Beautiful Light Skinned American Black Girl in Bra – PLUS: Car for Hire Driver Tries To Solicit Sex from Woman


A pretty light skinned black girl with a gorgeous face in black bra, touches her lips in a provocative way.
A pretty light skinned black girl with a gorgeous face in black bra, touches her lips in a provocative way.


Car for Hire Driver Tries To Solicit Sex from Woman

SEATTLE – A driver for Lyft car rental hire in Seattle, USA demanded sex from her passenger, then dragged her when she refused. The woman dropped her phone inside the car, and when she asked the driver to help her find her phone, the driver asked for sex.She refused, so the driver dragged her with his car.

The driver had dropped off the woman at her place, but she found out that she left her phone in the car. She called her number, and a man who happened to be the driver replied. The woman asked him to return her mobile phone, but the man could have none of that as he apparently didn’t want to return the phone. He stopped answering her calls but after several calls, he responded to the persistent woman with an offer of sex in exchange for the phone.

After several minutes of negotiations, the driver agreed to come to the woman’s home. He came and parked the car on the streets while the woman was watching her. As the woman came towards the car, she identified her phone, which the driver was holding in his hand. Just as the woman came close to the car by the window, she snatched her phone, with the intention of running away, but the driver immediately drove off, dragging her a few meters, until she released herself from the car.

Luckily, she didn’t get serious injuries except bruises and cuts. Her friend called the police, who came to the scene, but the driver was already gone. They managed to get the driver’s name as well as the type of car that he was driving, a Toyota Prius.

Besides the information that they got from the woman, the police are trying to get the driver’s details from the car rental company.Lyft has confirmed that the driver is on their database, and they have already deactivated his account.

Source: KOMO News

Sexy Coloured Nigerian Girl with Big Boobs

A sensual Nigerian Girl - Top view of boobscape and curves
A sensual Nigerian Girl – Top view of boobscape and curves

A juicy Nigerian girl, mixed black girl with big boobs and hot smoking curvy body looks at the camera while she is lying on a bed. The light skinned African woman is wearing a short mini dress that draws out her cleavage very well .As she rolls over the bed, her tempting boobs follow the rhythm, rolling sideways and spreading all over.

Body Language – This curvy sexy girl knows she is a good sight to watch, she is showing no emotion almost expressionless, like somebody who is watching a brick wall. As she stares into the camera, she knows somebody is watching her and breathing slowly, but what can it be? She may never know the answer but her boobs are doing the talking.

Booty – Seems like she has one hot ass, judging by her curvy body.

Boobs – They are breath-taking and gorgeous, a perfect sight to watch and heal your mind. As she turns over the bed, her jugs sluggishly follow pursuit, flowing sideways and making any guy’s mind go crazy. A warning should have been placed: Watch these boobs at your own risk.

Waist – Again, judging by the looks, she is a curvy woman with breathtaking flesh. Taking a look through the camera angle, her waist should be slim because there are no signs of bumps, only sexy curves are observable even as she lies on bed.

Face – She is a beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and chin. There is overall symmetry on her face, a wonderful sight to watch.

Lips – Beautiful lips, not on the thick side but just perfect for a natural beauty like this one.

Hair – A part of her black hair is dyed with blonde bleach, a stylish hairstyle that doesn’t look bad.

Swag – Ha ha, she is not about swag but sensuality and sexuality, but anyway the dark blue tight mini dress is hugging her body so well, and shaping out her gorgeous curves, that everybody wants to see.

Overall – Several words can be used to describe this light-skinned African queen: juicy, sensual, boobylicious, full, curvy and very tempting. She is beautiful, and healthy. If you like a girl that has everything, then this might be the girl to choose.

