Ellie Mae, the Black Empress Showcases Her Big Boobs

Shakira Ellis aka Ellie Mae is a luscious Instagram model very much in love with her big brown boobs, flat tummy and slender straight midriff. The busty black American girl has 240,000 fans on her Instagram wagging tongues at her delicious boob pictures and videos. This confident busty temptress is certainly aware of her best assets and she is cashing in on memberships and subscriptions offered on her blog EllieTheEmpress.com where boob lovers can pay for strip tease shows and more. Who doesn’t like huge tits and feeling those soft things? Imagine running your hand between that warm tight crevice 🙂 ??

She was looking hot and scantily clad on Valentines Day.

The following are seducing pictures of Ellie Mae’s cleavage:

Hot Cleavage Pictures of Natasha Thahane, the Popular South African Actress

Natasha Thahane is an accomplished young actress from South Africa. She has taken the movie industry by storm at a young age, appearing in many popular South African telenovelas (TV series movies) such as Skeem Saam, eKasi, Sinners, The Queen, Galz, Lockdown and Saints.

Character wise, Natasha is on the modest side, but she does love cleavage attire a lot although she doesn’t post a lot of bikini pictures. It’s rare to come across that summer body….

Like a sizeable number of South African actresses, she is one of those actresses with a university degree of some sort. She has a Degree in Accounting from Wits University as well as a certification from the NY Film Academy. But what you have to know about Natasha is that she is from a popular family, the grand daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. She has 3.8 million fans on her Instagram.

The following are hot sexy pictures of Natasha Thahane:

Sexy Brazilian Model Natalia Garibotto Skimpy Bikini Pictures and Booty

Natalia Garibotto is the hot and sexy female Instagram model from Brazil with 2.5 million followers. Her social media fame got a further boost this year when her scantily clad bum picture seduced the Pope or rather the Pope’s Instagram account administrators. What we learned is that members of the solemnized priesthood are taking off a few minutes to cheat on their vows of purity and virginity, browsing the net for bikini clad models on Instagram, and getting horny like the rest of us 🙂 The Vatican’s Like of Natalia Garibotto’s skimpy buttock revealing skirt on Instagram was certainly not a mistake. Anyway, who doesn’t get horny when confronted with SFW suggestive pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Priests also like booty and boobs.The following are seducing pictures of Natalia Garibotto which might have been secretly browsed and admired by the Vatican and their social media priests 🙂


Natalia Garibotto’s Skimpy Mini-Skirt Picture is Liked by Pope Francis on Instagram

Natalia Garibotto is a hot female Brazilian Instagram model and influencer with 2.5 million fans on Instagram. On 5 October 2020, she posted a sexually suggestive picture of herself in skimpy school girl attire, wearing a white crop top and very short skirt with scotch patterns exposing much of her bums and midriff. She is seen in bare thighs, wearing thigh high white pantihose held by strings attached to the skirt while leaning on a school locker.

A very observant follower noticed that an Instagram account belonging to Franciscus ( Pope Francis Vatican account) had liked the skimpy picture.

The picture was quickly unliked as soon as the incident went viral on social media, with the story being picked up by several news sites and networks.

It looks like the Pope’s Like whose account is run by administrators was discovered between 18 and 20 October, about 13 days after Natalia Garibotto’s picture was posted.

Natalia as well as fans reacted to the Pope’s Like with hilarious responses:


“At least I am going to heaven”

“I am on my way to the Vatican”


“The pope is horny as hell”

“I like the Pope’s taste”

The Vatican has launched an internal investigation into the incident leading to the Account’s Like of Natalia’s scantily clad booty on Instagram.

Anyway, judging by Natalia’s response, she is entertaining fantasies.

Hot Sexy Pictures of Nandi Mbatha, South African Light Slim Black Beauty  in Bikini

Nandi Mbatha is an attractive, light-complexioned slim beauty from South Africa who is well known as an actress in telenovelas such as Isithembiso. The young and slender actress has been nominated three times for South African movie awards. Her fame has collected her 770,000 followers on Instagram.

Although Nandi Mbatha is often confused with the US-based Nomzamo Mbatha, another popular South African actress and celebrity,these two look quite different.

