Why Educated Women Are Better Sex Partners than Ghetto Whores

sexy woman in very short tight dress

sexy black woman in very short tight dress


There is a guy who is satisfied with his girl because she is the type of woman he wished for – a lady with a killer body, then there is a guy who marries a brainy lady because she will make a perfect partner. Another guy gets a decent woman because she will make a good housewife. The problem with guy 2 and 3 is that they have to sacrifice looks and physical attractiveness in favour of intelligence and character. Some of these guys may be tempted to cheat with a sexy mistress or dumb slut bombshell in order to satisfy their fantasies, and make up for what they don’t have. It’s only a few guys who are lucky enough to find an all-round woman who is both brainy and sexy.

I would like to bust this myth because actual experience has demonstrated time and again that intelligent women, the modern educated woman with a college or university education is far more sexier than a school dropout, ghetto bitch or dancer. You see, educated women can learn things much faster (including bedroom skills) and they have a high level of understanding and diplomacy in most issues. They also don’t need your money, which makes them more likely to be generous in bed and willing to experiment for the sake of pleasure. Do not be deceived, sexy dancers like Shakira or Beyonce are not necessarily the best in bed. There is this notion that dancers are good in bed but it’s totally false. It’s just a fantasy that some guys have.

I have obtained a lot of good and satisfying sex from educated women than I have gotten from unschooled women with little or no formal education. These are women with general jobs and occupations such as dancers, shop attendant, cashiers, cleaners and house maids. Sex with most of these low IQ women sucked big time. Every time you have sex with female low-income earners, it’s like you are trading your material possessions with them. They will never like you for what you are i.e. your personality, character, intelligence etc, but they are just in love with your car, house or job title. They also tend to fall in love with brand names of your sneakers, jeans, watch, shirt and other vanity items.

Most of the time, they don’t know how to communicate their point or needs without being bitchy, dramatic, argumentative, complicated and self-centred. They love swag, expensive things and high class lifestyle, yet they don’t know that you have to work hard for these things. Apparently, they never worked hard at school or anything, so they think money grows on trees.

When you are having sex with such a woman, she thinks she is doing you a favour. She uses sex as a weapon to get back at you. Get ready to experience a drought of sex for months or weeks if you are oblivious of her needs or if you can’t figure out what she wants because they are so bad at communicating. She uses sex as a tool to manipulate and dominate a relationship. At the end of the day, you have no choice but to demote her to side chick status or whore. It’s easy to get tired and cheat on this type of woman. Once you get an educated woman, you will never look back again.

Sex is something that you should enjoy, it’s something that you don’t have to work for. It’s something that should not be traded for anything. You have to have sex when you need sex. PERIOD


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