Miss Harare 2011
Emily Kachote – The Miss Zimbabwe 2015 Winner is Former Miss Harare 2011
The Queen (Centre) - First and Second Princess
The Queen (Centre) – First and Second Princess


Tendai Hunda – Beautiful Zimbabwean Girl – Former Miss World Representative 2014

Tendai Hunda - Sexy Zimbabwean Model - 2014 Miss World Representative
Tendai Hunda – Sexy Zimbabwean Model – 2014 Miss World Representative

Zimbabwean women are the type of beauties that men like George Clooney would want to marry because they are not only beautiful but they are brainy, sober-minded and well cultured. If a Zim woman is not good-looking, then she will have an education or culture to boast about .Among all the drop-dead gorgeous women in Hollywood that George Clooney met, he decided to settle down with an intelligent and reserved woman who happened to hold a top post at UNICEF.Of course, George is married to Amal Alamuddin, not Tendai Hunda, but Amal possesses the decent and brainy qualities of many Zimbabwean women.

Tendai Hunda is a pretty woman who represented Zimbabwe at the 2014 Miss World contest in the United Kingdom. Hers is a story of luck and miracles. She was nominated as a replacement at the last minute, after two reigning winners Thabiso Phiri and Catherine Makaya were consecutively dethroned and suspended from representing the country for fighting with the pageant organizers.

At the time of representing Miss Zimbabwe in the UK, Tendai Hunda was only 23 years, and she was studying for a Degree in Administration at the University of Zimbabwe. She says modeling has never been her career plan, because she is an academically-oriented person.

The beauty did not make it to the top 30, some critics on her Facebook Page blamed this on her makeup which was deemed way too over-the-top. But life goes on for this brainy beauty. She is focused on her academic career and a brighter future.

When Tendai is speaking, you cannot help but fall in love with her, she speaks with an original exotic African accent, not cheesy and no feigned American accent like most wannabes. Watch her on YouTube:

Pictures of Tendai Hunda – The Zimbabwean Model

Tendai Hunda - Miss World Official Picture
Tendai Hunda – Miss World Official Picture


Tendai Hunda - On the Ramp in Maxi Dress
Tendai Hunda – On the Ramp in Maxi Dress
The Chosen One - From First Princess to Miss Zimbabwe 2014 - Tendai Bongani Hunda At the Airport
The Chosen One – From First Princess to Miss Zimbabwe 2014 – Tendai Bongani Hunda At the Airport
Tendai Hunda Speaking on Miss World Official YouTube Channel
Tendai Hunda Speaking on Miss World Official YouTube Channel


What is a Beautiful Woman? 4 Types of Physical Beauty

Natural Beauty – A very beautiful woman, doesn’t need so much makeup

A beautiful woman is a good looking lady that you find attractive, which most people find attractive as well. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, or inner beauty is more important than looks but let’s be honest, even the people who like  tossing this statement around are themselves impressed by physical beauty and given a choice, they would rather date or choose to be with a good looking person over an ugly person. Our senses cannot resist beauty, it’s a pleasing stimuli. Just as we like the taste and smell of good food, it is an instinct to get charmed by looks, so please stop LYING!!!

A woman can be physically beautiful in the following ways:

Natural Facial Looks

The face is the most common feature of beautiful females that is observed and used to determine whether you are beautiful or not. Everybody likes pretty faces, there is something that melts your heart or gives you peace of mind when you watch a beautiful face. It’s a pleasant sensation. Scientific studies and experiences have shown that good looking people are given more preferential treatment than not-so-good looking people. They earn more, attract more clients, get positive responses most of the time and their way up the ladder is smoother. If you are a natural born beauty, then you are a lucky soul.

This coloured girl is pretty – her excellent makeup only enhances her beauty


Professional makeup can be used to enhance your looks, but the downside is that you will need to fork out thousands of dollars each month to maintain your looks. In order to make the most out of your hard earned dollars, you will need to consult a facial beauty expert to analyze your face shape, lips, eyes, nose, chin and cheeks. After analyzing your facial geography, the beauty doctor will prescribe the right makeup, hair style and outfits for your looks. Some ladies jump this step because they think they will look great as long as they dress like Kim Khardashian or Naomi Campbell, but this is a fatal mistake because one shoe doesn’t fit all. There are many ladies who have listened to the advice of professional beauty experts, and today they are regarded as one of the most beautiful chicks in the community.

