Anna Paul the Instagram Thot Gets Banned on Tik Tok for Selling Nudes – Hot Pictures

Anna Paul is one of the most popular Instagram girls in Australia posing on social media in scantily clad attire and cleavage dresses to attract eyeballs. She has a little over 500,000 fans on her private Instagram account. The 21 year old temptress got banned on TikTik after she was found to have violated its TOS by promoting her nudes on the platform. OnlyFans is a porn social network which saw a bump in visitors during the Coronavirus pandemic, getting more popular with many unemployed women using it to sell their nude images and videos to subscribers.Anna Paul’s Tik Tok account had amassed about 1.2 million fans before it got slapped with a permanent ban. The 21 year old soft porn model denies having promoted OnlyFans links on TikTok, but she does webcam modelling on OnlyFans….? The young hottie has signs of a cosmetic face lift job on her pictures, which she admitted to have done. In her TikTok videos, she admits to cheek, jaw and chin injections, including a brow lift and eyebrow extension.

Sexy Pictures of Anna Paul:
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