Sep 01

Babes Wodumo’s USB with Unreleased Song is Stolen and Found – She Was Joking !!

Babes Wodumo in Sexy Attire

Babes Wodumo lost a USB containing her unreleased song Gandaganda. On her Twitter page, she appealed to fans to send her link if they come across the link on the internet, so that she can delete it. People reacted on her Twitter video, wondering how she could delete a link. Maybe she was trying to say they will send a DMCA notice to any anybody found uploading or hosting the music track on the internet.

A DMCA notice is a copyright infringement notice or cease and desist notice that is served on anybody found hosting digital material without a license or permission.

Babes Wodumo is reported to have found the USB a few days later, but it’s not clear how she found it. It has now been revealed that the whole thing was a publicity stunt meant to create buzz over her new single. The single is set to be released on 6 September via iTunes.

When they lost the USB

Listen to Babes Wodumo speaking in Zulu on this Twitter video:



Sep 01

Sexy Babes Wodumo in Swimsuit


Babes Wodumo

Babes Wodumo, the famous South African artist is not just a talented and skilled dancer, but she is a sexy woman with a perfect body. Here she was captured in a swim suit on a sandy beach background.

Aug 31

Zodwa Wabantu Banned, Told To Wear Underwear at Harare International Carnival – Horny Zimbabweans Fight to See Her Pussy

Zodwa Wabantu (Left) with unknown Lady (Right)

Zodwa Wabantu, the talentless social stripper from South Africa has been banned from participating at the Harare International Carnival taking place on 1 to 9 September. The Harare Carnival is a popular annual street parade featuring the famous Brazilian Samba dancers, as well as participants from 19 other countries, from as far as Cuba and the Caribbean. According to reports, the Zimbabwe Tourism Board and later on the Minister of Tourism banned Zodwa from participating at the carnival after being informed that she is a lesbian who doesn’t wear panties on stage. Despite being banned, Zodwa insisted that she is going to the event. Apparently, Zim officials said Zodwa can only perform at the carnival on only one condition – that she wears panties, but this did not go down well with the dirty dancer, who said she would rather not go than compromise her brand.

Brazilian Samba Dancers at Harare Carnival, Zimbabwe – 2015

Zodwa Wabantu is a controversial figure in her home country South Africa where she has been accused of being a bad role model to young women for not wearing underwear in public and on stage. In her own words, the socialite told a radio host that she has been rejected by her own community in Soweto for her slutty ways and skanky dressing.

Zodwa is like a lost career woman, a woman like her should be working in the adult entertainment industry, in the privacy and obscurity of strip clubs and porn studios, but maybe due to the fact that such places are not rewarding in terms of fame and financial returns, she has taken her half-naked strip shows to the public, dancing without pants in front of mixed crowds and posting nude pictures on Instagram.

Other than South Africa, Zodwa has performed in two countries, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Although the Zimbabwean government has banned Zodwa, it seems she has a lot of horny fans in Zimbabwe. Are Zimbabweans such shameless perverts who will stoop so low to watch an aged woman dancing without panties? Or maybe they have low standards for beauty. HA HA, maybe there is a shortage of prostitutes and porn in Zimbabwe.

Brazilian Samba Dancers at 2015 Harare International Carnival – Zimbabwe

Aug 16

Famous Picture of Zodwa Wabantu with No Panties on Stage


Zodwa Wabantu with no pants on stage

Zodwa Wabantu, the raunchy South African socialite and entertainer is an enigma because it’s hard to categorize her occupation. She is known as a social dancer, but she is really not that much of a skilled dancer. Her kind of dancing is that of a club whore, what you would call seductive or provocative dancing.

She would fit perfectly well in a strip club as a strip dancer, but she has never claimed to be a stripper. Who knows, maybe she runs private strip shows for paying clients. Her tendencies and inclinations are a hybrid, you might want to call her a reluctant strip-tease model. But for now, it’s enough to call her a seductive social entertainer.

On this famous photo, Zodwa was dancing on stage in a micro mini-skirt. As she got down to the dance floor on her knees, a photographer who was positioned at a perfect angle happened to catch a glimpse of her hairy pussy or was it black transparent underwear??? It’s up to you to guess, but time and again she has admitted that she wears no panties.

Aug 08

Babes Wodumo in Sexy Traditional Zulu Attire


Babes Wodumo (Right) in Traditional Attire.

