Meet the Sexiest & Fit Female Chinese Doctor Working out in the Gym – Very Hot Woman ! – Yuan Herong

Yuan Herong is a sexy beautiful doctor from Singapore. The Chinese beauty is a full time doctor and part time model and body builder. She spends her spare time working out in the gym, and as a result she has achieved a sexy chiselled body that every woman would die for. At the same, she has maintained a physically attractive feminine body. If you are into fit babes and women, Yuan Herong is undoubtedly the most attractive woman and the sexiest doctor in the world, that you would to have an appointment with if you are sick. Meeting her for the first time will make you want to keep coming to the hospital just to enjoy her presence. In the pictures below, Yuan was wearing tight and sporty dark blue shorts and crop top. She sent her social media fans into crazy adoration and viral sharing when she posed for the camera making high flying Kung Fu kicks.

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