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Meet the Sexy, Fit and Tall Congolese Woman Babeth Lando – Instagram Model

Babeth Lando is a beautiful and sexy Congolese woman. She is tall and physically fit, with a perfect curvaceous body that will make you drool when she walks by. She is busy on Instagram, working out in the gym, spotting tight body shaping pants and track suits. On holidays, she is appearing in popular tourist …

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Sexy Congolese Woman with Big Booty Squatting On The Floor

  From the land of the sensual Kwasa Kwasa dance, a sexy light-skinned mixed African woman from Congo, sits in squatting position with her booty to the camera. She is wearing a black lace thong swallowed between her bums, and high heel platform shoes, including a red bra. The long-haired beauty is hiding her face …

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