If you are familiar with the Swazi Reed dance or the traditional South African Zulu dance where beautiful virgin girls and young women gather at a venue to dance in bare-breasted attire, you will have no reason to frown upon skimpily dressed women such as Zodwa Wabantu because that’s being a hypocrite. Traditional African attire is skimpy and much more flesh baring than western women in bikinis, and what more? Women are allowed to bare their breasts, so what is all this rubbish talk about Ubuntu when it comes to fashion and values ?? 🙂

Babes Wodumo, well known for her sexy appearance, elegance, and dancing skills in the hot Wololo video was seen wearing some traditional Zulu attire, along with Mampintsha her loyal companion. She looked like a Zulu bride about to get married or was it an engagement or just a fun photo shoot.

Babes Wodumo – Wololo Dance Video

Aug 08

Zodwa Wabantu Booty in Thong – Strikes Suggestive Pose on Stage

Zodwa Wabantu in thong

Zodwa Wabantu, the sexy and controversial South African dancer was seen by sitting by the swimming pool in hot thongs, and giving the photographer some beautiful display of her booty. A fan of skimpy dressing, provocative dancing and no-underwear fashion policy, she is causing a quiet revolution in the African culture which frowns upon saucy attire. To her surprise, the undaunted Sex Queen just discovered that she has a lot of fans across the border, when she flew into neighbouring Zimbabwe to host a show for enthusiastic fans who were eagerly awaiting her arrival at the airport.

Zodwa Wabantu provocative dancing

Jul 31

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Porn Actor / Actress

 Pros and Cons of Being a Porn Actor / Actress

Are you planning to take part in a porno shoot? Just like any job, there are advantages and disadvantages of being an adult performer. Before you apply for a job in porn, you have to make sure that this is what you want to do. You will have to make difficult decisions because this is a job that most people, including your friends and family, will frown upon. Like most of your personal decisions, secrets and private affairs, this is something that you don’t even need to discuss with anybody, not even your best friend. The fact that you are thinking of taking part in a porn shoot will give people the impression that you are a person of low morals. It’s like telling people that you want to be a prostitute. It’s not something to discuss with people.

When you decide to be a porn actress or actor, be prepared to live with the consequences. However, being an adult performer can be rewarding in many ways. Here are the pros and cons of working as an adult performer:

Advantages of Being an Adult Performer:

You Earn More Money per Hour

Most studios and production companies pay a good sum for a porn scene which usually takes a few hours, so in a day’s work, you may earn anywhere from $700 and above. Depending on the number of scenes you take each month, if you have only 2 scenes, you will make at least $1400 a month. This is enough money to quit your day job, but you don’t even need to quit your day job, you can arrange for weekend and after-work shoots with your agent.

You Enjoy What You Do

Working as a porn star allows you to explore your sex fantasies, and it may increase your libido and receptiveness to sex.

You Get to Know the Difference Between Porn and Real Sex

Porn has perpetuated a lot of sexual fantasies and positions that seem to be exciting and super-hot, but difficult to achieve or enjoy in normal sex life. A porn star knows the difference between studio experiences and real life, therefore if you are a performer, you won’t be obsessed with artificial performances that are not practical in life.

You Will Meet Exciting People

Working in the porn industry allows you to meet amazing people that you would have never have met. You will get to experience things that you have been reluctant to do, explore mysteries and satisfy your curiosity.

Disadvantages of Being an Adult Performer:

The following are the disadvantages of working in the adult industry.

It’s a Career which is Frowned Upon

Being an adult performer means that you won’t go around with your head high telling people what you do. If you are in a conversation with somebody, and they ask you “what do you do?”, you won’t say I am a porn actress, unless you want to alienate yourself from the society and everybody. It’s a secret that you have to keep to yourself.

Be Prepared To Have Your Videos and Pictures Circulated in Public Space

Porn videos and pictures are meant for the consumption of viewers who like porn, so they have to be distributed to subscribers. Sooner or later, they will end up on dozens of porn sites and networks around the internet. If it’s a DVD, it won’t stay in the buyer’s bedroom forever, it will be shared multiple times among friends and colleagues at college, work and other social circles. Your face is not covered, otherwise no-one will buy or watch the content, so you have to be prepared to expose yourself to the world.

People who know you will recognize your face in videos and pictures, so be prepared for the consequences. This includes your children, boss, family and friends.

