10 Types of Sexy Dresses for Prostitutes, Hookers, Partying and Clubbing

10 Types of Sexy Dresses for Prostitutes, Hookers, Party Goers and Clubbers

As much as some people would love to deny, prostitutes are fascinating women who are not only capable of grabbing the attention of ordinary men in the streets, but they have also been known to capture the attention of millionaire celebrities, politicians, business moguls, presidents, pastors and other men of status. So what makes hookers tick? You see, a prostitute has it all – friendly disposition, seductive pose, tolerance, enticing body, winning smile and the best attitude that you can ever find in a woman because she is only looking for one thing – cash. Maybe we could all be happy if we only looked for one thing in life. However, the one thing that makes a woman hot and desirable is her dressing.

Sex Scandal Slash-back Dress Black O/s

Price: $19.39

Aptly named Sex Scandal, a sexy strapless mini dress for those who want to be irresistible. You are on a mission to seduce the CEO of a wealthy firm. This outfit will make him feel like stripping you down, there and there in the office. Just don’t get caught.

If you are dressing to get attention, then you should make sure that your dressing turns heads or else you will lose out to that fashion savvy chick. Your dressing should strive to highlight your curves, cleavage and if possible show a bit of flesh as long as the situation is right. If your object of desire can get a lot of imaginations running inside his head within a few seconds, then you have achieved your goal. However, if it takes a lot of effort for your target to imagine you in a sizzling naked state or hot situation, then you have failed to do what a prostitute is supposed to do.

The following is a list of sexy dresses and outfits that will make you stand out from the rest. They will do their job with little or no effort at all. You won’t need to call out or gaze at your target; your body will do the calling. In the open streets or in a crowded place like a bar or club, you will attract men like a magnet:

Snow Leopard Dress & G-String Black White Small

Price: $31.99

A woman in a short dolly dress is always enticing and attractive. Your excuses for wearing something so small are many. Tell them that you are missing your school days, all your clothes were stolen this morning so you borrowed your daughter’s dress or your size can’t keep up with your aggressive growth hormones. The bigger your bottom, and the wider your thighs, the more sexy you will look as the dress struggles to cover your parts. Of course, as you try to pull the dress down, people will be wondering why you left home that way, but the reason is best known to yourself LOL. This snow leopard dress tugs at your body. It highlights your thighs, legs, bottom and cleavage.

Kitten Strappy Lace Wet Look Dress Black O/S

Price: $38.69

This stylish mini dress has a shiny look and feel of leather. It’s definitely a head turner that will attract glances from an observer.  The bare chest with thin strips barely covering the nipples gives you an opportunity to catch the attention of boob lovers. So if anybody dares ask you why you left home uncovered, just tell them that you were fighting with a cat and you managed to flee before it stripped you naked.

Pothole Tube Dress Purple O/S

Price: $24.89

This slutty micro dress is for the daring because it shows a lot skin, perfect for a night out at the club or beach party. The sexy tube dress has a potholed profile, which displays your flesh from the chest right up to your bottom, so you have to wear some bras and panties to deny that view and tease prying eyes. Your excuse to wear this ripped outfit: – it’s what the doctor ordered to give your body some natural air ventilation.

Pink Lipstick Fully Vented Seamless Dress Black O/S

Price: $16.59

This extremely short kinky dress will make you the centre of attention wherever you go out. The side vents traversing from top to the hem are strategically designed to give a breathtaking view of your curvaceous hips and boobs. The transparent sides work their magic and the front section in opaque fabric just does enough to decently cover your sensitive parts. Your excuse for wearing this tiny thing – Your hips need osmosis.

Tease To Please Seamless Dress White O/S

Price: $15.19

Just as the name says, this is a perfect tease to please skanky dress, very tight and short at the same time. You will need absolute confidence and bravery to wear this seductive outfit with a thin front part and transparent sides that give a full shape and view of your sexy hips and bottom. The white strip barely covers your crotch and boobs, but all eyes will be down there. Your excuse for wearing this sizzling dress – it’s hot and you need 100% body ventilation.

Mesh Stripped Dress Black/Midnight Purple O/S

Price: $35.99

This is a well designed tight stripper dress for those who love to show legs and thighs. The purple mesh strip ensures a half-transparent view and the black material is completely opaque. If you are looking for a short dress with a high neckline that shapes your curves and covers your chest, then this is a suitable dress. It’s a good teaser dress which doesn’t give away everything yet makes you so desirable. Your excuse for wearing this kinky dress – you have never been more decent than this.

Pink Lipstick Seamless Rouched Side Tube Dress White 1X/2X

Price: $24.89

This short and seductive tube dress is not transparent, but it gives you the sexiest appearance that will give a lot of imaginations to somebody who is planning to pick you up. It will not take long for the client to decide because you look like that hot movie star coming out of a hot bath with a short towel wrapped around her body. Your excuse for wearing this come-and-get-it dress is self evident – You are late and you just coming out of a bath, so please forgive me!!!

