Nigerian Samba Girl with Big Boobs Celebrates Festival
Nigerian Girl imitating Brazilian Samba Dress and Dance

Nigerian Girl imitating Brazilian Samba Dress and Dance

No, this is not a Brazilian girl celebrating samba, it’s a Nigerian woman. This jovial African beauty is looking sexy in a bodycon top that allows somebody to take a peek at her big lovely boobs.The bridge between those marvelous boobs is enough to send hormone tickles through your body. More appetizing than McDonalds roast chicken breasts.

Body Language – The big-breasted Nigerian girl is in a celebratory mood. We all know what Samba girls look like. They are very keen to strip off and dance for everybody. They like the shocked attention that is heaped on them by members of the public, but while some will be enjoying the festival samba dance displayed by these colourful girls, most guys will be surveying the curves and the tingling movements exhibited by these girls.

Boobs – A Samba dancer who is all covered up is not attractive, but the word itself conjures up imaginations of a scantily dressed girl with colorful head feathers and body gear. It is a must to show some flesh and cleavage if you need to be desired by the onlookers. This Nigerian African girl did just that, she has some boobs to be desired.

Face – She is a fine beauty with fine facial features.

Lips – This sexy dancing woman is pouting her mouth, like a model who is about to blow kisses to the crowd. There is a hint of self-centredness and vanity in her eyes, they type you would find in girls who’ve been told a million times how beautiful they are. She is an angel and she knows it.

Swag – It’s a celebration and she looks awesome in festival attire. The purple bodycon dress that she is wearing shows a fine bust, with firm oozing boobs that are irresistible to peek at.

Overall – Beautiful girls are found at Samba Festivals in Brazil, but you can also find beautiful black girls at Nigerian fashion shows. This girl looks more beautiful than the emaciated models strutting the ramps.


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