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5 Sexy Pictures of Amber Lulu – The Tanzanian Socialite with Amber Hair

5 Sexy Pictures of Amber Lulu – The Tanzanian Socialite – PHOTOS

Amber Lulu is a Tanzanian socialite and artist, most famous for appearing in music videos as a vixen. She is easily recognized by her short and golden-dyed Amber Rose hairstyle. Her Instagram profile has a whopping 758,000 followers. Lulu’s posts can amass between 8,000 and 25,000 likes at a time. She is quite attractive and sexy, with a shapely booty and there is none who can match her when it comes to being a fashionista.

Each and every one of her posts showcases something new, vibrant and eye-catching. You will never get bored with her style.

On her Instagram page, fans have left comments like super sexy, excellent picture, wow nice booty, you looking so hot, perfect, so beautiful, perfect ass, ur cute, damn and good looking!!!

One of Amber Lulu’s videos on YouTube are Only You and Kumoyo featuring Ice Boy.

The yellow-bone socialite has been rumored to be dating Prezzo, the Kenyan rapper. Initially, Lulu denied dating the star, saying they are just friends but after months of speculation, she revealed that she was indeed in love with the Kenyan star. The affair which started in September 2017, has blossomed to new heights, with Lulu now calling herself Mrs. Prezzo after being charmed by the star.

In Swahili language, she posted on social media about how Prezzo is how much she loves Prezzo and how he is “giving her peace and happiness”. This was all conveyed in birthday wishes sent to Prezzo. She even went further, putting all rumors to bed by saying Prezzo is her husband:

“Happy birthday my lov baba yangu kipenzi change nakupenda sana mume wangu @prezzo254 Asante kwa kunifanya niwe Na amani Na furaha ambayo sijwah pata kokote cjutii kukutAna na happy birthday lov”

In Swahili, Nakupenda means I Love You.

However, if you think you will see more Instagram nudes from Lulu this year, be advised that this is the last time because Lulu is among Tanzanian socialites that have been summoned by the Ministry of Culture And Arts, after banning nudes and semi-nudes on social media. Others include Sanchi Rimoy and Agnes Masogange.

Feb 07

5 Sexy Pictures of Agnes Masogange – The Bootylicious Tanzanian Woman Keeps a Low Profile After Drug Scandal

Agnes Masogange, The Bootylicious Tanzanian Woman Keeps a Low Profile After Drug Scandal – PHOTOS

Agnes Masogange is a Tanzanian model and socialite who gained fame on the internet by posting videos of her booty on Twitter and Instagram. She has been posting on Twitter since 2013   , and if you have never seen her before, you will agree that she is hot. The Tanzanian Instagram celebrity is blessed with everything – a beautiful face, sexy pear body shape and big flexible booty that shifts easily from side to side when she is walking. Apparently, she is aware of her assets, that’s one of the reasons why she likes taking snapshots and uploading them on Twitter. I am sure you have seen one of those Top 10 African Socialites with Big Booties where Agnes is featured, but she is easily the Nicki Minaj of Africa. Actually, she is far much sexier than Nicki Minaj because she possesses some natural ass.

A few years back, Agnes Masogange is rumored to have attracted the attention of Nigerian musician Davido. She has denied rumors of being involved with Davido, and being pregnant with his baby.

What we are certain about is that Agnes has been involved in a lot of trouble with the law and authorities for her drug-use habits. In 2014, she was arrested in South Africa, at Oliver Tambo airport for carrying methamphetamine, a substance used in the making of drugs. The Kempton Park court gave her a 2 months jail term plus a fine of 1.2 million Kenyan Shillings (approx 100,000 Rands). The timing of her offence was doomed because in the previous year, the United Nations had named Tanzania as a route for drugs trafficked via Africa to Brazil, India and China. Along with Kenyans, Tanzanians were reported to be consumers of drugs which pass through the region.

After Tanzania was implicated in the UN report, the Tanzanian President started cracking down on drug use in the country, targeting government officials and several celebrities such as Tunda. In 2017, Agnes was one of the celebrities arraigned before the courts in Dar es Salaam for possession of drugs such as cocaine. The initial crackdown on drug use saw 349 suspects being arrested, including artists and TV stars.

The cases against Agnes and others are still pending in the courts. The bootylicious Instagram celebrity who has more than 700,000 fans on the social network, has kept a low profile since the drug bust, changing her account status to private. She is no longer active on Twitter. Her last tweet was on 17 May 2017. The large bulk of her tweets are wisdom and inspirational quotes, interrupted by a few daring and sometimes naughty statements. But what most fans appreciate are her pictures.

