Beautiful Kenyan Woman in Somali Dress – Watch The Goddess of Africa

A Somali Kenyan woman looking elegant in pink Somali dress
A Somali Kenyan woman looking elegant in pink Somali dress

A beautiful Kenyan woman wearing an elegant Somali dress. This attractive pink gown represents Africa’s finest culture, fashion, art and class. The lady who is wearing it looks extra-ordinarily tall even when she is sitting down. The angelic figure that is created by this attire harmoniously blends with the room that looks like a studio or architecturally designed home. Everything looks perfect, including the fine skinned beauty who is sitting on a fancy folding chair. If you thought Africa is just a place that is well-known for its wild life, wars and mud huts, then think again. The continent has a lot of under-represented and undiscovered beauty which is widely ignored by the media.


Body Language – Graceful, elegant, poised and angelic.

Waist – This is a fairly slim and tall African lady who modeling agencies will trip over each other to get.

Face – She has the face of an angel, an Egyptian sphinx, a female pharaoh. This is what you call refined beauty, she has the finest exotic skin of a Somali beauty, which must be a mix of Arabic and Black blood. It’s only an assumption people, don’t go for my neck. We are trying to define something unique here.

Lips – Perfect

Hair – Perfect. A lot of girls worship long hair, and they will do anything to get that 30 inch Brazilian weave from South America, but Kenyan Somali girls are known for their neat short hair that matches their pretty faces. This girl is at her finest with short hair, and I believe long hair would steal some of her beauty.

Swag – Yeah, if you thought swag is about imitating Hip Hop culture or western style dressing, then you are wrong. This is what we call pure African swag – decent, cultural, elegant and classy. Nothing looks amiss in this girl’s dressing and posture. She is well poised and godlike. The long pink Somali gown covers her feet, and the long scarf covers her shoulders. You will notice that it is pinned at the back of the head. The flowing textile and its pink color is simply lovely. The girl is eye-candy, you can’t resist her beauty although she is well covered like a Muslim girl, no cleavage or flesh baring. The elegant earrings and necklaces are well chosen, and they do add some elegance to the whole picture. Well done.

Overall – Beautiful, elegant, best African cultural attire, attractive


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Busty Kenyan Woman Poses in Strapless Mini Skirt Dress – Breathtaking Cleavage


Light skinned Kenyan babe holds her hips
Light skinned Kenyan babe holds her hips

A light skinned Kenyan woman wearing a bustier mini dress strikes a pose. Her jewelry includes a simple over-the-chest silver necklace and round suspended earrings. This is an attractive lady with a curvaceous body. She is putting on a real natural smile and there is authenticity in her eyes. We have reviewed a lot of Kenyan girls on this site, and most of them ain’t cheesy like those girls from that country that is best known to yourself ehe he.

Body Language – Calm, quiet confidence, mystery and angelic appearance

Boobs – Magnificent cleavage, well shaped boobs on the large side

Waist – A coca cola bottle shaped body, slim waist and fairly flat stomach

Face – Beautiful, good makeup, shiny healthy skin with natural glow, good eyebrow lines and beautiful black eyes with a deep look.

Lips – Natural shiny

Hair – Most black women like long Brazilian weaves, but this lady looks awesome with this short hairstyle. It fits her face perfectly and it looks good with the overall attire.

Swag – Beautiful pose, charming, simple and sexy. This is a lady with natural good looks, light in complexion, busty and possessing a good sense of fashion. The brown scotch mini skirt has a warm look and it matches well with her skin tone and short hair. A simple thin long necklace with silver shine and elegant earrings provide a sense of class.

Overall – Beautiful, curvaceous, minimal dressing and optimized swag


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Hot and Curvaceous Kenyan Girl in Tight Body Shaping Mini Dress

Black Kenyan woman with smoking hot body
Black Kenyan woman with smoking hot body

This Kenyan woman has a smoking hot body, and she is wearing a vivid orange colored tight mini dress that shapes her figure. There is no doubt that this is a well-curved and sexy woman to die for, but there is something about Kenyan girls that differentiates them from other girls. Besides their good looks, they always have that genuine smile, which reflects their genuine qualities and personality.


Body Language – Genuine, confident and interested.

Boobs – Fine boobs, medium size.

Waist – This is a fit lady with a flat stomach and small waist. Hips are appropriately wide and the body is femininely curvy.

Face – Attractive chocolate skin color, genuine smile and pretty face.

Lips – Natural looking.

Hair – Short and natural, simple straight deep black shiny weave that matches her face shape.

