Famous Picture of Zodwa Wabantu with No Panties on Stage


Zodwa Wabantu with no pants on stage

Zodwa Wabantu, the raunchy South African socialite and entertainer is an enigma because it’s hard to categorize her occupation. She is known as a social dancer, but she is really not that much of a skilled dancer. Her kind of dancing is that of a club whore, what you would call seductive or provocative dancing.

She would fit perfectly well in a strip club as a strip dancer, but she has never claimed to be a stripper. Who knows, maybe she runs private strip shows for paying clients. Her tendencies and inclinations are a hybrid, you might want to call her a reluctant strip-tease model. But for now, it’s enough to call her a seductive social entertainer.

On this famous photo, Zodwa was dancing on stage in a micro mini-skirt. As she got down to the dance floor on her knees, a photographer who was positioned at a perfect angle happened to catch a glimpse of her hairy pussy or was it black transparent underwear??? It’s up to you to guess, but time and again she has admitted that she wears no panties.

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