Feb 07

Faith Nketsi Flaunts Her Curvaceous Body After 3 Weeks of Dieting

Faith Nketsi Flaunts Her Curvaceous Body After 3 Weeks of Dieting – PHOTOS

Faith Nketsi is an Instagram celebrity who is famous for her curves. The South African socialite used to be a member of the Pro-Twerkers dancing group, along with her best friend Kim Kholiwe. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between the two of them because they look alike – oval shaped faces, light in complexion, blessed with a pear-shaped body and medium-sized bust. They also have tattoos closer to the navel. To make it worse, they like hanging out together. Faith and Kim are like twins.

On January 25, 2018, Faith Nketsi posted a picture of herself in Nike body workout suit, while holding a bowl of cereal. She claimed to have lost 4.1kg of weight in 3 weeks. Apparently, the gym convert was weighing 77.6kg before the start of her weight-loss program, and by the 25th of January, she was down to 73.5kg.

But seriously, Faith is not in need of slimming. Her body is just perfect. Maybe she is just doing it for commercial purposes, like most Instagram celebrities.

On Instagram, she urged her fans to try the slimming challenge by inviting 5 women to participate in the program. The participants will have their progress published on a weekly basis, to serve as testimonials for the slimming diet. The post got more than 26,000 likes, with hundreds of people commenting.

Faith has more than 676,000 followers on her Instagram profile. She presents herself as a model, event host and entrepreneur. Apparently, she is also the owner of Feline Beauty Bar, a beauty parlor specializing in nail care, wedding dresses and hair care.


Feb 05

Kim Kholiwe Exposes Summer Bikini Body at Beach Resort

Kim Kholiwe Exposes Summer Bikini Body at Beach Resort – PHOTOS

Kim Kholiwe in brown-coloured bikini poses for the camera under the sunset sky at beach.

Kim Kholiwe is a South African socialite, best known for her curvaceous body and being a member of the Pro-twerkers, a group of dancers and show performers who were known for twerking at concerts and club scenes around South Africa. The Protwerkers team consisted of 5 female dancers, including Faith Nketsi, a best friend of Kim’s who is also making waves as a seductive socialite.

A Xhosa beauty from the Western Cape in South Africa, Kim Kholiwe and her team of twerkers had the opportunity of a lifetime back in 2013 where they were one of the opening acts for Kanye West at the Johannesburg’s  Castle Lite concert.

Five years later, Kim’s career includes roles as a model and event host. She has more than 220,000 followers on Instagram, and a personal website on Wix.

On 5 February 2018, Kim posted pictures of herself in bikini at an unknown beach resort. She took the snapshots at sunset, under a cool picturesque sky. As usual her fans were in awe of her shapely figure with comments like:



Amazing view

Sexy fresh thighs

I luv you baby


And of course, there will always be somebody who will say their piece of mind:

“I love your beauty but I do not know your loyalty to a man if it can last a thousand years”.

As for the last comment, an observer will tell you that commitment with a socialite will not last a few days if you can’t afford her lifestyle. That’s what socialites are well known for, from Paris Hilton, the founding mother of the world’s socialites to Mzansi’s own Buhle Mkhize and many others.

Feb 04

7 Types of Sex Machines for Women – Which is the Best Masturbation Machine?

7 Types of Sex Machines for Women – Which is the Best Masturbation Machine?

Blonde woman masturbating with cucumber

Sex toys have evolved over the last 30 years as people get to embrace them, instead of shunning them due to previously-held taboos by society. Expressing interesting in porn used to be something that is frowned upon because it was considered to be weird, but nowadays people openly admit to watching porn, since it’s something that is considered healthy. It’s a sign that you are not suppressing your feelings, which is an unhealthy coping habit. Porn has proliferated in almost all facets of our lives, not just on the internet, but it’s also found on social networks such as Facebook, a perfect place for exhibitionism. After watching a porn scene, you may be seriously turned on, but what if you can’t get sex when you want it? Sex machines also known as masturbation machines provide an outlet when you need it.

Sex toys like vibrating dildos have been on the market for a long time. Actually, when it comes to adult erotic products, the industry has been favoring the female customer with lots of options. Other than the female torso sex doll with silicone breasts and vagina, the male customer didn’t have a lot of choice until recently, when some innovative sex shops decided to create a full-size human-like sex doll with normal body weight and properties resembling the touch and feel of real flesh. Japan is probably the origin of these full-size sex robots.

So if a woman is looking for the best sex machine, what should she look for? The full-size sex doll is a perfect solution for guys, but what about women? There are several fucking machines for women on the market. Are you interested in an automated or manually powered machine that can thrust and pound hard in different positions or you need a dominant role where you can rough-ride the male object?

