South African Girls Reveal Thighs and Boobs in Church While Sitting Cross Legged in Mini Skirts

At a church service in South Africa,ladies in short dresses sit with legs crossed,revealing too much

At a church service in South Africa,ladies in short dresses sit with legs crossed,revealing too much

Are Christian women and girls in South Africa becoming more liberal than the rest of the world? A church sermon or what seems like a Christian Revival conference is going, the building is packed, all seats are occupied, the camera zooms to the front row, and lo and behold are four or five attractive ladies dressed in very short mini dresses. You might mistake this for a Victoria Secret modeling contest or Miss South Africa pageant where it’s normal to have skimpily dressed women around. But this is a church service, it’s not a club party or modeling contest. Just check those thighs again, they are so breath taking and tempting, you can’t resist taking a glance while everyone is praying.

The picture was quickly shared with friends and within a short time, it became viral. Why would South African girls who profess to be Christians, dress in such a sexually provocative way, and for that matter in the House of God called Church? People gave a lot of interesting responses, some of which are hilarious and funny:

Clubs Are Running Short of Rich Men

Apparently, the ladies in the picture, and those of the same feather have realized that the clubs and shebeens are crowded with the average guy in the streets who doesn’t have moolah, the opportunistic types looking for a fish to catch. You can find rich men at uptown clubs but as soon as the newest club is opened, it is quickly swarmed and overwhelmed by small-pocket players from the hood, who will travel all the way from the townships just to be seen at the fancy clubs. These township guys are usually smarter than the rich guys in the house but they won’t have even one dollar in their pockets. You can easily spot them because they like to be everywhere, and they usually take prominent positions to show off their swag. No wonder why South African babes are fleeing the clubs and flocking to prosperity gospel churches. They have realized that the real deal is in the church.

Filthy Rich Guys Are Found in Church

South African women are flocking to Church because they heard that’s where you find extremely rich guys. We are not talking about middle-income earners or that rich guy from Soweto who drives a BMW, we are talking about filthy rich men, those who drive Bentleys, Limousines and Cadillacs.They own a private jet or two, have properties scattered in posh surbubs, and often, they will take regular trips to the Bahamas and other Caribbean resorts.

The Competition is Getting Tight

The competition at clubs is getting tight, but it has always been tighter than the competition in church, so the ladies are going to places with less competition, in search of greener pastures. In the club, there are no limits on what you can wear or take off from your body. If there is any recreational spot that has inspired some of the hottest and craziest fashion, it is the club. The competition is about how much flesh your attire can reveal and how many heads it can turn. It’s a competition between micro miniskirts, transparent dresses, tights, bustiers, crop t-shirts, baby doll nighties, mini shorts and a host of other fantasy costumes.

Back to the church, a quiet and more subtle competition has been going on for many years among the ladies. It has always been a venue for decent dressing but lately some South African girls can’t take it anymore. They have watched in silence while their potential hubbies were snatched away from them, so now they have decided to up the game. It’s a game of the brave, it requires guts. It requires you to be a temptress, to flaunt your thighs and boobs. Meanwhile, the rich guys in church are not reading the bible anymore, they are planning who to go out with next.

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