Halter Dress Mesh Lace Accents Black Pink Small

Price: $32.79

If you enter the bar wearing this halter-type mini skirt, all guys who are planning to take home some booty tonight will whistle as you pass by. It’s not just a seductive dress, but it’s an intimidating outfit too. In case you don’t know, guys like appearing macho, but they are also intimidated like some pussy. Anyone who pulls down a taxi will want to share a ride with you, next to you. Your next move as you sit down in the bar is obvious – you will cross your legs.

Pink Lipstick Slinky Seamless Mini Dress w/Super Sexy Back Slits Black M/L

Price: $20.79

This slinky micro mini dress is always threatening to run away from your body. It’s just what you need to maximize your shapely figure, and expose your cleavage. It makes you look desirable as you walk or sit down in a strategic spot, playing tug-of-war with your skirt and struggling to cover yourself.  Your excuse for wearing this seducing dress is apparent – you like keeping yourself busy.

Pink lipstick adrenaline seamless net dress black o/s

Price: $16.59

This stylish mini dress is daringly sexy and decent at the same time. It’s essentially a tight mini skirt attached to a bra with transparent mesh which exposes your mid-section and attractive belly button. If you have a flat belly and wide hips, you will look gorgeous in this outfit. Your excuse for wearing this hot dress – it’s summertime and you some fresh air to hit you.

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Do you want to watch exclusive porn that is not available on the internet? Are you looking for a Netflix of Porn, where you can only get the best porn DVDs? The best place to get x-rated sex DVDs is Adult Rental.  So how is DVD rental different from the mainstream porn that you find on the internet?

Exclusive Content

The kind of porn that you find on the internet is stale because it has been shared a thousand times by hundreds of porn sites and networks. Just like a gamer who has played all the free games that you can mention, lovers of free porn are familiar with porn clips. Clip porn is low quality and it usually lacks the excitement and depth of a storyline.

With DVD Rental, you will have access to thousands of exclusive porn DVDs that you have probably never seen before. When watching the DVDs, you will enjoy the picture quality as well as the seductive storyline and fantasy behind the movie.

Porn Movie Series

More than a decade ago, people were excited with new movie releases that would make their debut at cinemas and movie theatres across the country, and the world at large. Nowadays, only a few people still go to theatres. Many prefer to watch a movie series which is an extension of the old mini-series.

Modern film producers are moving with the trends. Instead of producing a single 1 or 2 hour movie that is expected to be a blockbuster or movie of the year, they have moved on to produce Series Movies with many episodes that can be watched over a long time. The advantage of series movies is that they are addictive. You always want to know what will happen in the next episode, and you can never have enough. Movie companies have produced all kinds of movie series from action to romance, thriller and horror.

Also available are adult series movies which include a lot of x-rated content like sex, fantasies and fetishes. You can watch these movies over a long period, enjoying each and every episode in the privacy of your home. They can be streamed over a service like Netflix, where you only need to pay a small monthly subscription fee to gain access to thousands of DVDs.

A porn movie series is not like an internet clip that you would download on BangBros or PornHub. High quality work has been invested in the movie and millions of dollars have been splashed to make it a premium movie with a captivating storyline.

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Sex Skills and Exercise DVDs

When you get access to a DVD Rental service that streams movies like Netflix, you will not only have access to adult movies, but you will also have access to premium sex training videos and movies that are not available on free sites. There is a variety of sex DVDs that you will find. Sex coaches skilled in the art and science of physical fitness will show you some sex exercise tricks and skills, from demonstrating endurance to performing optimum positions and other advanced techniques.

There are hundreds of unique DVDs themed around sex, and you will be glad you subscribed to such hard to find content.

To start gaining access to exclusive content, you have to sign up with your credit card. Your credit card will not be charged:

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Amateur Porn Actors and Actresses Wanted – Get Hired – List of Job Vacancies in Pornography

Porn Shoot in Studio

The porn industry is estimated to be at least $97 billion. Now that’s a huge amount of money for those who are employed in the industry as performers. The easy part about working as a porn actor or actress is that you don’t need much skills or training. Most of the times, you have to follow the non-verbal scripts set up by the directors. Most scripts don’t involve much talking unless you are employed in a high-end movie series, so you don’t have to worry about memorizing scripts or going off script. However, the most exciting thing about being a porn star is that you will earn a lot of money, more than what you would earn for a professional job. Whether it’s a one-time payment for a scene or monthly salary contract, the package is always attractive and irresistible.

While there are premium production studios that employ professional and seasoned performers, there are also many companies which are looking for amateur actors and actresses. Porn has thousands of niches and subcategories which range from soft porn to hardcore scenes. It has also been established that most people watch porn at night times, there are 68 million searches for porn in a day, 72 million people view porn sites in a month, companies have lost over 5 billion hours to porn surfing and over $4.9 billion a year is made by porn producers. The United States alone accounts for $2.84 billion in annual sales. Porn is a market with big numbers. So how much does a porn star earn?

How much a porn star makes depends on their location, experience, the scene they are willing to do and the company which they are shooting for. Performers are usually paid per scene, per hour or per project. There are stars that have been appearing in porn shoots for quite a long time, turning their first time appointment into a full-time career because it’s financially rewarding. The standard rate for female performers varies depending on the type of scene. A normal heterosexual scene will earn you at least $1000, a lesbian scene will earn you at least $700.