Male Torso Penis Rider Sex Toy for Women

This is a real-size sex toy for women who like riding the cock in cowboy style. Just as in real love-making with your boyfriend, you have full control over your stud, changing gears from slow to vigorous riding. The female over male sex position is of the most satisfying, especially if the couples are playing the dominant /submissive roles.

However, if you need to be banged hard, this toy is not going to give you a thrusting or bang.

There are several variations of the penis rider sex toy, and they come in Black or Caucasian skin color. The penis is soft and stiff to the touch. The size and shape is realistic, complete with veins and testicles. It can be bent to suit your position.

Handheld Glass Dildo

Glass dildo by WowLife

This is a basic novel toy operated by hand as in masturbating with a cucumber, nothing fancy, no automation or electronic system. One of the most common masturbating tools for women, it can be used for self pleasuring in solitary situation or in assisted masturbation with your partner. There are various types of materials used, ranging from plastic to glass, and rubber to silicone.

Dark haired woman masturbating with cucumber


Double ended silicone dildo

Vibrating Dildo

Vibrating dildo

This is one of the most common automatic sex toys for women. Unlike a penis rider, it incorporates interesting technology and sophistication. A dildo is made in the form of a realistic-looking penis. The base of the toy has a suction cup which is capable of sticking on a flat hard surface like a wall or tiled floor. It comes with an electronic controller that allows you to increase or decrease the vibration. You can bend the penis to change the angle of thrust. One advantage of a vibrating dildo is that it’s automatically operated, so you can simply push your vagina into the vibrator and allow it to do the work. A wide range of vibrating dildos is available on Amazon.


More Powerful Options


Handheld Drill Dildo

Drilldo Suction Dildo with Universal Dildo Holder by ThrillsFulfilled

Also known as a drilldo, this innovative toy will give you a thrusting vibration in backward and forward motion and also in angular positions. It’s more effective than a non-electronic handheld dildo. Operating the toy is easy. You insert a silicone penis on the drill tip. Switch on the machine, increase or decrease the speed as you wish. To change from back and forth thrusting, bend the penis to achieve angular thrusting for your pleasure. Use the toy alone or get your partner to bang you. One of the places to get a drilldo is ThrillsFulfilled.

Tilting Supermatic Sex Machine

Supermatic Sex Machine

This is one of the latest inventions that is trending in the sex shop industry. Somebody probably came up with this idea because the available masturbation toys mentioned above wouldn’t do the trick. When you need more power, a good bang that is closer or similar to the real thing, then you should consider a supermatic love machine. It is designed to give you a much better experience that you would get in the bedroom because it never gets tired or bored. You never have to worry about whether it’s in the mood for sex or not. You will get the experience that you have been missing in your sex life.

There are a number of adult companies selling the supermatic sex machine, the competition is low. One of the best illustrated brands available in the market is the love machine from TopSexToys. According to their promotional manual, it can be tilted for up to four sex positions. You can also find highly reviewed supermatic machines from DHGate.

Highly reviewed supermatic fucking machine on DHGate

The tilting supermatic machine comes with accessories that you have install. This includes a silicone penis that should be inserted at the tip of the gun. The machine is capable of thrusting into the vagina horizontally, vertically or in angular movements.

Machine Wire-Controlled Sex Machine

This is one of the newest additions to mechanical sex machines. By the look of things, this wire-controlled machine can accommodate two positions – the doggy style and sitting position. The main features of the machine include a thruster and vertical supports. You can adjust the height by releasing and tightening the clamps. Like the supermatic fucking machine, you need to insert a silicone penis at the tip of the gun. This model is manufactured by HiSmith.


Feb 02

Things You Didn’t Know About Silicone Sex Dolls – Watch the Live Dolls at Sex Expo on YouTube

Things You Didn’t Know About Silicone Sex Dolls – Watch the Live Dolls at Sex Expo on YouTube

Full-size Russian Sex Doll with Big Boobs – Tasha

Silicone is a material that is used in Nicki Minaj’s famous bootylicious booty. It’s the best material of choice for millions of women who need that sexy body makeover. Surgeons use it in reconstructive surgery. But why Silicone? Why is Silicone better than Rubber and Plastic? Here are properties of Silicone that make it the best material for making transplant boobs and booties:

Silicone mimics the feel  of human flesh and skin :

  • Silicone resembles the feel, touch and tone of human skin
  • Silicone resembles the feel and elasticity of human flesh
  • Silicone matures with time, just like human flesh
  • Silicone looks natural – it’s hard to notice the difference

Enter Silicone Sex Dolls

There are specialist companies that actually make life- size silicone dolls that look and feel like a real human being (I mean like a real woman) – imagine stepping into a silicone doll shop and choosing a woman of your choice.