Swag – Impressive and sexy look achieved by simple attire that fits well on a super feminine body. The bodycon mini dress is super tempting and the bright orange color is appealing. The lady managed to strike a balance that is decently sexy, thanks to her perfect body and fashion sense. Trashy girls who don’t know how to look sexy and decent should learn from this Kenyan babe. The sophisticated arm bracelets on her left hand and shiny metal loop earrings give her some semblance of class, a really beautiful African queen. While this sexy attire is okay for cocktail parties and club, it is decent enough to wear at the office if you are a secretary or office lady.

Overall – Sexy, curvy, classy and hotly dressed.

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Kenyan Girl with Wide Hips and Slim Waist Rocks the Hood

This young Kenyan beauty says hips don't lie - I got it !!
This young Kenyan beauty says hips don’t lie – I got it !!

So nowadays everybody agrees that a curvaceous bottom rocks. Beauty magazines have suddenly dumped the thin model for a shapely woman like Kim Khardashian [but we all know her butt is fake]. Social media is flooded with photos of scantily dressed women taking selfies of their curvy bottoms, those who don’t have curves will console themselves with statements like “I love myself” but secretly they envy those with curves. Still, another group is not willing to be outdone, they live by the motto “if you don’t have it, then fake it”, as a result, a generation of plastic butts and boob jobs has been spawned.

But all hope is not lost. In this crazy world of plastic jobs, there are genuine women from Africa who have natural curves that were bestowed on them by their mothers. If you take a trip to Kenya, you will find girls like this Kenyan girl who has a perfect hourglass body. Let the media glorify a fake Kim K butt but there are millions of girls in the streets who have the natural thing. They say hips don’t lie, and true, this girl’s hips don’t lie. You just have to check them out. She is wearing some tight leggings made of African textile and patterns, a tight black crop t-shirt that exposes her flat belly, some African bracelets and gold collar necklace.


Body Language – Bumping

Booty – Shapely

Boobs – Small

Waist – Slim waist, flat belly, attractive navel and wide hips

Face – Pretty girl

Lips – Okay

Hair – Needs a lot of attention,

Swag – This Kenyan babe has a banging body, wide fantastic hips and small waist, but she definitely picked the right outfit to expose her physical attractiveness – she chose some skin tight African textile leggings which stick to the skin, shaping her hips so well. The crop t-shirt works best to expose her fine belly.

Overall – Sexy, curvy and nice leggings


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Funky Kenyan Woman with Swag Displays Colors

Cool, vibrant, young ,fresh and colorful - This Kenyan girl displays some swag
Cool, vibrant, young ,fresh and colorful – This Kenyan girl displays some swag

This pretty woman is looking cool in matching color outfits, a rainbow colored sleeveless shirt with front zipper, yellow tight leg-shaping track bottom, five bangles of different colours, sandal heels and funky afro hair. She came out in full force to showcase some attractive bright colored swag, while looking as natural as possible. This lady knows how to minimize makeup and enhance her looks at the same time.

Body Language – Cool and funky

Booty – Medium

Boobs – Medium

Waist – Not so bad, but some midriff flab is starting to show

Face – Cute and young

Lips – Natural

Hair – It’s nice to see an African lady who loves her natural hair. She is spotting some cool afro hair, perfect for her face shape and overall funky attire.

Swag – She achieved her fashion point with great success. This is some cool, fresh and vibrant funky attire well executed. She looks sweet ,young and attractive in her yellow leggings, sleeveless rainbow colored zip shirt that displays her fine arms, some high heeled sandals and a set of 5 multiple color bracelets.

Overall – A pretty young woman with a vibrant sense of casual fashion.


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Slim Kenyan Girl with Sexy Body Shape in Tight Mini Dress

Sexy,expressive,vibrant and young - This Kenyan girl has a tightly packed curvy body
Sexy,expressive,vibrant and young – This Kenyan girl has a tightly packed curvy body

This pretty Kenyan lady has a dream body – slim, trim and curves at the right place, which are finely shaped by her tight stretch mini dress. She is also wearing some simple but large colorful cube earrings and stylish funky bracelets. The attire is vibrant enough for a young woman who loves life and adventure. The smile is brilliant, just like most Kenyan girls.

Body Language – Expressive, vibrant

Booty – Acutely shaped medium-sized butt

Boobs – Well shaped medium-sized breasts

Waist – Fine, trim and small waist that defines her physically attractive body

Face – A pretty face and cool smile that makes you comfortable

Lips – Natural looking

Hair – Short style, straight dark weave.

