Aug 01

Army Girl Looks Hot in Tight Mini Dress and High Heels

That time in the office when you are taking a break for a selfie. Our army girl looks the part in uniform, but you won’t believe this is the same girl you bumped into at the party.

She looks pretty tall, long haired and sexy in tight white mini dress. That’s magic.

Aug 01

Military Guard Girl Looks Sexy in Tight Workout Pants

We don’t know how many medals of honour she has in her bag, but she looks impressive and regal. Our pretty military girl looks even more impressive when she is not on duty. Here, she is having some salty gym time in tight pants.

Aug 01

Army Girl is Sexy Miss Bikini San Diego

You better start respecting the uniform from now on. It’s modest, professional and functional for anticipated conditions, but hiding that sexiness which you might have missed if you take things for granted.

Our beautiful army girl does not only get honours from Sargents and Commanders, she is also blowing away the competition on the catwalk. Sexy Miss Bikini San Diego is beautiful, confident, fit and envied by models.

Aug 01

Sexy Black Army Girl Swaps Uniform for Body Tight Maxi Dress

Army girls know something about swag that ordinary girls don’t. You might think this is just another plain dressed soldier in the streets, but you will eat your heart out when you see her dressed for the occasion. Our pretty soldier is wearing a tight and sexy body shaping maxi dress that is fit for the Hollywood red carpet. Start dating army girls now.

Aug 01

Army Girl Looks Hot in Sexy Short Skirt

At this point you should agree that army girls know how to look sexy. They really have a sense of fashion when it comes to sexy. Effortless, simple and to the point is how they do it.

When it’s time to change the wardrobe, our beautiful soldier girl chose a simple white mini skirt that defines her curves quite well. Her hair is attractive too.

Aug 01

Army Girl Switches Uniform for Sexy Cocktail Mini Dress

Army girls are baddasses no doubt if you mess with them on the battle field. Back in the barracks, ( when the serious Sargent major is not around) they are themselves, fun and exciting just like your typical Instagram girl. The uniform may hide those curves to your loss if you pass them by.

At the cocktail party, you will bump into her looking like this, and pinch your arm for not talking to her. She is a sexy bomb, dressed in a simple tight thin shoulder strapped mini dress.

Aug 01

Army Girl with Tattoos Ditches Uniform for Sexy Jogging Pants

She looks pretty amazing in khaki T-shirt and camouflage pants, and very hot in black jogging pants and tight crop top, the tattoos are pretty cool. We can’t resist smiling.

Aug 01

Sexy Soldier Girl Takes off Camouflage, Looks Amazing in Bikini

Infantry camouflage looks pretty warm and thick in appearance, it might be the outfit you need in winter and not just in the jungle, savannah or bush.

Our beautiful military girl is looking pretty warm and well armed, but she is looking even hotter at the beach. It looks like the temperature is high, why not swap that cushion for something sexy, like a red bikini and white bra, and some cool sunglasses.

Aug 01

Beautiful US Marine Girl Looks Stunning in White Shorts

It’s very rare to meet a marine at the pub or restaurant because they spend time aboard a ship named after a great former statesman. It’s even rare to meet a lady marine, but when you do she will be looking as hot as hell.

Our blonde girl has a bright smile on the right and she is looking pretty and smart in an infantry militia attire. The cap is also right on.

You wouldn’t think she is the same girl on the left with casual white shorts and ordinary t-shirt, would you? Fit, strong and sexy legs.

Jul 31

Military Girl Takes Off Shirt, Poses in Hot Bra

Our military girl is carrying a backpack on her front, that baby must be light because she ain’t struggling, but smiling for the camera. We don’t know what PRF stands for, but those vehicles look like patrol cars.

Our blonde beauty looks gorgeous with her shirt off, yeah it must be hot out there. Girls in geek glasses look fukin hot when they are unbuttoned down to the bottom. The side slit maxi dress is sexy too as well as those high heel platform sandals.