It May Jeopardize Your Employment Future

If you are featuring in porn shoots and working a normal job at the same time, you may land in trouble with your employer. Most companies have to maintain a clean image, and this requires their workers to comply with specific moral standards and codes of conduct. Imagine a lawyer or teacher who engages in part-time gigs as a porn star, this will portray a bad image about the Law Firm or School.

Also if you have worked as a porn star in the past, you may find it difficult to get hired by a company in non-porn industry.

You May Contract STDs

The porn industry is regulated in the USA. Porn stars are required to take tests and use protection before performing. Still, there are cases where actors and actresses have contracted STDs after a porn shoot. Just like the prostitution industry, there is a high chance of contracting STDs in porn. If you are looking for a role in a porn movie or photo shoot, you have to make sure that the company does screening and health checks for performers.

Jul 28

10 Types of Sexy Dresses for Prostitutes, Hookers, Partying and Clubbing

10 Types of Sexy Dresses for Prostitutes, Hookers, Party Goers and Clubbers

As much as some people would love to deny, prostitutes are fascinating women who are not only capable of grabbing the attention of ordinary men in the streets, but they have also been known to capture the attention of millionaire celebrities, politicians, business moguls, presidents, pastors and other men of status. So what makes hookers tick? You see, a prostitute has it all – friendly disposition, seductive pose, tolerance, enticing body, winning smile and the best attitude that you can ever find in a woman because she is only looking for one thing – cash. Maybe we could all be happy if we only looked for one thing in life. However, the one thing that makes a woman hot and desirable is her dressing.

Sex Scandal Slash-back Dress Black O/s

Price: $19.39

Aptly named Sex Scandal, a sexy strapless mini dress for those who want to be irresistible. You are on a mission to seduce the CEO of a wealthy firm. This outfit will make him feel like stripping you down, there and there in the office. Just don’t get caught.

If you are dressing to get attention, then you should make sure that your dressing turns heads or else you will lose out to that fashion savvy chick. Your dressing should strive to highlight your curves, cleavage and if possible show a bit of flesh as long as the situation is right. If your object of desire can get a lot of imaginations running inside his head within a few seconds, then you have achieved your goal. However, if it takes a lot of effort for your target to imagine you in a sizzling naked state or hot situation, then you have failed to do what a prostitute is supposed to do.

The following is a list of sexy dresses and outfits that will make you stand out from the rest. They will do their job with little or no effort at all. You won’t need to call out or gaze at your target; your body will do the calling. In the open streets or in a crowded place like a bar or club, you will attract men like a magnet:

Snow Leopard Dress & G-String Black White Small

Price: $31.99

A woman in a short dolly dress is always enticing and attractive. Your excuses for wearing something so small are many. Tell them that you are missing your school days, all your clothes were stolen this morning so you borrowed your daughter’s dress or your size can’t keep up with your aggressive growth hormones. The bigger your bottom, and the wider your thighs, the more sexy you will look as the dress struggles to cover your parts. Of course, as you try to pull the dress down, people will be wondering why you left home that way, but the reason is best known to yourself LOL. This snow leopard dress tugs at your body. It highlights your thighs, legs, bottom and cleavage.

Kitten Strappy Lace Wet Look Dress Black O/S

Price: $38.69

This stylish mini dress has a shiny look and feel of leather. It’s definitely a head turner that will attract glances from an observer.  The bare chest with thin strips barely covering the nipples gives you an opportunity to catch the attention of boob lovers. So if anybody dares ask you why you left home uncovered, just tell them that you were fighting with a cat and you managed to flee before it stripped you naked.

Pothole Tube Dress Purple O/S

Price: $24.89

This slutty micro dress is for the daring because it shows a lot skin, perfect for a night out at the club or beach party. The sexy tube dress has a potholed profile, which displays your flesh from the chest right up to your bottom, so you have to wear some bras and panties to deny that view and tease prying eyes. Your excuse to wear this ripped outfit: – it’s what the doctor ordered to give your body some natural air ventilation.

Pink Lipstick Fully Vented Seamless Dress Black O/S

Price: $16.59

This extremely short kinky dress will make you the centre of attention wherever you go out. The side vents traversing from top to the hem are strategically designed to give a breathtaking view of your curvaceous hips and boobs. The transparent sides work their magic and the front section in opaque fabric just does enough to decently cover your sensitive parts. Your excuse for wearing this tiny thing – Your hips need osmosis.

