Things You Didn’t Know About Silicone Sex Dolls – Watch the Live Dolls at Sex Expo on YouTube

Things You Didn’t Know About Silicone Sex Dolls – Watch the Live Dolls at Sex Expo on YouTube

Full-size Russian Sex Doll with Big Boobs – Tasha

Silicone is a material that is used in Nicki Minaj’s famous bootylicious booty. It’s the best material of choice for millions of women who need that sexy body makeover. Surgeons use it in reconstructive surgery. But why Silicone? Why is Silicone better than Rubber and Plastic? Here are properties of Silicone that make it the best material for making transplant boobs and booties:

Silicone mimics the feel  of human flesh and skin :

  • Silicone resembles the feel, touch and tone of human skin
  • Silicone resembles the feel and elasticity of human flesh
  • Silicone matures with time, just like human flesh
  • Silicone looks natural – it’s hard to notice the difference

Enter Silicone Sex Dolls

There are specialist companies that actually make life- size silicone dolls that look and feel like a real human being (I mean like a real woman) – imagine stepping into a silicone doll shop and choosing a woman of your choice.

  • You will be able to feel and touch her boobs and booty
  • You will be able to fondle, squeeze, slap and pinch her boobs
  • With time her firm boobs will mature slightly
  • You can just gaze at her beauty all day

Why a Silicone SEX Doll is Better than a Girlfriend/Sex Partner:

  • You won’t get dumped
  • You get pleasured whenever you feel like
  • No mind games
  • No arguments
  • Never have to spend money on girls again
  • No boring lonely nights
  • No STDs
  • No disappointing dates


Full-size Russian Sex Doll with Big Booty – Tasha

Let’s be honest, sometimes a man just wants to touch and feel. It’s a basic human need.

Yeah one of the arguments against silicone dolls is that they don’t have emotions, they can’t speak and they can’t feel you.

Have you ever seen how girls are so attached to their teddy bears? Girls are human right, and you are human too. As long as you are human, deep down in your subconscious, you have a desire for that kind of attachment. Now don’t be embarrassed, I know you don’t want to know about it, but it’s there. Don’t worry, a silicone doll is only for your private moments, nobody should know about it.

Besides it’s not REALLY a doll, it’s a life-size humanoid with weight ranging from 20 to 60 kg. It’s not a rubber doll, neither is it a plastic nor blown up doll.TRY IT TODAY – GET ONE! Packed and shipped to you discreetly.

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