Cardi B Flashes Her Thigh and Booty Tattoos in Skimpy Bikini

Cardi B is no stranger to most of us, we know her as much as we know Nicki Minaj because they are popular birds of the same feathers, well known as the skimpiest booty shaking female rappers of this generation. No, we are not going to delve into a debate or beef about who is the best rapper and who drops the sickest bars. I am sure the millions of fans following these two rap divas don’t care about bars, rhymes or beats. What is that anyway? All I know is that I can bet a million dollars most of her fans only care about that booty and how she twerks it on stage. Yes, it’s just a strip tease concert drawing thousands to the show.Cardi-B is a short memorable name, but her real name is quite interesting. It sounds like that of Spanish royalty. Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar is a sexy US-born rapper of Caribbean descent. She became famous after becoming an internet sensation, gathering millions of likes on her Instagram and Vine posts. The rest is history, she made it, going platinum, winning a Grammy, topping the billboard charts, multiple awards for singer and album of the year. She even entered the Guinness Book of Records 5 times. This year she was named the Woman of the Year by Billboard. Cardi-B is an accomplished woman with a whopping 32 major awards including AMAs, Billboards and BETs but let’s check out her thigh and booty tattooes 🍹

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