South African Men Buying Life-size Sex Dolls for Pleasure

South African Men Buying Life-size Sex Dolls for Pleasure

Busty and Bootylicious Sex Doll – Abby $1600

Since somebody came up with the idea of realistic life-size sex dolls, there have been a number of manufacturers creating these pleasure dolls for the Western and Asian market.

South Africa is the newest addition to a list of countries where sex dolls have found a market, joining countries such as the USA, Australia, Japan, China and Europe. South African men are turning to sex dolls to satisfy their fantasies. One other African country where sex dolls have emerged is Botswana. An article about a Motswana man who bought a sex doll went viral on a popular Botswana Facebook Page, with hundreds of likes and comments.

In South Africa, the first life-size dolls made their debut last year in 2017. They were imported into the country by a franchise specializing in sex toys – Luvland. The operations manager of the sex store, Patrick Meyer said the first six dolls imported into the country, sold like pancakes. Within 10 days of being shipped into the country, there was nothing left in the warehouse.

Best Seller Sex Doll – Mari $999

Sex toys such as vibrators have been around for a long time. They are quite affordable compared to TPE and Silicon dolls. The cheapest high quality doll that you can find on OvDoll, a company specializing in the manufacture of life-size dolls is US$899, which is equivalent to R10,788. This also happens to be the best selling doll. The most expensive one is tagged at US$2,399, which is equal to R28,788. However, a first-time buyer is not going to pay the full price, most dolls have a whopping 50% discount.

Busty Russian Sex Doll – Tasha $1500

As you can see, a high-end pleasure doll is not for the poor. It’s an investment. The pleasure dolls sold by Luvland are between R16,000 and R25,000, but this does not stop people from buying them.

So what’s attractive about these dolls, and what are their advantages?  Sex dolls are an innovative product of the adult and sex industry. In this industry, sex on demand is what most people are looking for – having sex when you want to, and doing what you want with your object of desire.

Sex dolls are made to look as realistic as possible, and most important of all, they have to feel as humanly as possible. This is achieved by using TPE or Silicone for the “flesh” and steel for the skeleton. The doll has flexible joints at the knees and waist for different sex positions.

Busty and Slim Japanese Sex Doll – Becky $1300

Can You Cheat with a Sex Doll?

You and a love doll makes two, but you if you are a couple, you can have a threesome with a doll.  This is a creative and risk-free way to spice up your sex life and relationship. If you visit an adult hookup site such as AdultHub, AdultFriendFinder and BeNaughty, you will find couples who are looking for a partner to join them for a threesome. However, if one of you is extremely shy to have sex with a stranger, the best option may be a sex doll. It’s not a human being, so you won’t be worried about what its thinking about you.

Is your girlfriend away most of the times? Having a romp with a doll or sex robot is not cheating per say. Actually, the attention you get from a sex robot may prevent you from cheating with a woman that you might meet in the bar and other places.

Cure for Loneliness?

If you have stayed a long time without a partner, a love doll might be your savior, until you meet the right woman. There are sex robots which are programmed to remember the things you say, enabling you to interact with them. Also, the fact that the touch, feel and texture of a sex doll resembles human flesh will make you feel like you are interacting with a real woman.

 Sex Therapy

Sex may help to alleviate stress and other undesirable thoughts, but what if you don’t have a partner? In order to divert your mind from negative thoughts, you have to get pre-occupied with a sex robot. The best thing is that it is there when you need it. This might be far much better than seeking refuge in alcohol and drugs.

Prevention of STDs

AIDs is one of the undesirable STDs that you would not want to get. STDs are contracted through sex with a human being. Even if you don’t patronize prostitutes, you may still get STDs from promiscuous behavior and people. Having sex with something that has blood running through their veins is risky.

By procuring a love doll, you will steer clear from STDs and other diseases. Love dolls are STD-free. You can have as much sex as you like with or without a condom. They only need to be cleaned after each use.


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