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Faith Nketsi Flaunts Her Curvaceous Body After 3 Weeks of Dieting

Faith Nketsi Flaunts Her Curvaceous Body After 3 Weeks of Dieting – PHOTOS

Faith Nketsi is an Instagram celebrity who is famous for her curves. The South African socialite used to be a member of the Pro-Twerkers dancing group, along with her best friend Kim Kholiwe. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between the two of them because they look alike – oval shaped faces, light in complexion, blessed with a pear-shaped body and medium-sized bust. They also have tattoos closer to the navel. To make it worse, they like hanging out together. Faith and Kim are like twins.

On January 25, 2018, Faith Nketsi posted a picture of herself in Nike body workout suit, while holding a bowl of cereal. She claimed to have lost 4.1kg of weight in 3 weeks. Apparently, the gym convert was weighing 77.6kg before the start of her weight-loss program, and by the 25th of January, she was down to 73.5kg.

But seriously, Faith is not in need of slimming. Her body is just perfect. Maybe she is just doing it for commercial purposes, like most Instagram celebrities.

On Instagram, she urged her fans to try the slimming challenge by inviting 5 women to participate in the program. The participants will have their progress published on a weekly basis, to serve as testimonials for the slimming diet. The post got more than 26,000 likes, with hundreds of people commenting.

Faith has more than 676,000 followers on her Instagram profile. She presents herself as a model, event host and entrepreneur. Apparently, she is also the owner of Feline Beauty Bar, a beauty parlor specializing in nail care, wedding dresses and hair care.


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