Beautiful Kenyan Woman in Somali Dress – Watch The Goddess of Africa

A Somali Kenyan woman looking elegant in pink Somali dress

A Somali Kenyan woman looking elegant in pink Somali dress

A beautiful Kenyan woman wearing an elegant Somali dress. This attractive pink gown represents Africa’s finest culture, fashion, art and class. The lady who is wearing it looks extra-ordinarily tall even when she is sitting down. The angelic figure that is created by this attire harmoniously blends with the room that looks like a studio or architecturally designed home. Everything looks perfect, including the fine skinned beauty who is sitting on a fancy folding chair. If you thought Africa is just a place that is well-known for its wild life, wars and mud huts, then think again. The continent has a lot of under-represented and undiscovered beauty which is widely ignored by the media.


Body Language – Graceful, elegant, poised and angelic.

Waist – This is a fairly slim and tall African lady who modeling agencies will trip over each other to get.

Face – She has the face of an angel, an Egyptian sphinx, a female pharaoh. This is what you call refined beauty, she has the finest exotic skin of a Somali beauty, which must be a mix of Arabic and Black blood. It’s only an assumption people, don’t go for my neck. We are trying to define something unique here.

Lips – Perfect

Hair – Perfect. A lot of girls worship long hair, and they will do anything to get that 30 inch Brazilian weave from South America, but Kenyan Somali girls are known for their neat short hair that matches their pretty faces. This girl is at her finest with short hair, and I believe long hair would steal some of her beauty.

Swag – Yeah, if you thought swag is about imitating Hip Hop culture or western style dressing, then you are wrong. This is what we call pure African swag – decent, cultural, elegant and classy. Nothing looks amiss in this girl’s dressing and posture. She is well poised and godlike. The long pink Somali gown covers her feet, and the long scarf covers her shoulders. You will notice that it is pinned at the back of the head. The flowing textile and its pink color is simply lovely. The girl is eye-candy, you can’t resist her beauty although she is well covered like a Muslim girl, no cleavage or flesh baring. The elegant earrings and necklaces are well chosen, and they do add some elegance to the whole picture. Well done.

Overall – Beautiful, elegant, best African cultural attire, attractive


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