If you look at Nandi Mbatha, she projects that hallmark Khanyi Mbau pose in her photos which has recently been hijacked by the viral John Vuli Gate girls. The following are hot cleavage and bikini pictures of Nandi Mbatha:


Hot Sexy Pictures of Bontle Modiselle, South African Sexy Female Dancer with a Fit Body in Bikini

Although she has a BA Degree in Corporate Communications, Bontle Modiselle never pursued what she studied or worked in the corporate world. Instead, this hot South African female celebrity pursued her passion in dancing. She has appeared in many music videos by artists such as TJ Tira. Dancing and choreography are her main career paths which opened up opportunities in acting and commercial modelling, appearing in endorsements such as the Face of Revlon. Recently, she took to social media to bemoan the fact that dancers are not “appreciated” in the entertainment industry.

You might want to see how this sexy dancer with a fit body looks in her hottest attires. These are some of her sexiest pictures, bikini and cleavage shots taken from perfect angles:


Hot Sexy Pictures of Siphesihle Ndaba, the Deadly South African Actress of Gomora Fame

Siphesihle Ndaba is a South African actress who got her big break in the entertainment industry through her famous role as Mazet, the dangerous female character in the telenovela Gomora. If you are curious and looking for summer body bikini pictures of this pretty girl, you will be disappointed because she looks like a fan of decent attire which doesn’t reveal much. You can come across one or two sizzling shots of her beach attire ONLY if you are lucky because they are rare as a diamond.

As a result, what you can only enjoy today are her cute and sexy cleavage pictures:

Curvaceous Faith Nketsi Cleavage & Bikini Pictures, Morphs Into Baby Doll – STUNNING HOT PICTURES

Curvaceous Faith Nketsi Morphs Into Baby Doll – STUNNING HOT BIKINI PICTURES !!!

The wide-hipped and big-busted Instagram socialite Faith Nketsi appeared in her recent posts looking whiter and smoother. The South African yellow bone ( a nickname for light complexioned black African girls or skin bleached women) is a common face in the Thot world with a little more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Faith Nketsi got famous for her hot smoking coca-cola bottle shaped body, which she loves to flaunt for her million fans. Recently, she appeared to have bleached her skin although she is a naturally light skinned beauty. Her before (earlier) pictures look much more tanned and natural, in great contrast to her current white baby doll goals. Anyway, this sexy and seductive South African babe still looks as physically attractive as she has always been. The 30 carefully selected pictures below are too hot to handle:













Hot Pictures of DJ Lamiez Holworthy – Sexy Thick South African Woman

DJ Lamiez Holyworthy is a female DJ from South Africa, better known for her sexy outfits that she posts on Instagram on a regular basis. She spends her time indulging in celebrity blitz and glitz, living the glamorous lifestyle, appearing in racy cleavage attire and fancy hotel resorts sipping a drink or chilling out. You will hardly see her working the crowd with a microphone and turntable, or maybe she prefers not to post shots from her gigs. Born in 12 June 1992, the thick sexy woman has 495,000 fans on her Instagram and 65 tracks on SoundCloud. She loves biking, Instagram modelling, 90s music and fashion. Here are some of her sexiest photos:

DJ Lamiez Holworthy

DJ Lamiez Holworthy

Beautiful Japanese Women Getting Slutty in Thongs – It’s No Panty Day PICTURES part 1

A female Japanese tourist visiting a certain country in my hometown in Africa was surprised to learn that most young women were already having babies by 22 or 24 years, with little means to support them and barely having finished school. It looks like it was the opposite of her country where pursuing a career is the first priority and making a baby is the last, with most women not making a baby until 30 years. Yes, Japanese women are not just pretty, they are one of the most conservative women in the world. Don’t be fooled by the fantastical Japanese maid cafes or hostess clubs where beauties in sexually suggestive costumes and demeanours entice western male tourists to get a cup of cafe or two. Forget about anime cosplay girls or NSFW fantasies, your typical Japanese woman is not a cheap Facebook Thot or Hoe.It’s weird, but a picture of a black or white Instagram whore conjures dirty thoughts, it makes you want a one-night stand and quick bang on the spot. When I looked at these naughty Japanese babes, I felt like marrying them right on the spot. Can somebody explain this discrepancy in feelings?

Our cute and pretty Japanese women can’t keep their panties on.  They are all wet and begging for assistance. One is frolicking and rolling on the couch like a puppy, she said she wont leave the office…..We tried by all means and failed. I had no choice but to marry all of them like a good and loyal Polygamist 🙂 Enjoy these 42 pictures of juicy Japanese pussy and glorious behinds. I like the thin string running between the tan/pale cheeks 🙂 On this day, I don’t want anything except a  プリティ・ウーマン