Zodwa Wabantu Banned, Told To Wear Underwear at Harare International Carnival – Horny Zimbabweans Fight to See Her Pussy

Zodwa Wabantu (Left) with unknown Lady (Right)

Zodwa Wabantu, the talentless social stripper from South Africa has been banned from participating at the Harare International Carnival taking place on 1 to 9 September. The Harare Carnival is a popular annual street parade featuring the famous Brazilian Samba dancers, as well as participants from 19 other countries, from as far as Cuba and the Caribbean. According to reports, the Zimbabwe Tourism Board and later on the Minister of Tourism banned Zodwa from participating at the carnival after being informed that she is a lesbian who doesn’t wear panties on stage. Despite being banned, Zodwa insisted that she is going to the event. Apparently, Zim officials said Zodwa can only perform at the carnival on only one condition – that she wears panties, but this did not go down well with the dirty dancer, who said she would rather not go than compromise her brand.

Brazilian Samba Dancers at Harare Carnival, Zimbabwe – 2015

Zodwa Wabantu is a controversial figure in her home country South Africa where she has been accused of being a bad role model to young women for not wearing underwear in public and on stage. In her own words, the socialite told a radio host that she has been rejected by her own community in Soweto for her slutty ways and skanky dressing.

Zodwa is like a lost career woman, a woman like her should be working in the adult entertainment industry, in the privacy and obscurity of strip clubs and porn studios, but maybe due to the fact that such places are not rewarding in terms of fame and financial returns, she has taken her half-naked strip shows to the public, dancing without pants in front of mixed crowds and posting nude pictures on Instagram.

Other than South Africa, Zodwa has performed in two countries, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Although the Zimbabwean government has banned Zodwa, it seems she has a lot of horny fans in Zimbabwe. Are Zimbabweans such shameless perverts who will stoop so low to watch an aged woman dancing without panties? Or maybe they have low standards for beauty. HA HA, maybe there is a shortage of prostitutes and porn in Zimbabwe.

Brazilian Samba Dancers at 2015 Harare International Carnival – Zimbabwe

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