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Ghanaian Instagram Model Flaunts Perfect, Thick Bums in Barely-There Thong While Prepping Breakfast

Lorraine Lionheart is no stranger to thick and curavceous nakedness. The Instagram model from Ghana teases her fans on a regular basis with her huge well rounded bums that look perfect, deep and crazy for fantasies. She is seen here preparing some breakfast in the kitchen with nothing but a thong.

Lorraine Lionheart – The Ghanaian African Woman with Huge Brown Rideable Ass Gets Naked

Most of you are always searching for Big Bums and Booty. But let’s differentiate this. Bums are natural flesh and anything called Booty is plastic. Those with a fetish for bums will look for particular bums, for example Big Black Bums or Big Brown Bums. Lorraine Lionheart is the dreadlocked African woman from Ghana with …

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