Penelope Shongwe, the Curvaceous Wide Hipped African Mum with Big Ass.

Born on 15 December 1995, Penelope Shongwe is not exactly a celebrity but one of your average Instagram babes and neighbours who should be a celebrity or popular diva because she has a thick curvaceous body, big shapely ass, medium waist and a pretty exotic face, you would think she is a Blasian. But Penelope is your true African Queen from South Africa, Limpopo region. Wide-hipped and thick-thighed, she is blessed with a big shapely rideable ass that she guards jealously, and apparently, she is a conservative woman who won’t bare anything for you on Instagram, averse to scantily clad attire and too much skin. We all want to see what she is hiding under those sexy tights, but it will always remain a mystery 🙂

I am sure most of us would go to bed with a 24 hour hard-on if she ever appeared in thongs, micro mini skirt, transparent dress or tiny bikini. This lady has one of the most seducing big asses out there, a truly thick bombshell.

Penelope is a native Tsonga speaker from South Africa. According to her profile, she is a brand ambassador and owner of a food delivery service @kasi_eats in Mpumalanga province. The beauty is rumoured to have a University Degree and she stays in quiet affluent locations with large green yards.

Wide Hip, Big Ass Pictures of Penelope Shongwe:

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