Hands down,this girl has perfect curves – now that’s a real curvy woman

Body Curves

You might be surprised but seductive body curves are seen as more beautiful than a good looking face. Unless you are sleeping in a hut, you should know that social media is obsessed by women with a big booty, and if you can twerk it, that’s a bonus, but booty alone is not enough, you must have a coca-cola bottle shape. If you are blessed with body curves, a small waist, flat belly and wide hips, you are considered attractive, that’s because people are naturally drawn towards a highly feminine figure, which also happens to be the most sexually appealing figure.

You gotta agree that this girl got Swag.


The way you dress and carry your body can make you look attractive. There is a reason why women spend more money on fashion than anything else. They know that outfits can make a difference in how people look at them. A dressing expert can help you choose the right outfit for your body shape and size. Attitude is also important to help you look attractive, you should watch how the hottest women move their body and speak.

READ MORE >> What is a Curvy Woman?

What is a Curvy Woman? – Shooting Down the Magazine Lies

Curvy woman with fairly big breasts
Curvy woman with fairly big breasts

A curvy woman is an attractive lady with a slim waist, flat stomach, wide hips, big well shaped butt and fairly large boobs.She is the kind of woman that every man and woman will turn around to look at when she is walking in the streets because she has an attractive and shapely figure. If you know what I am talking about, you will need no explanation, but in order to clear some confusion that some people might have about this term, we will have to explain further.

There is confusion all over the internet about the meaning of this term. Truly curvy women no longer know where they fit because the term is being abused by fashion magazines, dating sites and beauty sites. They are angry because the word is being used by these misleading websites to imply a woman who is fat, chubby or obese, when in reality it means a woman with a shapely figure. Every woman who is obese and out of shape is now calling themselves curvy to feel good about themselves. It’s like giving an A grade to a D student who has never passed a single exam. Imagine if D class students at high school are upgraded to A class status without passing the required exam, this would cause outrage among the truly intelligent A students who will feel disrespected because what’s the use of being an A student when dunderheads are rewarded with high marks that they don’t deserve or never worked for?

Curvy woman with small breasts
Curvy woman with small breasts

In order to see the widespread abuse of the phrase ‘curvy women’ just do a Google search, go to a specific fashion site and you will see pictures of fat or big women that can hardly be called curvy. Curvy is sexy and shapely, it does not mean large, obese or fat.

So we said that a curvy female has a slim waist, flat stomach, wide hips, big shapely butt and fairly large boobs, but this is the definition of a perfectly curvy woman.Boobs are not a huge consideration but they are a plus, she can have small boobs or a totally flat chest but as long as she has the rest of the features described above, she is a curvy woman. At this point, you should have an idea of what curvy means. A curvaceous woman has a Coca Cola bottle shape, some people like to call it a pear-shaped or hourglass body.

Curvy is a sexually attractive shape, of course unless you have a fetish for planks, blocks and bags of fat. Curvy is a super feminine shape, the kind of shape that is envied by other girls, a shape that every guy would want his wife or girlfriend to have, but of course they won’t tell you 🙂

People this is not curvy
People this is not curvy

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What is a Physically Attractive Woman? The Mathematical Formula

A physically attractive woman is a sexually attractive woman, she has a sexually appealing body – good boobs, flat stomach, slim waist, wide hips and big shapely booty. The ideal sexually attractive female is a curvy woman or girl.However, there are variations of what constitutes an attractive woman and there is a line that will put you on the side of unattractive if it is crossed. Let’s be honest, we are all blessed and gifted in many ways other than physical but this article will dwell on physical attractiveness alone, space will be given for other human qualities in a different post. Okay, I have removed my bulletproof vest, I hope tensions are cool now ha ha.
So we said a curvy woman has the most sexually attractive figure/shape. Read here to find out what a curvy woman is. We are going to draw out other types of physically attractive bodies, using the curvy woman as our reference.First, we must list the qualities of a curvy woman.