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Women’s Fashion:

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Miss South Africa 2015 Beauty Pageant Winner is Liesl Laurie – PICTURES


Liesl Laurie [centre] is the new Miss South Africa.The 1st and 2nd princeses are Refilwe Mthimunye and Ntsiki Mkhize
Liesl Laurie [centre] is the new Miss South Africa.The 1st and 2nd princeses are Refilwe Mthimunye and Ntsiki Mkhize
The winner of the Miss South Africa Beauty Pageant is a young and educated woman who also happens to have a kind heart and pretty face. Miss Liesl Laurie, 24 years old, became the 2015 Miss South winning finalist on 30 March 2015 beating contestants from other regions. Reactions from Twitter were mixed when the winner was announced, but as much as Liesl surprised some people who did not expect her to win, among them the leader of a political party, she also surprised many when it is was revealed that she comes from Eldorado Park, a township which is under-estimated and looked down by most people because of its social status.
Liesl Laurie is a shining star who brings hope and something positive to her township, Eldorado Park, a township in Johannesburg which is well known for high levels of crime and social ills such as drug dealing and unemployment.

Liesl is a student graduate from the University of Johannesburg in Soweto. After completing her  B.Comm Degree at the University of Johannesburg ,the coloured beauty took a one-year break from the campus and embarked on a full-time modeling career which also allowed her to get involved in NGO community projects that strive to improve the lives of children in Eldorado Park and the surrounding poverty-stricken informal settlements. Last year, she launched her own community project, the Pearl Project outreach programme, which seeks to motivate teenage girls through the hosting of workshops at schools around the location.

Pictures from Miss South Africa 2015 Beauty Pageant

The winner - Liesl waves at audience
The Queen of South Africa – with crown on her head, Liesl sits on a golden throne
Miss South Africa 2015 Crown and Diamonds Necklace
Miss South Africa 2015 Crown and Diamonds Necklace
Standing with MISSSA 2015 organizers
Liesl (Left) Standing with reigning Miss World 
Standing with MISSSA 2015 organizers
Standing with MISSSA 2015 organizers
The Queen of South Africa - with crown on her head, Liesl sits on a golden throne
The winner – Liesl waves at audience


Coloured Girls | Sexy Girl in Ripped Jeans

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Sexy coloured babe wearing destroyed jeans and white crop t-shirt
Sexy coloured babe wearing destroyed jeans and white crop t-shirt

A sexy Coloured girl with curly hair, hot smoking body, wearing tight fitting worn-out slashed jeans and a short crop t-shirt that exposes a breath-taking belly.

Let the Body Speak:

Body Language – She is showing some confidence, because she knows she has a great body. One of those girls who don’t need to expose much flesh because they can still knock you out with clothes on.

Booty – The girl has some fine booty, a natural beauty [8/10]

Boobs – She is covered but you can tell that they are fine breasts, which are proportional to every part of her body [8/10]

Waist – a perfect waist and belly that any woman would want to have. It’s a belly to die for [9/10]

What the Face is saying – She has the looks of a model, you can’t read too much, and it’s definitely hard to guess. The young woman is beautiful.

What the Lips are saying – The red lipstick looks nice on her.

Hair – Her hair looks natural, the rich black long curly waves are just perfect for her face and body [9/10]

Swag – The skin tight torn jeans look cool with her white cropped t-shirt that does a good job of exposing her fine belly in a sexy way. Nothing looks wrong, everything fits in well, the curly wave hairstyle, simple white stud earrings and simple golden wrist bangles, plus a hot body.

Would you want to bang this chick? – The girl looks sweet,

Overall – This is one sweet and sexy coloured girl wrapped in one. She has the body of a model, a girlfriend that you would like to show to your friends. [9/10]

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Short crop t shirt for ladies – The woman is wearing a short crop t-shirt with a bare midriff. This casual wear will give you a cool yet sexy look at the same time, great for young women. You will realize that the t-shirt above has extremely short sleeves and it has a wide base, like a baby doll skirt. This type of shirt will make you look sexy if you have full boobs which kind of push the shirt forwards. The t-shirt is deliberately designed to cut off at the midriff, exposing your sexy belly. This female t-shirt comes in sleeves of different sizes; you can get the long sleeve, short sleeve, extremely short sleeve and the shoulder-bare sleeve.

High waist ripped stretch jeans for women body curve – from Alibaba

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