Extraordinary scenes pay more than normal sex scenes, for example gang bangs, anal intercourse and interracial scenes may pay up to 6 times the value of normal scenes. The female usually earns more than the male. If you are willing to do an extraordinary scene, you will earn at least $2000 and up to $6000 depending on your agent and other circumstances.

Generally hardcore scenes pay more than soft porn, group performances pay more than solo performances and nude acts pay more than fully clothed acts. Contact sex pays more than non-contact performances.

How To Find Porn Jobs

Getting a job as a sex performer is very difficult because agents don’t advertise in local newspapers and normal job sites. Adult material is not allowed on most mainstream publications, unless the publication is X-rated. For various reasons, you cannot just approach an adult company or send in an unsolicited application. The act of finding a potential candidate is very discreet and a company looking to hire has to keep a low profile. However, you don’t need to worry because I have compiled a list of companies which hire adult performers on a regular basis. These companies post job vacancies on a daily basis >> Download the List Now

If you do at least 2 scenes per month, you could earn at least $1800 per month and considering that production companies are looking for fresh scenes now and then, you will never run out jobs. The demand for amateur porn is very high.

A survey by CNBC found out that employees in porn shoots earn the following per scene:

Scene Min. Pay per Scene $ Max. Pay per Scene $
Female Performer Hetero sexual 390 1950
Female Performer Lesbian 910 1570
Male Performer 650 1950
Director 1300 3900
Cameraman 650 910
Writers 330 520
Makeup Artist 650
Still Photographer 650
Sound Technician 390 520
Production Assistant 130 330

Job Vacancies in Porn >> Download the List Now

Son Seduces Mom into Massage, then Fucks Her Until She Climaxes

Son Seduces Mom into Massage, then Fucks Her Until She Climaxes

It’s just another day in the life of this working mom. She arrives home late, tired and stressed out. Her son, a skilled massage therapist is at home. Seeing that her mom is in a somber mood, he convinces her to lie down on the bed for a massage. She complies and gets undressed. After a few minutes into the massage session, she is relaxed and horny….enjoying the finger fucking and eventually a dick that would excite her into screams and orgasm.

Women – Make Money Selling Your Adult Videos and Photos on ELM – Up to $200 Per Video – Extra Lunch Money!!! – Custom Porn Marketplace for Buyers

EML Model and Adult Performer

ExtraLunchMoney is a marketplace where buyers and sellers of adult content meet. This site was launched in 2011 and over the years it has grown into one of the most reliable, well managed and professional places where women earn money selling custom content requested by buyers. This is custom porn and performances in the form of videos, pictures, audio and mobile texting. A lot of porn sites are disappointing because it is hard to earn money as an adult performer unless you are hired by a porn agency that is looking to pay actresses on a contractual basis. Many women who cannot get the opportunity to work as a porn actress become self-employed as a Webcam Model. However, being a Webcam Model is not easy, there is a lot of competition on the internet, you have to be smart, attractive and you have to join a webcam site with a lot of male visitors.

ExtraLunchMoney also known as ELM is a unique and creative idea that sets itself apart from other competitors. Most adult cam sites allow performers to set their own prices, the customer is not able to negotiate a price, it’s a take it or leave it situation. As a result, customers will not stay long and they won’t come back for more purchases. Instead, they will start looking for another cam site where girls are more affordable.

ELM breaks this monopoly where a customer does not have a say in the price. The porn site allows buyers to post a request, setting their own fixed price. Performers will express an interest in the project by placing an “I Can Do It” submission. Most girls on this site are not looking to get rich, but they are just there to have fun while making money out of it. As a result, all types of projects from as low as $5 per project will get interest from multiple performers. A survey of requests posted on the site reveal project values as high as $200. Do you think this idea works? Yes, it does. The ELM concept has proven to be popular and attractive for adult performers. First, this idea attracts a lot of X-rated content buyers, which is important for any performer who is looking to make money.

To get an idea of the popularity of ELM and the amount of revenue that the site is generating, you have to check the number of requests that have been posted on the site so far. At this time of writing, there were 268 listing pages on the site. Each page has 30 projects. The number of adult projects that have been posted on ELM so far is (268 x 30) = 8040.The maximum total value of projects on each page is $1439, so that’s $1439 x 268 = $385,652. The average total value of projects on each page is $529, so that’s $529 x 268 = $141,772.


As you can see, over 8,000 adult projects have been posted by buyers on the site. This presents a new market and opportunity for an adult performer who is looking to expand her horizons. The entry barrier is low, anybody can join the site. When signing up as a Model or Performer, you will be required to submit a scanned ID for verification so there are no fake profiles on the site. Everybody is genuine.

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Why Working on ELM is Better than Working on Traditional Porn Sites

Good Rates for Videos

There are many advantages for working on ELM as a female porn seller. The pay per video rates are attractive. A majority of porn sites pay for views and it will be impossible for you to make enough money to withdraw to your bank account, unless your videos have thousands or millions of views as in YouTube. Even if you happen to meet the threshold, it will take you a long time (months and years) and the payment is usually peanuts compared to the effort you provided in the content. This method of making money online is becoming obsolete. Unlike traditional porn websites, ELM pays a fixed price for each video or adult project.

