How to initiate Hot Sex without Being Resisted


Have you ever been in a situation where you are with a woman who is into you, but you don’t know how to initiate sex? She visits you whenever she can, she likes talking to you but all you do when you are together is chat and chat and chat…until you have nothing to say. You really like this chick, you think she is sexy and cool, but somehow the gentleman in you finds it hard to express your feelings. Maybe you don’t want to come across like that guy who is like every other guy. You know, that type of guy that women always talk about. They are always looking for a guy who is different from the rest.

There are many reasons why a guy will not ask or initiate sex even if he wants it. First, we are afraid that we are gonna spoil things and get rejected or labelled as one more guy who looks at women with a dirty eye. If she is not into you, she may hate you for asking sex or making her feel like a cheap whore. Even if she is into you, the way you ask and the timing is important. Bad timing and wrong choice of words may reduce her feelings for you. It may cause her to be more resistant towards you, she may make herself more unavailable and make you work much harder than you should. There are women who like playing hard to get once you show them your true feelings.

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to fuck that chick with a tight ass and bouncing boobs. A peek between her cleavage makes you want to put your hand under her shirt. A quick glance at her thighs makes you want to slide in your hard cock and the valley between her half exposed bums when she is wearing those tight jeans, makes you think of doggy style.

In order to fulfil your horny mission, (Love may wait), you have to look for signs that she is into you. If she is comfortable being with you anywhere, especially in your apartment, car, after work or any private place, then you have a chance.

If she likes walking with you, brushing you accidentally and absorbed in anything you say, then you know that you can invite her or ask her out. Just ask her to chill out for the weekend, watching movies or drinking a few beers at Joes Beerhouse. If she invites you to her place, don’t rush to accept the offer. She probably wants to parade you before her friends and siblings and get their opinion about you. You should never give a woman an opportunity to rate you with the help of her friends. Decline the offer to visit her with a plausible excuse or simply postpone the date to next weekend (she would have forgotten by then and you should also have forgotten). The point is to make her visit you on her own accord, since you are unable to visit her. You should maintain contact but don’t pressure her to visit you. Most of the time, she will bring up the idea of visiting you and actually tell you that she is coming now or today.

When a woman tells you that she is coming to your place, she is coming to fuck you. Please note that I am not talking about friends, neighbours, workmates, business partners or anybody that you are not dating and who is not dating you.

When she comes to your place, she expects you to be alone, not with your friends or mother. She expects a nice room, a couch, TV, some food or drinks and above all, a bed. She is looking forward to a private moment, not money or being flattered with material things. She is looking for a good dick to spend the day with. Of course, she will not always tell you, but you can test her.

If she is relaxed, talkative, shifting her chair towards you or shifting closer to you on the couch, then you know that you gonna have pussy tonight. She may turn around her chair to face you or point her knees towards you when you are sitting on the couch. When you go out of the room for a minute or if there is an empty bed or long couch in the house, she will lie on it like she is home. All these are good signs that she is expecting more than just a chat. She is looking for quality time with you. Back to the question. Ok so you have seen all the signs, but how do you initiate sex?

How you initiate sex depends on what she is wearing as well as her sitting position. You also have to approach her from behind because women are least likely to resist when you grab them from behind.  Grabbing a woman from the front (face to face position) is not good unless you want a friendly hug or quick perk on the cheek. It’s not a good position to start with if you are a new dick. It is best reserved for old dicks, boyfriends and regular sex partners. The disadvantage of grabbing her from the front is that it can cause her discomfort and shyness. A face to face embrace reminds her of somebody who looked into her face and lied to her. It’s also not a good idea to allow a woman to read your eyes, unless you want to give her second thoughts. Your aim is to arouse lust, fun and pleasure, not the complications of romance:

"If she is wearing regular panties or underwear, pull them back and up, so that they are swallowed between her bums."

“If she is wearing regular panties or underwear, pull them back and up, so that they are swallowed between her bums.”


If she is sitting on the edge of a couch or bed:

If she is sitting on the edge of a long couch watching TV, get closer. Get behind her, put your arms around her, cupping her boobs and pressing her between your thighs. She will feel your hard cock pressing against her back. Slip your hands under her shirt and fondle her boobs. Squash and squeeze her boobs while smelling her neck. All this time, she will be looking at the TV acting like nothing is happening but allowing you to touch her anyway. Fondle those boobs for a long time, kissing her neck and breathing against her skin. Pause a moment to watch TV, then resume kissing her neck amorously. By this time, she will be sexually aroused. Undo her front buttons or pull up her shirt over her head. She will help you take out the shirt and her bra, although I like taking out the bra by myself. Now squeeze her boobs and kiss her back. Unzip your trousers and brush her back with your hard cock. At this point, she is so horny, so she will grab your cock and turn over the couch, ready to feel that stick in her wet pussy.

If she is lying on her side:

If she is lying on the bed on one side with her head resting on her hand, swiftly slide behind her bums, holding her leg up and pound her bums with your crotch while you are dressed. You shouldn’t rush to undress. If she passively allows you to pound her without saying anything, then she is telling you to unzip that cock and do it!!! Depending on her personality, she may undress herself or tell you to remove your clothes.

If she is lying face down and ass up:

If she is lying on the bed with her ass up and face down, then you have an ideal situation. This is an opportunity to climb on top of her in ass riding position. Look, riding the ass is the most natural position that is preferred by most animals in sex act. Dogs, donkeys, bulls and cats are domestic animals which are often seen by human beings in a back climbing act. You have to show her that you are an animal in bed!!! Brush your crotch on her bums. Pull back her dress or pants while she is lying on the bed and slide your cock between her bums. As you turn up the heat, she will turn around to remove her clothes, bending over to submit her ass. Grab that ass and pound hard.

If she is wearing a dress or skirt:

If she is wearing a dress and sitting on the couch, it’s time to do something naughty. Ask her to stand up and sit on your lap. Wrap your arms around her and grab her boobs. Pull back her dress or skirt up over her waist to reveal her panties. We all like a woman in thongs or strings that are buried between her pussy and bums. If she is wearing regular panties or underwear, pull them back and up, so that they are swallowed between her bums. Let her sit on your lap in that position and crave your cock.

As you may have realized already, a woman is least likely to resist your advances when she is sitting on a couch or lying on the bed. If she is standing, it means she is about to go somewhere or do something. You have to wait until she is settled.

Be a man of few words

Initiating sex doesn’t require a lot of words. Actually, the best sex experience is initiated by nothing but reading emotions and behavioural signs. The best sex is never asked for, you feel it, you smell it, you touch it. You cannot ask a woman “Can you please give me the best sex?” The chances are you will never get it. You are only creating an awkward situation. The recipe for getting great sex is silence and talking only when you need to.


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