African Barbie Doll – Pouty Nigerian Girl with Thick Lips
Make up - Barbie-faced Nigerian woman with thick glossy lips

Make up – Barbie-faced Nigerian woman with thick glossy lips

This pretty African girl loves being a weirdo. Who said Barbie dolls are only found in Europe? They are also found in Africa. Fancy and fine makeup is the highlight of her picture, thick shining lips, big round earrings, fancy hairstyle, shiny metal bracelets and a fancy crop t-shirt that describes her inclinations towards virtual reality LOL.

Body Language – Her face is empty, with some kind of pouty dumbness that makes every Barbie doll attractive. That is one of the privileges of being an extremely beautiful woman, you can be as dumb as a doll, and still get everybody to like you.

Boobs – This attractive African Barbie doll has plus-size boobs hidden under a black t-shirt. Black is the overall theme in the picture.

Waist – She cannot see her belly because it’s blocked by her large boobs.If you look down and can’t see your belly, then congratulations, you have a flat stomach.

Face – Our Nigerian girl has an expressionless Barbie doll face. Artistic makeup makes her look so fine and unblemished. The skin looks so smooth, as fine as a ceramic dress display doll. Her eyebrows are meticulously shaped, her eyelashes are prominent and her skin is shiny. She looks like a life size mannequin, almost static, but if you slap her face or pinch her boobs, you will be glad to know that she is real.

Lips – The main focus on her body is the thick lips with glossy lipstick, to make her look so sexy and attractive.

Hair – The shining dark Brazilian weave is the hair knot bun with large thin curls on the forehead, which complements her Barbie doll face so perfectly.

Swag – She chose a good tight crop t-shirt of the right colour.The black t-shirt with words “Weirdo” ,fine and fancy makeup, soft head wrap, big round earrings and unique hairstyle prove that she is a lady with  personal style. There was a lot of professional input and long hours to give her this refined look, it certainly doesn’t look cheap, and it paid handsomely. She gets many rounds of applause for pulling out a unique look and swag, that many girls are not capable of doing.

Overall – This young Nigerian woman has something unique about her style and character, there is a lot of creativity built around being yourself and looking awesome, a thing which some ladies lack because they like following the crowd. If Miss Nigeria wears this fashion item then it must also look good on me.No, just because it looks good on Miss World does not mean it will look good on you. Just be yourself and find out what suits you best like this beautiful black Barbie doll!!


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