Tease To Please Seamless Dress White O/S

Price: $15.19

Just as the name says, this is a perfect tease to please skanky dress, very tight and short at the same time. You will need absolute confidence and bravery to wear this seductive outfit with a thin front part and transparent sides that give a full shape and view of your sexy hips and bottom. The white strip barely covers your crotch and boobs, but all eyes will be down there. Your excuse for wearing this sizzling dress – it’s hot and you need 100% body ventilation.

Mesh Stripped Dress Black/Midnight Purple O/S

Price: $35.99

This is a well designed tight stripper dress for those who love to show legs and thighs. The purple mesh strip ensures a half-transparent view and the black material is completely opaque. If you are looking for a short dress with a high neckline that shapes your curves and covers your chest, then this is a suitable dress. It’s a good teaser dress which doesn’t give away everything yet makes you so desirable. Your excuse for wearing this kinky dress – you have never been more decent than this.

Pink Lipstick Seamless Rouched Side Tube Dress White 1X/2X

Price: $24.89

This short and seductive tube dress is not transparent, but it gives you the sexiest appearance that will give a lot of imaginations to somebody who is planning to pick you up. It will not take long for the client to decide because you look like that hot movie star coming out of a hot bath with a short towel wrapped around her body. Your excuse for wearing this come-and-get-it dress is self evident – You are late and you just coming out of a bath, so please forgive me!!!

Halter Dress Mesh Lace Accents Black Pink Small

Price: $32.79

If you enter the bar wearing this halter-type mini skirt, all guys who are planning to take home some booty tonight will whistle as you pass by. It’s not just a seductive dress, but it’s an intimidating outfit too. In case you don’t know, guys like appearing macho, but they are also intimidated like some pussy. Anyone who pulls down a taxi will want to share a ride with you, next to you. Your next move as you sit down in the bar is obvious – you will cross your legs.

Pink Lipstick Slinky Seamless Mini Dress w/Super Sexy Back Slits Black M/L

Price: $20.79

This slinky micro mini dress is always threatening to run away from your body. It’s just what you need to maximize your shapely figure, and expose your cleavage. It makes you look desirable as you walk or sit down in a strategic spot, playing tug-of-war with your skirt and struggling to cover yourself.  Your excuse for wearing this seducing dress is apparent – you like keeping yourself busy.

Pink lipstick adrenaline seamless net dress black o/s

Price: $16.59

This stylish mini dress is daringly sexy and decent at the same time. It’s essentially a tight mini skirt attached to a bra with transparent mesh which exposes your mid-section and attractive belly button. If you have a flat belly and wide hips, you will look gorgeous in this outfit. Your excuse for wearing this hot dress – it’s summertime and you some fresh air to hit you.

Jul 28

Netflix of Porn – Watch over 80,000 Adult DVDs and Porn Movie Series for Only $14.95 per Month –


Do you want to watch exclusive porn that is not available on the internet? Are you looking for a Netflix of Porn, where you can only get the best porn DVDs? The best place to get x-rated sex DVDs is Adult Rental.  So how is DVD rental different from the mainstream porn that you find on the internet?

Exclusive Content

The kind of porn that you find on the internet is stale because it has been shared a thousand times by hundreds of porn sites and networks. Just like a gamer who has played all the free games that you can mention, lovers of free porn are familiar with porn clips. Clip porn is low quality and it usually lacks the excitement and depth of a storyline.

With DVD Rental, you will have access to thousands of exclusive porn DVDs that you have probably never seen before. When watching the DVDs, you will enjoy the picture quality as well as the seductive storyline and fantasy behind the movie.

Porn Movie Series

More than a decade ago, people were excited with new movie releases that would make their debut at cinemas and movie theatres across the country, and the world at large. Nowadays, only a few people still go to theatres. Many prefer to watch a movie series which is an extension of the old mini-series.

Modern film producers are moving with the trends. Instead of producing a single 1 or 2 hour movie that is expected to be a blockbuster or movie of the year, they have moved on to produce Series Movies with many episodes that can be watched over a long time. The advantage of series movies is that they are addictive. You always want to know what will happen in the next episode, and you can never have enough. Movie companies have produced all kinds of movie series from action to romance, thriller and horror.

