Persephanii the Tall Curvaceous Black Woman with Big Boobs in Skimpy Outfits

Persephanii who also calls herself “Thick Yonce” is an American Instagram model with 538,000 fans. If you like tall giant shapely black women with a curvaceous body, big boobs and booty, then you can’t ignore Persephanii. She looks sexy and tempting in all her outfits. We are all used to seeing attractive women in skimpy bikinis and swimsuits, and if you are like me, this doesn’t turn me on as much as it used to be anymore. What turns me on crazily is that cleavage attire which teases your loins and leaves everything to the imagination – half dressed and squashed like there was only school skirts left in the store, and throwing straps over your boobs like the tailor ran out of fabric. Half covering your tits just enough to comply with Instagram TOS and enough to see the dark tits popping out. Basically, dressing like you dont like clothing and leaving us to imagine the pleasures underneath.Persephanii the Tall Curvaceous Black Woman with Big Boobs in Hot Skimpy Outfits

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