Jul 31

Military Girl Removes Khaki Uniform, Gets Clad in Hot Bikini

It must be a dull and boring day inside the dim lit office. Our pretty blonde girl is certainly looking forward to the end of the day, somewhere out in the sun where it’s a little bit hot.

Oh that’s a wrong assumption, the photo on the left is not a contrast. That expression is her usual demeanour everywhere she takes a pic, it seems.

The blonde beauty is clad in a bikini and looking gorgeous. Some people look even more beautiful when they aren’t smiling.

Jul 30

Hot Military Girl Puts on Sexy & Tight Mini Dress after Tour of Duty.

A day in the field has just come to an end. It’s time to undress and neatly pack away the uniform in a drawer. No one knows which national army lays claim to this khaki uniform. Our pretty long haired girl is tall and smiling at work.

On the right side, she certainly means business. It’s not a smiling matter when you are looking hot. She blows away some swag in a body tight mini dress and high heeled boots that are up to her knees. It’s time to hit the cocktail floor!

Jul 30

Hot US Airforce Girl Leaves the Base to do Body Workout in Short Pants and Belly Top

A US Airforce girl always looks good in uniform. Anyway, it’s the coolest uniform in the military, light cloudish patterns and colors. Here our blonde beauty decided to take a selfie before driving away to some destination. Her dark eye shade is quite accentuating.

This fit model by her looks in the gym is quite pleased with the day so far, which included a dive in the swimming pool. She is wearing a tight fitting blue cropped top and black micro pants, which perfectly highlight her strong and attractive physique.

Jul 30

Sexy Airforce Blonde Girl Ditches Uniform, Puts on Tight Crop Top and Jogging Suit

Hot woman flying for the US Air force takes a selfie with a laid-back trademark smile. The uniform certainly looks like the clouds in different states of formation. After leaving the stratosphere and landing at the base, the day’s mission is accomplished. It’s time to relax and put on casual attire, and maybe take a jog in the streets. She looks stunning in tight white top crop and grey pair of Nike jogging suits. Her bare midriff shows she’s been spending time in the gym.

Jul 30

Hot Military Girl is Tired of Marching, Goes to Bikini Beach Party

The good thing about the military is that it keeps you fit, it keeps you marching until you retire. You are a service woman for life. But it can get boring in the camp.

This stunning beauty may look serious with marching but she is a smoking hot babe when she is not in uniform. Irresistible, charming and gorgeous. The tall girl is putting on a bikini and leaning against a rock by the seaside. The party is about to start. Jin and juice will be supplied….

Jul 30

Sexy Navy Girl Removes Boring Uniform, Goes Yatching in Skimpy Bikini

Yeah, daily routines and drills can be boring sometimes. There is no other thing that can make you feel sick like spending half of your life in the sea. This hot girl in blue uniform looks amazing and elegant in a beret, the lipstick makeup is nice too. And we love the eye brow liner.

Your hands will get burned when you move the mouse to the left. She is really hot!!! Dark sunglasses, lovely bra and bikini outfit. You only need some Ciroc and Kush to finish the day

Jul 30

Hot Military Girl Takes off Uniform, Goes for Sexy Jean Shorts and Cleavage Revealing Top

She is smiling under the night sky, while wearing a khaki military uniform and holding an automatic gun. It looks like the beginning or end of a good night. This beautiful woman is so attractive in her simple casual attire, loose frill short pair of jeans and sexy white cleavage top. But why is she is still posing with that machine?

Jul 30

Hot Military Girl Swaps Combat Gear for Black Mini Skirt and High Heel Boots,

She looks ordinary in combat gear, this paratrooper is ready to fly right in the middle of the battlefield or is she one of the squad making a surprise landing on the rooftop of a building to rescue a VIP or diplomat? Whatever the role is, you wouldn’t think she is the same woman on the right. The pretty woman is putting some revealing club attire, making sexy look like simple, a short tight black mini skirt is all it took to make her so stunning. The high heeled boots completely matching her tight body shaping mini skirt and beautiful long hair. You wouldn’t refuse to date her if you found out she is a soldier:)

Jul 30

Sexy Military Girl Swaps Gear for Short Jeans and Tight Low Cut Top. Nice Navel and Flat Belly

It looks like she was preparing for an invasion somewhere in the jungle of no-man’s land. That military gear must be heavy, a combat hat that is supposed to be a helmet, automatic gun and those pouches for supplies, including a water bottle must feel so uncomfortable, but she is smiling anywhere. Military women are fit.

What we love is that she took time to relax in civilian casual wear, sexy jean military fatigue shorts, lovely belly and tight white cleavage top. The tattoo is cool too, and the long black hair flowing to her waist is amazing!

Jul 30

Sexy Military Girl Swaps Uniform for Short Tight Jeans, Black Top and Cap

This military girl is trying to look serious at work but the smile leaked through, it can’t be suppressed if you are enjoying the camera. We don’t know which army wears this type of uniform, but it looks like one of those you will find being worn by a prison officer/ warden or security guard. Whatever it is, she really loves her work because she is practicing with a gun even on her off-duty, while wearing a sexy pair of short tight jeans, black top and cap. Oh, she is damn pretty too!