On ELM, you get paid a good price for each video as long as the buyer hires you for a project or downloads your uploaded content. Rates range from $5 to $200 per video.

Good Rates for Pictures

Besides selling videos, ELM models can upload their adult pictures for download. Once again, unlike traditional porn sites where you are paid a few cents for a thousand views or downloads, ELM allows you to set a fixed price for each picture. You can sell a download for $1.00 or more, allowing you to make at least $1,000 for a thousand downloads.

Earn Money Sexting with Guys

The good thing about ELM is that there are several ways to make money. Texting is a feature that allows a female ELM adult entertainer to have phone sex with a customer. When you activate this feature, a customer who is interested in sexting will pick a woman to chat with via SMS. The customer pays for sent messages, and the rates start from 0.10 USD per text. The most popular models are those with the lowest rates.

Your mobile number is not revealed to the customer. The ELM server acts as a connection between the model and the customer. When you activate texting, the server will generate a new phone number that you will use to communicate with the customer. Texting only works with US and Canadian numbers. The participants can also MMS pictures through this feature.

Earn Money Through Crowd Funding Videos

ELM models can also earn money through “Goal Videos”. This is a crowd funding feature that allows models to meet their goals. To use this feature, sellers have to upload a proposal video that explains their cause, missions or goals. Donors will donate money to their preferred model or goal.

Live Cam Shows

Cam shows are another option for performers to earn money on ELM. There are two types of cam shows that a customer can choose. The customer can post a job requesting a custom cam show at a fixed price or he can go straight to the model’s chatroom where rates are fixed by the model.

The best thing about ELM is that the smartest and hardworking models make the most money. Sellers who generate a lot of sales are given premium status, which allows them to be on top.


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Porn Buyers:

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How To Sell Yourself Online for Money – For Women and Girls Over 18 Years


It can be tough finding a job or for that matter, a job that pays well especially if you didn’t go further with your education. Minimum wage jobs where you work 9 to 5 and overtime with little incentive and no benefits can be so taxing and depressing. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond their control, women have to do the so-called “dirty jobs” to supplement their income or make a full time living. If you are selling yourself every night in that dark corner near Joes Bar or Hilton Hotel, you probably know the risk you are facing on a daily basis. You might be charged for loitering and soliciting in a public area. On a rainy or bad weather day, you might be forced to stay indoors, missing out on potential income. It’s also dangerous for a lady to loiter in the streets at night, because that’s the time when criminals are active.

The disadvantages of selling yourself in the streets are far more than selling yourself online for money. In this regard, you have to quit the old-fashioned way of soliciting clients because we are living in a modern age where there are better channels for meeting people. The internet or rather online platform is the best way to meet clients if you are an escort or prostitute. Not only is it efficient and convenient, but it has the potential to increase your income and release more time for your social life and other important things. If you are just starting out, there are many ways to sell yourself online, you just need to be internet savvy.

4 Ways To Sell Yourself Online

Be a Webcam Model

A webcam model is the equivalent of a club stripper or pole dancer, the only difference is that a club stripper performs in front of a packed audience inside an entertainment venue. Strippers are usually employed by clubs, casino hotels and entertainment companies. They can also be independent and will offer their services for hire for occasions such as birthdays, celebrations and private parties.

A webcam model does not go out performing for people, but she performs in the privacy of her home. All she needs is a computer, webcam, microphone and internet connection. To get started as a webcam model, you have to join a webcam site where visitors can see your profile and interact with you live via the webcam. Clients will visit your chatroom asking to be entertained. Most of these clients will pay you for stripping and performing their requests. Cam sites allow models to charge per minute. The minimum rate is 0.80 USD per minute, which translates to 48 USD per hour, so if you work in front of the camera 5 hours a day, that’s 240 USD a day, which will make you 1200 USD a week, and 4800 USD a month.

The requirements to be a webcam model are pretty simple. You have to be an attractive female, seductive and sexy. Cam agencies recruit women above 18 years of age. As long as you are over 18 years, you will be hired. Being attractive is an advantage because you will be able to attract a lot of clients.

One of the best agencies which recruits Webcam Models from any part of the world is ClickCash >> Click Here To Join


Be an Escort

If you are a curious and regular internet user, you should have discovered by now what is known as an escort website. An escort website allows clients to book women in a specific city or country. If you are a prostitute working the streets or bars, you have to join an escort site to get targeted clients. Men who visit escort sites have cash, ready to spend money on a one-night stand, fetish or sex fantasy offered by an escort. Escorts do all sorts of services such as strip tease, orgies, threesomes, erotic massage, lap dances, blow jobs and all types of sexual fantasies that only a side chick would give.

There are thousands of men who need to fulfil a sexual desire or fantasy with a particular type of woman. For example, many people think Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are sexy. Given a chance, many guys would accept an offer to have a sexual tryst with a woman like Beyonce. An escort service is the only way to find this opportunity. As long as the client has money, he can book any woman he wants.

After joining an escort site, you will be required to display your pictures, contact number and hourly rate. You can set any price from 40 USD to 150 USD per hour. Depending on the number of clients you are able to meet in a day, you can earn between 1200 USD to 6000 USD per month.

