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Corazon Kwamboka, the Sexy Kenyan Socialite in Seductive Little Skirt

Corazon Kwamboka is a well known Kenyan socialite. Here she is wearing a sexy little green skirt showcasing some mouth watering cleavage. Below, Corazon is wearing a short tight body shaping dress that defines her bottom figure

10 Sexy Pictures of Corazon Kwamboka, the Bootylicious Kenyan Socialite and Lawyer

Pictures of Corazon Kwamboka, the most Bootylicious Socialite and Lawyer in Kenya Corazon Kwamboka is one of the most popular socialites in Kenya, known for her big ass and pear-shaped body, which she is proud to display on social media. She is an enigma and controversial figure with juicy tales surrounding her luxurious lifestyle. If …

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Big Kenyan Woman Fucks a Little Man with Big Dick and Won’t Let Go

  “So you must wear a skirt with no underwear” Donald said on the phone. “Ok, I will do so” Malia said. To Donald, women in skirts sexually aroused him. The thought of a big-bootied woman sitting on your lap and pulling back her skirt to insert your dick drove him crazy. Malia came into …

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Sexy Kenyan Woman Shows Her Backside Booty

There is nothing proud like a woman who knows she got it. This woman decided to face away from the camera, turn around and show us her backside which is begging for attention, and yes we agree that she’s got some big booty, wide hips and a slim waist for a killer sexy figure. That’s …

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Kenyan Beauty with Well Curved Boobs and Body – and Dreads

A first look at this gorgeous Kenyan girl will intimidate you because she is not only beautiful, but she is also well shaped and she looks like a celebrity taking a vacation in Malibu or some beach in Bali. Who in his right mind will dare to approach such a beautiful lady unless your name …

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Light Skinned Black Kenyan Girl Smiles

A beautiful light-skinned black girl from Kenya with a pretty smile.Yeah, you have to love Africa, it’s a place with diversity and rich culture. Meet lovely girls like this in the city of Nairobi and coastal regions. Why did Barack Obama marry an American when there are beautiful girls like these in Kenya? Barack Obama …

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Pretty Kenyan Girl in Emo Makeup

This black teenage girl from Kenya looks quite pretty. She is wearing a maroon knit hat and black jacket. Her makeup is fantastic, the lips are richly moistened and enhanced with red lipstick. She has some stick-on face ornamentation crystals on her nose and some are lined along her ear. Her hair is rich black, …

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Curvy Kenyan Girl in Bikini Strolls at the Beach

Didn’t I tell you that you won’t find any fat woman here? A sexy and curvy Kenyan lady cools down at the Mombasa beach in bikini and bra. It’s a hot day in this coastal region and there is nothing satisfying to do than strip down. Mombasa is a coastal town near the Indian Ocean, …

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Gorgeous Light Skinned Kenyan Girl with Bangs

This gorgeous black Kenyan girl looks sexy and smart in her light colored skirt, black sleeveless top, and white heels with a red front. Her bangs are simply amazing, the black straight weave is good for her face and her overall attire looks quite decent. So there is one young African woman who lives in …

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Pretty Kenyan Girl in Traditional Village African Attire

This pretty Kenyan girl is one of the beautiful girls that you would find in Africa, untainted by modern influences, proud of her culture and happily living the traditional lifestyle that has been passed on between generations. She is wearing a traditional African double-ring necklace made of ivory, some African bracelets, and carrying a clay …

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