Good Looking Nigerian Girl with Nose Ring

Good looking Nigerian African woman with nose piercing

Good looking Nigerian African woman with nose piercing

A Nigerian girl with good looks in all black attire, wearing a nose ring, round earrings and smiling at the camera. She is wearing straight hair, brown streaked Brazilian weave, over 30 inches long.

Body Language – What can we say, except to say that this beautiful lady has a positive and bright reaction. Confidence shines in her eyes and smile.

Face – She looks pretty, she could remove the nose ring and still look good. It looks like she is experimenting with radical body ornamentation, let’s hope she is satisfied with her looks, but you never know with these girls. They will never believe what the mirror tells them nor do they believe the hundreds of compliments they get each day. They end up overdoing things, and …phucking up.

Lips – A bright smile showing a clinical white set of teeth.

Hair – The straight Brazilian weave flowing over her shoulders and back looks awesome, along with the black attire.

Swag – The lady is into these things, she loves extra little pieces of ornaments and jewelry to add to her wardrobe and give her a unique edge. Big round golden earrings partially covered by her Brazilian weave fit in perfectly to give her natural good looks. I am sure you have seen one or two women with a bad sense of fashion. They have a bald head or short hair, and they think it’s a good idea to wear big round earrings that are half the size of their head. Big earrings look good if you have long hair that covers your shoulders, but each one to her own style.

Overall – A pretty chick with a bright smile.


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