Be a Porn Seller

Porn dominates the internet. This is the biggest market where men are the top consumers and naked women are the main content. As an adult female, you have to take advantage of this opportunity to make money. If working as an escort or webcam model is not your thing, you can join the industry as a porn seller. A porn seller makes content in the form of nude pictures and videos which may include a sex act. For example, you may take pictures in lewd and suggestive poses, record a video of yourself masturbating with a sex toy or having sex with your boyfriend.

You will then upload your content on sex sites such as Customs4U, ExtraLunchMoney, XTube, PornHub and YoungPornVideos. There are many porn sites specializing in different niches, for example Big Boobs, Blowjob, Blonde, Ebony, MILF, BBW, Teen, Handjob, Ass and Amateur.

Due to the fact that there is a lot of competition in the porn industry, most porn sites will pay you based on the number of views that your content has generated (Pay per View or PPV). Your earnings are measured in Dollars per 1000 views. For example, if the PPV rate is 0.5 USD per 1000 views, you will earn $25 for 50,000 views. The best way to make money is selling your content (video clips and pictures) on a porn marketplace like ExtraLunchMoney. Here, you will find customers looking for custom videos and pics. Customers are requesting X-rated content and ready to pay from $5 to $40 per video. A typical request will read like this:

“Looking for a blonde to make a video of herself cycling naked” – Payment $20

Join ExtraLunchMoney >> Click Here


Be a Sugar Babe

A sugar babe is a young woman who enters into a relationship with a rich man (who is usually older) for financial benefits. Many sugar babes are college students and young women who are looking for a supportive man to pay their college tuition, monthly bills and other expenses. Sugar babes are also looking for an adventure partner to take them for holidaying, dining and entertainment. In order to sell yourself as a babe, you have to join a sugar-daddy dating site such as HePays, WhatsYourPrice and SeekingArrangement. To get financial benefits, you must be willing to satisfy your man’s fantasies. It’s a 50/50 arrangement.

Zodwa Wabantu Poses Naked on Instagram – Walks Half Dressed in Public Again


Zodwa Wabantu Lies Naked on Bed

Just a week after setting the internet ablaze with her skimpy thigh-and-butt revealing slit dress, Zodwa Wabantu was at it again, this time she was wearing a red maxi dress with thigh-revealing slits on both sides. Her Vodacom July outfit was a black one-sided slit maxi dress which revealed her shapely thigh. There is no going back for this controversial sexy South African queen, but she is gaining confidence and satisfaction with each outing in social venues.

Zodwa Wabantu in Red Slit Dress

There are two crowds – those who support and encourage her freedom of expression and dressing and those who disapprove of her choice of clothing. She is an inspiration to others, both men and women like this girl who wrote:

On Instagram Zodwa is no stranger to posing nude. She posted a picture of herself completely undressed with nothing on, displaying her naked butt while lying face-down on the bed.

It seems Zodwa’s daring displays are paying off, as clubs and clients are booking her for shows which are handled by her Manager at Afrotainment. The Afrotainment owner TJ Tira was quoted by the media saying clients are booking Zodwa for no less than R25,000 per appearance.

As for Zodwa, she doesn’t seem to be perturbed by criticism coming from her haters and those who dislike her raunchy dressing style. On her Facebook Page, she gave an epic answer to one fan who wrote:

Zodwa Wabantu in Short Transparent Dress and No Underwear

Top African Countries with Curvaceous Women and Escorts


African Escort from Ivory Coast, Abidjan

One of the benefits of travelling is that you can check out women at your destination with the intention of making new friends, dating or having a one-night stand. A one-night stand with a busty escort or hookup with a local woman is what some sex tourists are looking forward to. Let’s be honest, drunkards like getting intoxicated with alcohol, drug addicts love to sniff cocaine and sex tourists love pussy, booty and boobs. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling on business, adventure or holiday, seeing beautiful women from other countries and cultures is something that is exciting. It gives you the urge to explore. Just like Europe, North America and Asia, there are a number of African countries where you will find the best escorts and attractive women. In Africa, highly populated countries are the best places to find attractive women and prostitutes. If you are looking for escorts to have fun with, African countries with a secular or Christian population are more tolerant towards adult entertainment such as escort services, strip clubs, brothels and massage parlours.

Why African Women Are So Attractive Compared to American Women

Just like everything that is good about Africa, no major magazines will mention the good about Africa, only a few will do that. They won’t tell you but most westerners are obsessed with African women because they have realized that African girls are more shapely, fit and bootylicious than American women who have become obese, thanks to a sedentary American lifestyle where people consume junk food. In Africa, people live an economic lifestyle. A healthy traditional diet composed of cheap vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains and meat is still part of the daily menu. As a result, women have maintained a good body shape.

So What Type of Countries Have Curvaceous Women?