  • You will be able to feel and touch her boobs and booty
  • You will be able to fondle, squeeze, slap and pinch her boobs
  • With time her firm boobs will mature slightly
  • You can just gaze at her beauty all day

Why a Silicone SEX Doll is Better than a Girlfriend/Sex Partner:

  • You won’t get dumped
  • You get pleasured whenever you feel like
  • No mind games
  • No arguments
  • Never have to spend money on girls again
  • No boring lonely nights
  • No STDs
  • No disappointing dates


Full-size Russian Sex Doll with Big Booty – Tasha

Let’s be honest, sometimes a man just wants to touch and feel. It’s a basic human need.

Yeah one of the arguments against silicone dolls is that they don’t have emotions, they can’t speak and they can’t feel you.

Have you ever seen how girls are so attached to their teddy bears? Girls are human right, and you are human too. As long as you are human, deep down in your subconscious, you have a desire for that kind of attachment. Now don’t be embarrassed, I know you don’t want to know about it, but it’s there. Don’t worry, a silicone doll is only for your private moments, nobody should know about it.

Besides it’s not REALLY a doll, it’s a life-size humanoid with weight ranging from 20 to 60 kg. It’s not a rubber doll, neither is it a plastic nor blown up doll.TRY IT TODAY – GET ONE! Packed and shipped to you discreetly.

Watch Sex Doll in Action :


What People Are Saying About Sex Dolls on Social Media :


Feb 01

South African Men Buying Life-size Sex Dolls for Pleasure

South African Men Buying Life-size Sex Dolls for Pleasure

Busty and Bootylicious Sex Doll – Abby $1600

Since somebody came up with the idea of realistic life-size sex dolls, there have been a number of manufacturers creating these pleasure dolls for the Western and Asian market.

South Africa is the newest addition to a list of countries where sex dolls have found a market, joining countries such as the USA, Australia, Japan, China and Europe. South African men are turning to sex dolls to satisfy their fantasies. One other African country where sex dolls have emerged is Botswana. An article about a Motswana man who bought a sex doll went viral on a popular Botswana Facebook Page, with hundreds of likes and comments.

In South Africa, the first life-size dolls made their debut last year in 2017. They were imported into the country by a franchise specializing in sex toys – Luvland. The operations manager of the sex store, Patrick Meyer said the first six dolls imported into the country, sold like pancakes. Within 10 days of being shipped into the country, there was nothing left in the warehouse.

Best Seller Sex Doll – Mari $999

Sex toys such as vibrators have been around for a long time. They are quite affordable compared to TPE and Silicon dolls. The cheapest high quality doll that you can find on OvDoll, a company specializing in the manufacture of life-size dolls is US$899, which is equivalent to R10,788. This also happens to be the best selling doll. The most expensive one is tagged at US$2,399, which is equal to R28,788. However, a first-time buyer is not going to pay the full price, most dolls have a whopping 50% discount.

Busty Russian Sex Doll – Tasha $1500

As you can see, a high-end pleasure doll is not for the poor. It’s an investment. The pleasure dolls sold by Luvland are between R16,000 and R25,000, but this does not stop people from buying them.

So what’s attractive about these dolls, and what are their advantages?  Sex dolls are an innovative product of the adult and sex industry. In this industry, sex on demand is what most people are looking for – having sex when you want to, and doing what you want with your object of desire.

Sex dolls are made to look as realistic as possible, and most important of all, they have to feel as humanly as possible. This is achieved by using TPE or Silicone for the “flesh” and steel for the skeleton. The doll has flexible joints at the knees and waist for different sex positions.

Busty and Slim Japanese Sex Doll – Becky $1300

Can You Cheat with a Sex Doll?

You and a love doll makes two, but you if you are a couple, you can have a threesome with a doll.  This is a creative and risk-free way to spice up your sex life and relationship. If you visit an adult hookup site such as AdultHub, AdultFriendFinder and BeNaughty, you will find couples who are looking for a partner to join them for a threesome. However, if one of you is extremely shy to have sex with a stranger, the best option may be a sex doll. It’s not a human being, so you won’t be worried about what its thinking about you.

Is your girlfriend away most of the times? Having a romp with a doll or sex robot is not cheating per say. Actually, the attention you get from a sex robot may prevent you from cheating with a woman that you might meet in the bar and other places.

Cure for Loneliness?

