Sexy Tebogo Thobejane aka Tebz Reveals Bikini Body at the Hotel Pool

Sexy Tebogo Thobejane aka Tebz Reveals Bikini Body at the Hotel Pool – PHOTOS

Tebz Thobejane in Bikini

Tebogo Thobejane is a sexy South African socialite, well known as Faith Nketsi’s friend. They form a powerful trio with Kim Kholiwe. The bond between these “sisters” seems unbreakable as they like taking pictures and hosting events together. They are no blood sisters, just friends who have been hanging out together for a long time since the Pro-Twerkers days.

If you have been following these three young women, you will realize that they have quite similar features bodywise. It’s quite hard to distinguish between the three women, because they look the same, almost like the Chinese. If you were presented with a face snapshot of these three or even a full body picture, and asked to identify one of them, you would certainly fail the quiz. They are all blessed with a shapely body and booty.

Like her counterparts, Tebz Thobejane is a confident woman who likes flaunting her booty, for all the world to see. The Instagram celebrity took to the social platform to post pictures of her summer bikini body at a private hotel swimming pool. She was wearing a black corset swimsuit with a bare back, which worked perfectly well to showcase her pear-shaped figure with wide hips and small waist. On this occasion, she was spotting long curly black hair. The bootylicious Tswana beauty is light skinned, what you would call a “yellow-bone” in South Africa. Is it just a coincidence that Tebz and her socialite friends are yellow bones or did they intentionally choose to be friends because of what they have in common – curves and light complexion? Nobody will give you the answer, but they are here to stay entertaining the world.

Tebogo Thobejane has more than 142,000 followers on her Instagram profile, still a long way from Faith who has more than 600,000 followers, but right behind the heels of Kim who has about 220,000 followers.

Tebz is the joint CEO of an events management firm Feline Beauty Bar which they run with Faith. The mother is also an AFDA graduate, actress and TV producer. She is also on SnapChat.

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