What is a Beautiful Woman? 4 Types of Physical Beauty

Natural Beauty – A very beautiful woman, doesn’t need so much makeup

A beautiful woman is a good looking lady that you find attractive, which most people find attractive as well. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, or inner beauty is more important than looks but let’s be honest, even the people who like  tossing this statement around are themselves impressed by physical beauty and given a choice, they would rather date or choose to be with a good looking person over an ugly person. Our senses cannot resist beauty, it’s a pleasing stimuli. Just as we like the taste and smell of good food, it is an instinct to get charmed by looks, so please stop LYING!!!

A woman can be physically beautiful in the following ways:

Natural Facial Looks

The face is the most common feature of beautiful females that is observed and used to determine whether you are beautiful or not. Everybody likes pretty faces, there is something that melts your heart or gives you peace of mind when you watch a beautiful face. It’s a pleasant sensation. Scientific studies and experiences have shown that good looking people are given more preferential treatment than not-so-good looking people. They earn more, attract more clients, get positive responses most of the time and their way up the ladder is smoother. If you are a natural born beauty, then you are a lucky soul.

This coloured girl is pretty – her excellent makeup only enhances her beauty


Professional makeup can be used to enhance your looks, but the downside is that you will need to fork out thousands of dollars each month to maintain your looks. In order to make the most out of your hard earned dollars, you will need to consult a facial beauty expert to analyze your face shape, lips, eyes, nose, chin and cheeks. After analyzing your facial geography, the beauty doctor will prescribe the right makeup, hair style and outfits for your looks. Some ladies jump this step because they think they will look great as long as they dress like Kim Khardashian or Naomi Campbell, but this is a fatal mistake because one shoe doesn’t fit all. There are many ladies who have listened to the advice of professional beauty experts, and today they are regarded as one of the most beautiful chicks in the community.

Hands down,this girl has perfect curves – now that’s a real curvy woman

Body Curves

You might be surprised but seductive body curves are seen as more beautiful than a good looking face. Unless you are sleeping in a hut, you should know that social media is obsessed by women with a big booty, and if you can twerk it, that’s a bonus, but booty alone is not enough, you must have a coca-cola bottle shape. If you are blessed with body curves, a small waist, flat belly and wide hips, you are considered attractive, that’s because people are naturally drawn towards a highly feminine figure, which also happens to be the most sexually appealing figure.

You gotta agree that this girl got Swag.


The way you dress and carry your body can make you look attractive. There is a reason why women spend more money on fashion than anything else. They know that outfits can make a difference in how people look at them. A dressing expert can help you choose the right outfit for your body shape and size. Attitude is also important to help you look attractive, you should watch how the hottest women move their body and speak.

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