If you have stayed a long time without a partner, a love doll might be your savior, until you meet the right woman. There are sex robots which are programmed to remember the things you say, enabling you to interact with them. Also, the fact that the touch, feel and texture of a sex doll resembles human flesh will make you feel like you are interacting with a real woman.

 Sex Therapy

Sex may help to alleviate stress and other undesirable thoughts, but what if you don’t have a partner? In order to divert your mind from negative thoughts, you have to get pre-occupied with a sex robot. The best thing is that it is there when you need it. This might be far much better than seeking refuge in alcohol and drugs.

Prevention of STDs

AIDs is one of the undesirable STDs that you would not want to get. STDs are contracted through sex with a human being. Even if you don’t patronize prostitutes, you may still get STDs from promiscuous behavior and people. Having sex with something that has blood running through their veins is risky.

By procuring a love doll, you will steer clear from STDs and other diseases. Love dolls are STD-free. You can have as much sex as you like with or without a condom. They only need to be cleaned after each use.


Dec 22

Sexy Women Crossing Legs and Flashing Thighs on Camera

What’s something that women do that screams “I’m looking for attention”?

Flashing thighs is one of the things that women do to get attention. It’s quite interesting to see a woman doing this, because she acts like she is unaware of the whole act. Seductresses, mistresses and MILFs will position themselves strategically so that the viewer or passerby gets a vantage point. No place is holy or sacred, temptresses have been known to flash thighs while sitting by the doorstep, on the seats at a church service, social function, party and even during a television interview.

The flasher will almost always choose a place that is open to public view, a public platform, because the objective of flashing is not private. The public has to get a glimpse of the marvelous and shapely thighs.

Although flashing may be a way to get attention, there are only a few men who have the guts to approach a lady in this position, because it’s intimidating to say the least. The beauty of a woman alone is intimidating. Approaching the flashing temptress is tricky because remember, you do not want to be seen as a thirsty guy. The best thing to do when you see a flasher is look and ignore.

Thigh Flashers Caught on Camera:

Of course, wearing a micro mini skirt that struggles to cover your sensitive parts and going for a TV show (Public Platform), and crossing your legs  won’t fail to get you attention:


Going for church service wearing a thigh revealing mini skirt, taking the front row seat, and sitting like this, certainly screams I am looking for attention:

Nov 16

Naked Sibongile Cummings – Raunchy and Wild Booty Shaking

One of the raunchiest videos about Sibongile Cummings that has ever been circulated on the internet, shows her twerking madly in completely exposed attire, tits out and tiny thong, dancing provocatively at a street party during the Trinidad and Tobago 2017 carnival, which is held on February every year. She is then humped and grinded by one of the male masqueraders.

Sibongile Cummings booty shaking at the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival


Nov 16

Sibongile Cummings Naked Dance in the Streets, Trinididad and Tobago Carnival – Wild Twerking and Booty Shaking

Sibongile Cummings – Wild Twerking and Booty Shaking at the Carnival

Sibongile Cummings the Carnival stripper

Very little is known about Sibongile Cummings, she just happened to bust onto the social scene with her busty and bootylicious body. The woman is taller than the average man, and she is blessed with a big well proportioned body with curves in the right places. Although some think she is a super model, what you can gather about Sibongile is that she is never mentioned on credible and reliable sources, and it’s hard to find information about her background, career and profession. She is only mentioned in forums, social media and a few blogs such as Bossip, but not much is said about her, except her curvaceous body.

She hates bras – always in g-strings and thongs

Here is what you should know about Sibongile Cummings. She has Twitter account @SymbasErothick which has been inactive for a long time. She is also on Instagram, and you can find raunchy videos about her on YouTube, including pictures of her scantily dressed figure on the internet. She likes twerking and dirty dancing, especially the naked dance and vigorous booty shaking.

fan of exposure, thongs and strings

It’s also interesting to note that she has a South African Zulu name – Sibongile means “Thank You”. Such vernacular names are found in Southern Africa, and it would not be surprising if she is a South African or Zimbabwean. On the contrary, she might definitely be African American with an African name. There are many African Americans with exotic names.

in chains and thin bra

One other thing that you cannot rule out is that Sibongile is a carnival freak who loves fun. She is a competitive booty shaker who doesn’t like to be outdone. Every year, she is a guaranteed participant at one of two carnivals taking place in the Caribbean, USA or Brazil. You will find her in the social scene at parties and clubs.

Always the most thinly covered woman at the carnival. This time she is spotting a chain thong

She has been seen twerking wildly and flaunting her bums  at a street carnival with only g-string on – watch

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