Revealed: Sex Workers Earn Up to 20,000 GBP Per Year for 10 Hours a Week

Revealed: Sex Workers Earn Up to 20,000 GBP Per Year for 10 Hours a Week

A study has unveiled the annual earnings of sex workers, showing that on average they bring in £27,271 a year, with over half earning less than £20,000. Surprisingly, more than half of sex workers work 10 hours or fewer per week, setting them apart from other professions.

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Despite the risks associated with their line of work, sex workers report a high level of job satisfaction, as they have the autonomy to choose the jobs they on. The also found that around 10% of workers make more than £50,000, often by investing more time in entertaining clients.

In the evolving landscape of the sex industry, the internet has played a significant role, with many sex workers transitioning from street corners to online platforms. This shift has allowed for safer working conditions and enhanced communication among colleagues through social media and messaging apps.

While the internet has brought, nearly half sex workers fear being exposed and four fif have experienced work-related crimes, such as unwanted contact or non-payment by clients. Despite this, online sex workers face lower levels of violence compared to street workers.

The study, conducted by researchers from the Universities of Leicester and Strathclyde, marks the first UK-wide survey of online sex work, examining working conditions, safety measures, and the policing of the industry. Notably, the research did not encompass individuals forced into sex work by traffickers.

The survey, known as Beyond the Gaze, included responses from 641 sex workers of all genders and 1,323 clients. The majority of participants identified as escorts, webcam workers, phone sex operators, and various other roles within the sex industry.

Principal Investigator Professor Teela Sanders of the University of Leicester emphasized the importance of shedding light on online sex work, highlighting its prevalence as the largest sector of the UK sex industry. The findings of the study aim to inform policy, practice, and law, while raising awareness about the realities of this often misunderstood profession.

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