White DJ Had Sex with 693 Black Women, Infected Them with AIDs – Jason Pope, the Serial Womanizer [ Pictures ]

White DJ Had Sex with 693 Black Women, Infected Them with AIDs – Jason Pope, the Serial Womanizer

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Jason Pope  also known as DJ Kid slept with 693 black women, and allegedly inflected them with AIDs.

A 42 year old DJ by the name Jason Roger Pope, from Florence, South Carolina in the USA, has been charged with several sex crimes, the most shocking revelation being that he slept with 693 black women, infecting them with the AIDs virus between 2017 and 2019.

Jason’s Facebook Profile is still active at this time of writing. He has 4700 friends and a little over 7000 followers. The last post on Jason’s wall is from one of his shocked followers. It reads:

“Damn Jason Roger Pope all these photos looks like it was taken in your house and why I say something is weird about you is that you don’t even smile in none of your pictures and you look like a guy who is on a mission to torture someone”

There are more than 180 photos whereby Jason is seen posing with a different girl, either kissing, embracing or being naughty. All the girls in the photos are black, which might have led to suspicions that he was a closet white supremacist deliberately infecting black women with the AIDs virus, so that they may in turn spread the virus to black men who sleep with them.

Charged earlier this year , Jason Pope has several charges, with a criminal record dating back to 1995. His most prominent crimes include human sex trafficking and promotion of prostitution. He recruited women for the purpose of having sex with them, in exchange for money and gifts. Other charges include kidnapping females for sex acts, sexual assaults, exposing minors to explicit and pornographic material, performing sex acts with underaged girls and enticing them into prostitution. These incidences happened over a span of two years from September 2017 to July 2019.

In 2011, Pope was accused of texting pornographic messages to a woman. In the same year, he was accused of having unprotected sex with four underage girls, after seducing them with money, liquor and marijuana. The allegations were revealed after two of the victims checked into a hospital and told a doctor that they had unprotected sex with Pope, who was 34 years old at the time. A police report says Pope had given the girls money and marijuana in exchange for sex. The two girls were concerned that they had contracted HIV after finding out that he was an AIDs sufferer.

In December 2017, the police department got a phone call from a 16-year old girl threatening to commit suicide. The girl claimed she was having a pay-for-sex affair with Pope and she was being blackmailed into performing more acts. After she ceased communicating with him for two weeks,  Pope started exposing her on social media.

The girl also revealed that Pope was routinely paying several other underage girls for sex. In these encounters, he would record the sex acts with a video camera. According to this girl, it turns out the DJ was recruiting girls for sex acts by handing them flyers promoting his entertainment gigs. He would then bribe them with money and gifts to engage in sexual activities.

A lot of Jason’s Facebook posts are status updates promoting his DJ gigs and offering prizes and ticket deals to events for female fans.

The DJ offered tickets to shows for his female fans on a regular basis



In this post, Jason is offering cash prizes for Valentines Day to his female fans.

In 2018, six months after the later accusation, Jason was accused of luring young girls with promo prizes on Facebook and SnapChat. A mother of a 15-year old girl had called the police, accusing Jason of communicating with her daughter.

The last straw for Jason and the end of his luck from criminal prosecution came a few days later when a female member of his family told police that Jason was paying girls to have sex with him, and that he posted the pornographic encounters on social media. Apparently, this female member said she had been aware of Jason’s encounters for quite a long time, it was only getting worse now.

The family member said she had evidence of these pornographic posts in the form of screenshots. What prompted her to report Jason was the fact that she personally knew some of the victims, and she was tired of being harassed by friends over Jason’s behaviour.

The family member reported that she had occasionally been a victim of Jason’s explicit text messages, and that he had a habit of grabbing her buttocks when he hugged her.

After reviewing the explicit material and messages posted by Jason on social media, this police tip was sufficient to get Jason arrested.

Jason is an ex-con who has had other brushes with the law outside of non-sexual crimes. Since 1995, he has been found guilty and convicted of various crimes which include possession of marijuana and large sums of cash in his home, stalking an ex-girlfriend, impersonating a police officer, enticing a minor into prostitution, disorderly conduct, illegal use of a telephone and cruelty to children.

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