Husband Catches Step Mom Wife Having Sex with Step Son

Husband Catches Wife Having Sex with Step Son

What would you do when you catch your wife haxing sex with your step son? This is exactly what happened in the town of Warrnambool in Australia. A step mother was arrested for having sex with her step son on multiple occasions beginning in 2016. The age of the step son was not revealed as well as the identity of the woman.

It just happened to be another normal day in Warrnambool. The woman thought she would get away with it. When you do the same thing many times without being caught, you keep on doing it because according to your perception and newfound confidence, you are now a Teflon Jon who can never be caught. However, they say every dog has his day. On this day, the husband just happened to appear at the house without notice. What lay before him was unexpected. His wife was busy in the sex act with their step son. No picture is available of the Warrnambool woman but you may be wondering, what drove her to commit incest with a teenage step son?

Adult women having sex with teenagers is not something new. Teachers, instructors, principals, neighbors and relatives have been caught in the sex act with under-aged boys, not older than 16 or 18 years.

The randy Australian woman appeared in court, and she didn’t waste admitting her guilt before the magistrate. Out of the 11 charges brought before her, she pleaded guilty to 4 charges, which involved sex with a teenager and incest. The temptation grew to a point where it could not be resisted. Beginning in the month of November, 2016, she made her first sexual contact with the youth in her care. The secret affair went on for at least 4 months until it was busted by the husband.

The court case has been postponed to 4 June 2018, but it is estimated that the case will drag on until October of the same year, because of numerous cases that are on backlog. For now, the Warrnambool woman is out on bail under conditions restricting her movements within Warrnambool.  She has been ordered to surrender her passport, and not to visit the airport, border posts and other departure terminals. She is only allowed to call her kids once every fortnight, and she cannot see them without supervision from authorities.

Sources:  The Standard Australia
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