Also available are adult series movies which include a lot of x-rated content like sex, fantasies and fetishes. You can watch these movies over a long period, enjoying each and every episode in the privacy of your home. They can be streamed over a service like Netflix, where you only need to pay a small monthly subscription fee to gain access to thousands of DVDs.

A porn movie series is not like an internet clip that you would download on BangBros or PornHub. High quality work has been invested in the movie and millions of dollars have been splashed to make it a premium movie with a captivating storyline.

Sign up for a 30 minutes Free Trial >> Sign Up

Sex Skills and Exercise DVDs

When you get access to a DVD Rental service that streams movies like Netflix, you will not only have access to adult movies, but you will also have access to premium sex training videos and movies that are not available on free sites. There is a variety of sex DVDs that you will find. Sex coaches skilled in the art and science of physical fitness will show you some sex exercise tricks and skills, from demonstrating endurance to performing optimum positions and other advanced techniques.

There are hundreds of unique DVDs themed around sex, and you will be glad you subscribed to such hard to find content.

To start gaining access to exclusive content, you have to sign up with your credit card. Your credit card will not be charged:

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Jul 28

Amateur Porn Actors and Actresses Wanted – Get Hired – List of Job Vacancies in Pornography

Porn Shoot in Studio

The porn industry is estimated to be at least $97 billion. Now that’s a huge amount of money for those who are employed in the industry as performers. The easy part about working as a porn actor or actress is that you don’t need much skills or training. Most of the times, you have to follow the non-verbal scripts set up by the directors. Most scripts don’t involve much talking unless you are employed in a high-end movie series, so you don’t have to worry about memorizing scripts or going off script. However, the most exciting thing about being a porn star is that you will earn a lot of money, more than what you would earn for a professional job. Whether it’s a one-time payment for a scene or monthly salary contract, the package is always attractive and irresistible.

While there are premium production studios that employ professional and seasoned performers, there are also many companies which are looking for amateur actors and actresses. Porn has thousands of niches and subcategories which range from soft porn to hardcore scenes. It has also been established that most people watch porn at night times, there are 68 million searches for porn in a day, 72 million people view porn sites in a month, companies have lost over 5 billion hours to porn surfing and over $4.9 billion a year is made by porn producers. The United States alone accounts for $2.84 billion in annual sales. Porn is a market with big numbers. So how much does a porn star earn?

How much a porn star makes depends on their location, experience, the scene they are willing to do and the company which they are shooting for. Performers are usually paid per scene, per hour or per project. There are stars that have been appearing in porn shoots for quite a long time, turning their first time appointment into a full-time career because it’s financially rewarding. The standard rate for female performers varies depending on the type of scene. A normal heterosexual scene will earn you at least $1000, a lesbian scene will earn you at least $700.

Extraordinary scenes pay more than normal sex scenes, for example gang bangs, anal intercourse and interracial scenes may pay up to 6 times the value of normal scenes. The female usually earns more than the male. If you are willing to do an extraordinary scene, you will earn at least $2000 and up to $6000 depending on your agent and other circumstances.

Generally hardcore scenes pay more than soft porn, group performances pay more than solo performances and nude acts pay more than fully clothed acts. Contact sex pays more than non-contact performances.

How To Find Porn Jobs

Getting a job as a sex performer is very difficult because agents don’t advertise in local newspapers and normal job sites. Adult material is not allowed on most mainstream publications, unless the publication is X-rated. For various reasons, you cannot just approach an adult company or send in an unsolicited application. The act of finding a potential candidate is very discreet and a company looking to hire has to keep a low profile. However, you don’t need to worry because I have compiled a list of companies which hire adult performers on a regular basis. These companies post job vacancies on a daily basis >> Download the List Now

If you do at least 2 scenes per month, you could earn at least $1800 per month and considering that production companies are looking for fresh scenes now and then, you will never run out jobs. The demand for amateur porn is very high.

A survey by CNBC found out that employees in porn shoots earn the following per scene:

Scene Min. Pay per Scene $ Max. Pay per Scene $
Female Performer Hetero sexual 390 1950
Female Performer Lesbian 910 1570
Male Performer 650 1950
Director 1300 3900
Cameraman 650 910
Writers 330 520
Makeup Artist 650
Still Photographer 650
Sound Technician 390 520
Production Assistant 130 330

Job Vacancies in Porn >> Download the List Now