5 Sexy Pictures of Agnes Masogange – The Bootylicious Tanzanian Woman Keeps a Low Profile After Drug Scandal

Agnes Masogange, The Bootylicious Tanzanian Woman Keeps a Low Profile After Drug Scandal – PHOTOS

Agnes Masogange is a Tanzanian model and socialite who gained fame on the internet by posting videos of her booty on Twitter and Instagram. She has been posting on Twitter since 2013   , and if you have never seen her before, you will agree that she is hot. The Tanzanian Instagram celebrity is blessed with everything – a beautiful face, sexy pear body shape and big flexible booty that shifts easily from side to side when she is walking. Apparently, she is aware of her assets, that’s one of the reasons why she likes taking snapshots and uploading them on Twitter. I am sure you have seen one of those Top 10 African Socialites with Big Booties where Agnes is featured, but she is easily the Nicki Minaj of Africa. Actually, she is far much sexier than Nicki Minaj because she possesses some natural ass.

A few years back, Agnes Masogange is rumored to have attracted the attention of Nigerian musician Davido. She has denied rumors of being involved with Davido, and being pregnant with his baby.

What we are certain about is that Agnes has been involved in a lot of trouble with the law and authorities for her drug-use habits. In 2014, she was arrested in South Africa, at Oliver Tambo airport for carrying methamphetamine, a substance used in the making of drugs. The Kempton Park court gave her a 2 months jail term plus a fine of 1.2 million Kenyan Shillings (approx 100,000 Rands). The timing of her offence was doomed because in the previous year, the United Nations had named Tanzania as a route for drugs trafficked via Africa to Brazil, India and China. Along with Kenyans, Tanzanians were reported to be consumers of drugs which pass through the region.

After Tanzania was implicated in the UN report, the Tanzanian President started cracking down on drug use in the country, targeting government officials and several celebrities such as Tunda. In 2017, Agnes was one of the celebrities arraigned before the courts in Dar es Salaam for possession of drugs such as cocaine. The initial crackdown on drug use saw 349 suspects being arrested, including artists and TV stars.

The cases against Agnes and others are still pending in the courts. The bootylicious Instagram celebrity who has more than 700,000 fans on the social network, has kept a low profile since the drug bust, changing her account status to private. She is no longer active on Twitter. Her last tweet was on 17 May 2017. The large bulk of her tweets are wisdom and inspirational quotes, interrupted by a few daring and sometimes naughty statements. But what most fans appreciate are her pictures.

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