Kenyan Girl with Big Booty in Tight Leggings

Curvy Kenyan woman in tight leggings shows a shapely butt

Curvy Kenyan woman in tight leggings shows a shapely butt

Kenyan girls know how to smile. This woman looks sexy in striped and tight leggings, which shape her curved butt very well. She is putting a white t-shirt on top of a red t-shirt, like a student who is going for a sporting contest or event. She has some handy sunglasses to filter the glare from the sunny weather, and she is carrying a purse-shaped handbag with little contents.

Body Language – Confident

Booty – Big

Waist – Slim and flat

Face – Pretty, light skinned black woman with attractive smile

Lips – Natural lipstick

Hair – Stretched black hair

Swag – Uhmm, she picked up anything that you can wear for sports day, tight leggings, t-shirt, sunglasses and small bag that looks like a big purse. There was no consideration for matching style, it’s like asking a shop attendant to get you any casual wear that is available.

Overall – Body is very attractive and curvy


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