ATTRACTIVE - Hands down,this girl has perfect curves - now that's a real curvy woman
ATTRACTIVE – Hands down,this girl has perfect curves – now that’s a real curvy woman

A curvy woman has:

  • Fairly large boobs
  • Slim waist
  • Flat stomach
  • Wide hips
  • Big well-shaped butt

The following are other types of physically attractive women, they are still attractive even though they lack some features of an ideal curvy woman:

ATTRACTIVE - Woman with slim body and fairly large breasts
ATTRACTIVE – Woman with slim body and fairly large breasts

Woman 2

  • Fairly large boobs
  • Slim waist
  • Flat stomach
  • Straight hips
  • Small butt


ATTRACTIVE - Woman with wide hips and small breasts
ATTRACTIVE – Woman with wide hips and small breasts

Woman 3

  • Small boobs or flat chest
  • Slim waist
  • Flat stomach
  • Wide hips
  • Big well-shaped butt


Just by looking at the examples above, you can realize that some features [slim waist and flat stomach] are essential and they cannot be done without, if you are to be labeled as physically attractive, but they should be complemented with either a [big shapely butt + wide hips] or fairly large boobs, to complete the whole picture.

So here is the general formula of a physically attractive woman:

Physical Attractiveness = [Slim waist+Flat stomach] + [Faily large boobs] or [Big shapely butt+ Wide hips]


Does a Pretty Face Matter?

A pretty face doesn’t matter when it comes to physical attractiveness, but it’s a plus, who doesn’t like a good looking woman with a good body? An average looking woman with a good body shape is definitely hotter than a beautiful face with an emaciated frame or fat body with a bulging midriff. But you should be aware that the modeling industry has its own standards which are not based on physical attractiveness. They have been trying to redefine beauty over the past decades by exclusively hiring thin female models with a pretty face to showcase the latest fashion. Thus, a slim model with a pretty face can rightly be called beautiful but when it comes to measures of physical attractiveness (curves), she will be blown away by the average curvaceous woman in the streets or that Hollywood celebrity we all know about.

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How Unattractive Women Can Be Beautiful

Mother Teresa - A woman of inner beauty - well known for her kindness and helping the poor
Mother Teresa – A woman of inner beauty – well known for her kindness and helping the poor

If you are not blessed with good looks, you do not have to fret or worry because contrasts and diversity are a part of life that makes this world beautiful. Without ugly people, beautiful people would have no-one to compare themselves with. You are the reason why some women are beautiful and without you, they wouldn’t be seen as beautiful because uniformity is boring and uninteresting to look at. If you are an unattractive woman or girl, you should not be envious of beautiful women because it’s hopeless and self-defeating to envy something that you cannot change about yourself.

In case you didn’t know, personality can be more powerful than looks, and there are plenty of examples of great men in history who didn’t have looks, but who did great things and changed the world. These are men and women of character. You can also enhance your character, cultivate your talents, learn skills and nurture your spirituality if you want to be beautiful inside. Your internal beauty can shine brighter than the most beautiful woman on earth if you learn a few things to improve yourself. While beautiful people are admired for their outward beauty, you can be admired for your personal qualities:

Jocelyn Wildenstein -According to Listverse,this wealthy socialite is the world's ugliest female celebrity - a case of plastic surgery gone wrong
Jocelyn Wildenstein -According to Listverse,this wealthy socialite is the world’s ugliest female celebrity – a case of plastic surgery gone wrong

Be Cute

It’s very rare to find somebody who mistreats a cute person or thing. That’s the reason why people love pets, ranging from miniature dogs to parrots. Girls love teddy bears as their toys because they are cute, but a real life grizzly bear is an ugly and aggressive creature that will frighten you when you encounter it in the prairie. If you are not blessed with good looks, being cute will make you approachable and loveable. A lot of cute people have more friends than a beautiful woman.


Be a Respectable Character

People always like and respect a person who is honest, reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, committed and morally upright. There are wealthy men who have left their fortune to their faithful servants. Respectable people are usually promoted to higher posts and their opinion is valued. They are usually entrusted with big transactions and important secrets are usually shared with them.

Learn to Smile

A simple smile can change things. Whenever you go to the shops, there is usually that one lady or girl who is always smiling no matter how difficult the customer is. You might think smiling is something that does not matter, but it can open many doors for you. People always remember nice people who treated them well, and do not be surprised when a stranger who happens to be a Bank Manager greets you at the mall. Smiling will make you many friends and be likeable.

