Nigerian Girls Go To Church in Skimpy Club Dresses

Girls attending church in short mini dresses in Nigeria - Source HotNaijaNews

Girls attending church in short mini dresses in Nigeria – Source HotNaijaNews

If you thought that skimpily dressed women and girls are only found in the night club or party, then you should think again because African girls in Nigeria are taking over the church, and literally turning it into a fashion show for wannabe Victoria Secret models.

Critics are bemoaning the loss of morals in the church when it comes to dressing code, and the culprits are Nigerian girls who flock to a Sunday morning service dressed in tight short sexy mini dresses that reveal thighs and boobs.A lot of flesh and cleavage is revealed by these ladies, who come to church to worship God.

Are Christian churches in Nigeria and other parts of Africa evolving? Have churches relaxed the rules and precepts by which a Christian should live? Why are these girls allowed to come to church in seductive attire? Is this a new breed of Christians that believes in the freedom of expression and dressing? Let’s look at the possible reasons for the emergence of this new trend:

Era of Liberal Churches – Liberal God

One may argue that we are living in an era where a lot of liberal churches are sprouting in each and every corner of the city or town. This kind of church is run by pastors who do not really care about conservative values of Christianity. The aim is to relax the rules, do away with the Law of God and at the same time, paint God as a liberal. This has several results. When you relax the rules, everybody will like your church. Let’s be real, a lot of people think church is boring. They want to keep their hedonist ways and pleasures. They are not looking to be judged or told how to live their lives. This includes how they dress or what they do with their bodies.

Influence of Celebrities and Media

Unless you do not really care about what’s going on in the entertainment world, there is a high chance that you have a favorite role model in the form of a celebrity, a popular singer, actor, diva or mogul. When you have a celebrity who inspires you, the next step is to like and follow her Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. What celebrities do or say is very powerful because they have an army of fans who will take it seriously. There are celebrities who claim to be devout Christians and yet they are as hedonistic as they come. If your role model is appearing half-naked on your newsfeed half of the time, you will naturally think that’s a right thing to do, because she is successful anyway. What can stop you from wearing skimpy dresses to church when your role model is doing it daily and anywhere?

It’s the Heart That Matters

Ladies are well known for turning things around, if she says she is right, you can never win the argument, even if you invite the pastor to preach to her LOL.Charismatic leaders have always known that people like sound bites and sayings, that in some cases mean nothing and actually stupid when you analyze them.Yeah, just as nonbelievers will quote statements, churchgoers like quoting favorable scriptures that suit them. An African temptress who comes to church dressed in sexually provocative attire that shows a lot of skin, will tell you that it’s the heart that matters, not what you put on your body. That’s what some Nigerian girls are saying.

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