If you are planning to have an encounter with a wide choice of juicy, shapely and sexy African women, there are things that you have to take a look at. First of all, you have to consider the size of the country. Experience will tell you that African countries with a small population (e.g. Less than 5 million) are the worst places to find a selection of shapely and good-looking women. In small countries, there are few good-looking women and do not be surprised when you keep bumping into the same washed-out hookers at clubs and the same escorts on local websites. To sum it up, small countries SUCK, most of the escorts are plain, not worth paying for, and not so attractive. You will be better off saving your money for a trip to a much bigger country where all types of sexy women are found. A close survey of African countries shows that the most popular sex destinations are countries with a large population, at least 25 million people. In highly populated countries, it’s difficult to bump into the same escorts all over the place. You have the pleasure of cherry-picking between Beyonce, Kim Khardashian, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna body types. It’s like a BangBros.com porn gallery where women of all shapes and sizes are found. If you are looking for big boobs – mangoes, cups, pointers, melons, you will find them. If you are looking for big booty, coca cola bottle shapes and pear bodies, they are in plenty supply.

If you are still recycling the same plain-looking whores in a small country, it’s time for you to pack your bags and head to a populous country with a variety of eye candies to fulfil your fantasies and desires. The following are the top African countries to find a bevy of African queens and beauties with seducing bodies. You will never struggle to find a Beyonce or Nicki Minaj type in these countries because they are many, the competition between prostitutes is high, economic conditions are favourable and the price is affordable if not lower. That’s the beauty of staying in a big country, you will never run out of curvaceous women with tempting bodies LOL.

Top African Countries to Find Juicy and Curvaceous Women:

  1. Ghana
Ghanaian Escort

Ghana is a perfect sex destination. With a population of 27 million people, you will find escorts and women of all colours, backgrounds, shapes and sizes. The official language is English. Local tribes include the Akans, Dagbani, Ewe including people of mixed heritage. Women in Ghana range from dark-skinned chocolates to light-skinned mixed women. There is no shortage of curvaceous women in the 10 regions of Ghana. Most escorts and prostitutes are concentrated in Accra the capital city. The only headache you will have is choosing an escort to spend a night with, because they are all beautiful. You may as well close your eyes and pick a random escort from a pool of over 300 women listed on Accra escort sites, the chances are you will be satisfied with what you see.

  1. Nigeria
Nigerian Escort

With a population of over 180 million people, the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the best sex destination you can find in Africa. The country is divided between religious lines, the Muslim North and the Christian South. All the fun and pleasure is in the Christian states where escorts, massage parlours and strip clubs operate without censure. Lagos and Abuja are the biggest metropolitan cities in non-Muslim territory. Other cities to find escorts include Port Harcourt, Benin City and Calabar. In Lagos, you will be overwhelmed with over 350 attractive escorts to choose from. In Abuja, over 150 escorts with voluptuous bodies will be fighting for your attention.

The choice of women you can pick in Nigeria is infinite, as there are more than 500 tribes including the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo which are the major tribes.

  1. Kenya
Kenyan Escort

Besides producing the first black US president, Kenya is well known for its booming sex tourism industry. It is a popular international destination for hook-ups and those seeking a new love life. With a population of more than 46 million people, you will find Kenyan women from all backgrounds and cultures. Kenyan women are among the most seductive in the world. Bloggers have written tales of the skilled Kenyan woman who knows how to please a man in bed, the traditional sensual Baikoko dance and how hard it is to stay in a hotel or club without being accosted by a sexy chick who will touch you down there to provoke your anaconda.

Women with sex drive are a turn on, and Kenya is the place to find them. There are more than 40 tribes in Kenya, the country is a melting pot of cultures. Although people of Bantu origin are the majority, you will also find women of Ethiopian, Somalian, Indian and Sudanese descent. Major tribes include the Kikuyu, Luhya, Kalenjin, Luo, Kamba, Mijikenda, Meru, Turkana, Maasai, Kisii and Taita.

So which are the best places to find escorts in Kenya? Escorts with seductive bodies are found in major cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa. They are also found in cities such as Nakuru and Kisimu. The supply is unlimited, the choice is wide, escort sites are many and the price is right. For as low as 1000 KSH a night, you can bag a Beyonce-type escort with all the right features. Big boobs, pointy tits, big ass, wide hips it’s all up to you to choose as long as you have cash.

  1. South Africa
South African Escort

South Africa is the most liberal country in Africa. With a population of over 54 million people, almost everything that is censured in other African countries is not censured in South Africa. We all know that SA has diverse industries that attract immigrants from other countries. One industry that is not censured in SA is porn. As a result, adult entertainment such as escorts, strip clubs, porn film making and massage parlours has been around for a long time.

South African prostitutes come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Although most South African escort agencies used to be dominated by white women, black women are also joining these sites to make a quick buck from selling their bodies. White women and coloureds charge an exorbitant price, which is quite unreasonable when compared to other countries listed on this post. Also, since there is a racial divide in SA, you cannot just go about booking a white escort for your pleasure. You might be rejected based on racial background alone and some escorts will overtly write something like “White Men Only”.

However, if flat-ass white hookers are not your cup of tea, there is plenty of black beauties with big booty to choose from. Major ethnic tribes include the Xhosa, Tswana and Zulu. A lot of black escorts have reasonable rates. You will come across types who are looking for fun and those who are in need of financial help.

