Classy Nigerian Woman in Tight Mini Dress Enjoys Cocktail Party

African temptress from Nigeria in hot mini dress atends a cocktail party

African temptress from Nigeria in hot mini dress atends a cocktail party

An elegant and sexy Nigerian woman sitting with legs crossed, wearing nothing underneath, has her naked body encased in a tight mini dress, allowing the eyes to feast on her thighs and bare shoulders.

Body Language – It’s a cocktail party and she is in the mood for the atmosphere. The food on the table might be appetizing for guests, but which poor guy thinks about food when you have a lovely figure next to you? As the lady shines in her glistering attire, a nosy photographer decided to take a glimpse. She was caught unaware, but she managed to put on a bright smile.

Booty – This is an attractive woman with a middle-sized body, not too slim or too fat. She aint thick either, just the perfect body you would want.

Boobs – The tight tube dress presses her firm boobs, as if they are about to pop out. There is something about this tight shoulder bare dress that makes you want to pull it away like a body towel.

Waist – Our Nigerian lady has a feminine model body with a flat tummy and small waist. Her thighs are attractive and the short dress is seductive.

Face – The black Queen from Nigeria is pretty. You can tell from her eyes and confident posture that she is a woman of maturity and good sense. Her beauty is getting refined with age.

Lips – A bright smile and an intensive touch of romantic red lipstick suits her well on this occasion.

Hair – Pretty long dark Brazilian hair weave that looks natural and healthy.

Swag – The lady presents herself in a mature and elegant manner, in her shiny and tight tube dress. She is wearing a ladies clock watch, which gives her the appearance of a respected and important person. Many people who greet this lady would be quite cautious because she looks like a CEO, Bank Manager or some other high administrative post. It’s quite difficult to wear tight cocktail dresses which cover half of your boobs and a quarter of your thighs, and still look professional, but this lady did it.

Overall – An elegant, sexy, good looking and respectable lady. She represents class.


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