Swag – The lady has some good fashion sense, she is donning an attractive dark bluish stretch bodycon mini dress that tightly hugs the body and defining her shapely figure for maximum attractiveness. Her choice of earrings is also awesome – some multi-colored cubes that look like a kindergarten 3D puzzle. A short hair styled straight weave that matches her face shape, and those big multi-colored bracelets look cool.

Overall – Pretty face, shapely body and cool funky/sexy attire.


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Office Kenyan Lady Looking Smart, Elegant and Shapely

Kenyan woman wows in sexy office attire
Kenyan woman wows in sexy office attire

This young Kenyan woman looks dashing, sexy and elegant in a mini bodycon dress with black and white scotch patterns. The pretty lady pulled a magnificent matching outfit with red drop earrings and red high heels, a perfect attire for a girl who works at the office. A nice touch of red lipstick and cleanly styled hair.

Body Language – Cool

Booty – Shapely

Boobs – Medium

Waist – Small, flat belly

Face – Pretty,

Lips – Shiny red lipstick with an intense touch

Hair – Medium length, dark straight weave tied at the back for professional attire.

Swag – The choice is perfect for office attire, executive function or party – a sexy sleeveless bodycon mini dress, red high heels, red earrings, well maintained hair with clean style. The look is elegant and classy.

Overall – The lady has a curvaceous body, plus she is displaying a good sense of fashion.


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Kenyan Girl with Big Booty in Tight Leggings

Curvy Kenyan woman in tight leggings shows a shapely butt
Curvy Kenyan woman in tight leggings shows a shapely butt

Kenyan girls know how to smile. This woman looks sexy in striped and tight leggings, which shape her curved butt very well. She is putting a white t-shirt on top of a red t-shirt, like a student who is going for a sporting contest or event. She has some handy sunglasses to filter the glare from the sunny weather, and she is carrying a purse-shaped handbag with little contents.

Body Language – Confident

Booty – Big

Waist – Slim and flat

Face – Pretty, light skinned black woman with attractive smile

Lips – Natural lipstick

Hair – Stretched black hair

Swag – Uhmm, she picked up anything that you can wear for sports day, tight leggings, t-shirt, sunglasses and small bag that looks like a big purse. There was no consideration for matching style, it’s like asking a shop attendant to get you any casual wear that is available.

Overall – Body is very attractive and curvy


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Pretty Kenyan College Girl with Big Booty Bends Over


Bootylicious Female Student from Kenya Kneels in Bending Position While Doing Some Homework
Bootylicious Female Student from Kenya Kneels in Bending Position While Doing Some Homework

A smiling Kenyan girl from the Nairobi Polytechnic. This beautiful student is wearing a white bareback thin strap mini dress, and you can’t help but admire her shapely butt under the short skirt that shapes her bottom so well, but you will never forget the kind of smile that she is putting on. It’s hard to think that this girl has ever gotten angry in her life.

Body Language – Positive attitude

Booty – Big

Waist – Fine and slim

Face – Light in complexion, pretty and cute. Very approachable

Lips – Friendly smile, bright teeth. Natural looking lipstick

Hair – Natural straight weave, with healthy look, dark with light brown shiny streaks

Swag – A white sexy mini skirt, thin strapped bareback with back ties. This is a killer outfit that embraces her body curves and good-looking face very well. Excellent, she knows how to kill it with one single outfit.

Overall – Curvy attractive body and good dress sense.


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Cute Nigerian Girl with Long Dreads

Pretty African girl from Nigeria poses in long dreads
Pretty African girl from Nigeria poses in long dreads

A cute Nigerian girl with a pretty face spotting some fine long dreads, looking cool, stylish and smart.

Body Language – The emphasis is on what is she is wearing and she has a pretty face of a model to achieve this.

Boobs – This is a flat busted girl but her good looks compensate for what she lacks in the cleavage department.

Waist – She is not a girl with a thin frame nor fat girth. Her waist looks quite flat, she looks very healthy, and her arms are beautiful.

Face – She looks young and fresh, smooth skin, thick lips and big beautiful eyes. Her makeup is spot on, achieving its purpose and drawing out the natural beauty that makes her look so cute.

Lips – An expert touch of red lipstick, just enough to enrich the texture and color of her lips. Lips look good for kissing.

Hair – The young queen from Africa looks attractive and cool in long dreads. They are long dreads, thin and fine, giving her a vibrant personality and looks.

Swag – This is what she is about. It’s clear her intention is not to arouse sex appeal with some provocative dressing, but she is making an effort to paint a sweet and lovable character that somebody would be proud to say “Hey that’s my girl”. The thin-strap dress is elegantly simple and silky loose, covering her bust and leaving some space to display her chic and short necklace.

Overall – She is a girl with a taste for trendy and cool fashion.


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