  1. Tanzania
Tanzanian Escort

Tanzania shares a border with Kenya and it has almost the same population as South Africa. This country has more than 53 million people. The official languages are Swahili and English. There are at least 120 tribes which are evenly distributed, so there is no major tribe. Tanzanian women like their Kenyan counterparts are known to be sexy and seductive, extremely skilled in the art of pleasing a man in bed.

If you have never met a woman who knows how to make mind-blowing sensual body movements while making sex, then you should try a Tanzanian woman. Escorts with voluptuous bodies are found in major cities such as Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, Zanzibar and Mbeya. However, the problem with Tanzania is that most women do not have an online presence. Most Tanzanian prostitutes will register on Kenyan escort sites, and they love to operate in Kenya.

  1. Uganda
Ugandan Escort

Uganda has an approximate population of 39 million people. The country shares a border with Kenya and Tanzania. The official languages are Swahili and English. Ugandan women come from at least 14 ethnic tribes which include dominant Bantu tribes like the Baganda, Banyankore, Basoga, Bakiga and others. Uganda is becoming a top sex destination for most tourists who are either looking for fun or a serious relationship.

The capital city of Uganda, Kampala is a thriving spot for escorts and prostitutes from all backgrounds, cultures and colour. Busty prostitutes with hot bodies are taking their business online where clients make a booking.

How Much Do Prostitutes Make a Night?

6 Factors Affecting the Price of Sex

An Escort

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. A prostitute can make anywhere from $20 to $150 USD per hour. The imperfect world we live in, and the failure of our economic systems to deliver better living conditions for everyone means that our society will always be divided into classes based on income. The poor class is the worst affected by social ills such as unemployment, which in turn leads to poverty. Poverty drives many people, especially women into prostitution. So if you can’t put food on the table, would you rather steal than give sexual rights to a stranger who can give you financial relief? The later looks like a better option.

Prostitutes are in the business of making money. These women have realized that relationships plagued with financial issues do suck in the long-run. Some have kids to take care of, bills to pay and in the case of college students from poor families, they will make night trips to find clients who can pay their college expenses.

How much you make as a prostitute depends on several factors such as your location, the types of clients you meet and how you run your business. Days are not the same, some days are good, some are bad. A look at prostitutes around the world shows that rates and income levels vary across countries. Also, within a particular country, rates will vary across cities and towns. The same is expected for suburbs within a city or town.

Call Girls


Prostitutes in high class suburbs charge more than those in low class areas and ghettoes. Meeting places that are situated in low class areas (bars, clubs and hotels etc) are frequented by men who are not willing to part with a large sum of money. Therefore, if you think that you will land a US$100 client in these areas, you are just wasting your time. Guys in these areas are prepared to part with anything lower than US$30.

If you need generous clients, you have to ply your trade at an upmarket place. Expensive hotels, clubs, bars and restaurants are the places to find high-end clients, but you have to be careful because these areas are strict and orderly. Loitering and soliciting for clients in the vicinity is not allowed. You have to behave like a normal patron who just came to drink and relax.

Skill and Attractiveness

How attractive you are will determine the amount of money that a client is willing to pay you. As a result, prostitutes can be graded into categories. If a client perceives you as very seductive and sexy, if you can turn him on, then he is more likely to be generous towards you. If you have ever come across prostitutes fighting in the streets it’s because they feel threatened by competition. A guy will come and park his car alongside a parade of hookers on the sidewalk. There is one or two particular hookers he is interested in, so if the same hooker is always getting preference, this does not go down well with other hookers who feel left out.

Attractiveness is a quality that most men want, but there are guys who prefer skill and in some cases companionship.

State of the Economy

Deteriorating economic conditions will force many women into prostitution, increasing competition and causing the price to go down. In countries with severe economic conditions, hookers will accept any price, as low as $10 just to get by. Prostitution is found everywhere, in both poor and rich countries. Take for example developed countries such as the USA and European countries such as the UK and Netherlands. Although the standard of living is much better than most African and Asian countries, you will find hookers in specific locations. There is a demand for casual sex in every level of society. Both the poor and the rich, including men of status will discreetly engage prostitutes as a way of satisfying their sexual desires and fantasies. Now and again, there are media reports of prominent people (celebrities, politicians, businessmen etc) who have hired prostitutes. In such cases, rates as high as $400 per hour are negotiated.

Country Population

You are more likely to find a big pool of prostitutes of different shapes and sizes in highly populated countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. The price is also fairly lower because of competition and availability. In small countries, the prostitution business is low scale, demand may be high but supply will be low. The lack of variety in a small pool of prostitutes means that clients will find it hard to get what they want. Only the few hottest ladies will be getting clients, which gives them the advantage of setting the price high.

Type of Contract

Prostitutes that are employed by brothel owners and escort agencies have a contract that requires them to pay a service fee. Independent escorts keep all the money to themselves. The advantage of using an escort agency is that clients are sourced for you, so you don’t need to hustle.

Platform of Operation

In highly populated and advanced African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and of course Western and Asian countries, prostitutes have taken their business to the internet and mobile apps such as Whatsapp. A simple search on Google will reveal dozens of escort sites where sexy women display enticing photos for clients to check. Escort sites have a wide selection of women and most of these women will pay to boost their profiles. An escort profile displays contact details, pictures as well as the rates charged by the prostitute. If you wanna know how much a prostitute charges, then you should take a look at escort sites in your area. Rates will vary depending on what a prostitute thinks is the right price. A high price will scare away clients, and a lower price will attract many clients. So don’t be greedy, be reasonable because you may find it hard to land a client.