Whoopi Goldberg - Admired for her TV, Drama and Art skills
Whoopi Goldberg – Admired for her TV, Drama and Art skills

Perfect Your Skills

A lot of the world’s greatest inventions and innovations are owed to people of exceptional skill and talent. Companies value skills and talent. Your skill can make you a millionaire. While good looking people are enjoying their privileges having an endless holiday vacationing, dining, partying and wooing fans, you should spend your time and resources towards improving your skills or learning new skills. People will admire you if they know that you are an expert in something.

Be Kind

Kindness touches people. There are few people who will not respond positively to a kind heart. You have to be genuinely interested in helping people without expecting something in return. Kind deeds can make you a happy woman who feels complete and fulfilled. You go to bed in peace knowing that you have helped a soul. Join a community project or charity that strives to reach out to people in need. Visit the sick, feed the hungry and help the young. Volunteer to help a neighbor with their lawn or help a student with their homework. Be kind to a youth who is fighting depression. You don’t need to do big things, small gestures of kindness are enough to make a lasting impression.

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What is Women Empowerment?

Oprah Winfrey - Female Billionaire, Media Mogul and Show Producer
Oprah Winfrey – Female Billionaire, Media Mogul and Show Producer

Women empowerment – By now, you should have heard about this common phrase in the media, at your workplace, during political campaigns and workshops. You probably know about one or two politicians known for championing women’s rights in your region. You may also associate this phrase with United Nations programs for women. It doesn’t matter where you heard this phrase, but do you know what women’s empowerment is all about? If you try to read the long PDF documents provided by women’s rights organizations such as the UN, you will give up after reading the first paragraph because the language is complicated, boring and not easily understood by the average woman in the streets.

There is a saying that human beings have a perverse tendency of making simple things look hard.Well, it shouldn’t be hard to understand what empowerment means for ladies and girls. We will cut the bullshit and break it down for you.

Empowerment for women simply means giving females the opportunities that men have access to, opportunities which men have been enjoying for many years. When you go back in history, you will find that men and women have not always been treated equally when it comes to certain privileges and opportunities. This is what empowerment strives to change. Period

Let’s look at areas where women need empowerment:

Helle Thorning Schmidt is the Prime Minister of Denmark
Helle Thorning Schmidt is the Prime Minister of Denmark

Participation in Politics

Women have been barred from making political decisions for a long time. In the past, women have not been allowed to vote during an election. Even today, there are still countries where women are not allowed to vote. In most cases, people are resentful or intolerant of a woman who campaigns for a top political post such as President. We have seen many powerful women in politics in this generation but it has been a long tough road to get to this point.

Leadership Positions in the Workplace

Traditionally, leadership positions in the workplace have been reserved for top performing males. A woman who works as hard as her male counterpart is rarely promoted to an influential post, with an all-male executive board preferring a male candidate.

Unequal Pay between Genders

Most companies will pay their male professional workers in administrative positions higher than their female professionals. This discrepancy in salary is prevalent in most high competency jobs in finance, banking, engineering, research, management, administration and so on.

Marissa Mayer is the President and CEO of Yahoo! She has earned over $117 million in 5 years Marissa Mayer, President and CEO of Yahoo!, speaks on stage during a fireside chat session at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 in San Francisco, California September 11, 2013. Mayer said the Internet company now has more than 800 million monthly active users, which she said represented 20 percent growth. REUTERS/Stephen Lam (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY)
Marissa Mayer is the President and CEO of Yahoo! She has earned over $117 million in 5 years

Male Dominated Jobs

There is a list of jobs which have been traditionally reserved for males. This includes jobs in engineering, scientific research, political office, programming, architecture, building, manufacturing, aviation, property and driving. In some of these jobs, companies will not recruit females even if they are well qualified.

Access to Loans and Funds

Sometimes it’s difficult to acquire some funding for your project if you are a woman. Investors and financiers may be wary and skeptical if you are a woman. This negative perception of women is based on a traditional stereotype that regards men as more successful and ambitious than women. You may also have heard the phrase “women belong in the kitchen”.



Elizabeth Holmes – At 30 years ,she is one of the youngest billionaires, Founder/ CEO of Theranos


The above are just some of the areas where empowerment is needed for women, but there is a lot more areas we have not mentioned, that you can think of. You should realize that in certain countries, progress has been made in some of these areas, although not completely. Thanks to pro-women legislation that has been implemented by these countries and gender awareness campaigns by women’s groups, politicians and the United Nations, these countries have enabled their women to be empowered so that they can make decisions for themselves.