Joyce Appia The Sexy Fit African Model from Ivory Coast with a Curvaceous Body.

Joyce Appia is a stunner !!! an attractive African chocolate babe with a perfect supermodel body to die for. She is tall, fit , pretty and curvaceous, every man’s dream. This sexy Instagram model hails from Ivory Coast and has some Ghanaian background as well. She is based in Germany and regularly travels between the UK and USA.

Joyce Appia has 141,000 fans on Instagram and has a presence on just about all social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, TikTok, OnlyFans, iCandy and SnapChat, including a German magazine called Shots and

A guy or two is drooling over her on Reddit, with comments such as “Damn”, “She is gorgeous”.

The following is a collection of some of Joyce’s sexiest pictures that will make you fly 10,000 miles just to meet her for an escort experience. I don’t know why the Dubai Prince hasn’t inboxed her yet. I am busy raising some funds just to go under her dress :)☺???????????? Are you wondering how Joyce Appia’s pussy looks like? It’s clean shaven and lickable, keep scrolling…. I could lick that thing for hours.


Joyce Appia Naked

Holy Shit!!! Food for the Tongue

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