How To Be a Modern Prostitute – For Women & Old Fashioned Hookers

Old Fashioned Prostitutes Taking a Risk in Dangerous Streets and Dark Hours

Being a modern prostitute has nothing to do with how you dress, but it’s about how you operate your business. You can put on the most seductive attire that will give any man a hard-on in the streets but if you don’t know how to use modern communication tools to meet clients, then you will lose out on potential income or worse, put yourself in danger.

The old-fashioned prostitute goes out to the streets at night to solicit clients. She and another group of hookers will stand at strategic positions near hotels, bars, clubs and other places frequented by late night revellers. In order to get enough money to meet their needs, they will go out every night to catch night owls who are drunk and looking to spend some cash on booty.

Late night hookers know the risk they are getting into but because of their desperation for easy money, they will ignore the risks. There are many stories told of how some prostitutes end up being mistreated by their clients, including being assaulted, robbed and raped by night-time criminals and drunk patrons. They face the risk of being kidnapped by their clients and taxi drivers who will change route, force sexual intercourse without paying, and then dump them by the roadside.

Besides the night-time risks encountered in the streets, old-fashioned prostitutes have commuter expenses to take care of if the night spots are far from their homes. She has to take a taxi to and from a popular red zone in town or outskirts.

The troubles of an old-fashioned hooker are just too much. It never rains but it pours. One of the worst experiences of plying the world’s oldest profession is being arrested by the police where prostitution is not allowed. Newspaper headlines of prostitutes being rounded up and brothels being busted by the police are common. Some of these women are unknowingly sucked into sex trafficking syndicates.

How to Be a Modern Prostitute

Modern Prostitutes Operate Online at their Homes in a Safe Environment – Clients Simply Make a Booking Online.

To avoid the dangerous risks and stresses of being a prostitute, you have to operate in a smart way. People, this is 2017, we are living in the digital age of smartphones, social media and chat apps such as Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook Messenger. We also have escort sites, classified ads and email. The modern prostitute is internet savvy, she knows how to solicit clients via these platforms. There is a reason why observers are always complaining about a generation that spends too much time on the mobile phone. The mobile phone has become a basic necessity rather than a luxury. A lot of people’s lives now revolves around the mobile phone. They are probably checking a status update on Facebook or tweeting something on Twitter. People in this era are spending most of their time on social networks and chat apps. If you are a prostitute, you have to take advantage of this opportunity. What does this mean?

You have to take advantage of new communication channels that are being used by the majority of people. These communication channels allow you to operate your prostitution business from home. You don’t need to go out to the streets anymore. The next question is how do you use these channels to solicit clients? It’s simple, all you need to do is create an online account on the following platforms and post your contact details (mobile number, Whatsapp number, email or Skype):

Set Up a Social Media Account

Set up a Facebook and Twitter account that allows you to connect with potential clients who are on social media. The people that you intend to reach are already on social media anyway. These are people with high and middle income jobs. Creative prostitutes have active Twitter accounts where they post seductive photos on a regular basis. Here, they also indicate contact details such as mobile number, whatsapp number and email.

Join an Escort Site

Unless you are living under the rock, you should know what an escort agency is all about. Modern escort agencies don’t advertise in offline magazines and newspapers, but they have a local website for hosting escort profiles.  Clients can visit the site and choose a woman that they are interested in. They will either choose an independent escort whose contact details are displayed or a private escort who can be contacted by making an arrangement with the agency. Some of the major escort sites have listings in all countries. These include CityofLove, Eros and EuroGirlsEscort. There are sites which are restricted to a single country, for example HotLocalEscorts features escorts in the United States only. You have to enter a US Zip Code to find an escort. Other sites specialize in a demographic niche, for example if you are looking for a black woman to spend a night with, a site like BlackEscortsDirectory is the place to go.

Post on Classified Ad Sites

A lot of online classified Ad sites have sections for dating and personals. Find a local classified Ad site and sign up to post adverts in your area. As an example, if you live in San Francisco, find a San Francisco classified Ad site. However, there are many international classifieds sites such as BackPage and Gumtree which feature escorts all regions. Otherwise, you can join local sites like NairobiRaha, NairobiSweet, NairobiHot, Naughty Reviews, Metro, Harvard Magazine, MyAdultClassifieds, The SexyList and NowToronto.

Install a Chat app like Whatsapp on your Mobile Phone

Chat messaging apps are popular in Africa, Asia and South America. The reason why Whatsapp became so popular is due to the fact that it allowed people to send messages at no cost. Whatsapp texts are more affordable than SMS or MMS. Modern prostitutes are using Whatsapp to connect with clients all over the world. You can connect with a client in Dubai or USA if you are in Nigeria, South Africa or Kenya.

Set up a Tumblr Blog

Tumblr allows you to create a personal blog that you can update on a regular basis. Blogs are available in many categories including adult content. Sign up for an account and set up a sexy blog that promotes your services.