Ellie Mae, the Black Empress Showcases Her Big Boobs

Shakira Ellis aka Ellie Mae is a luscious Instagram model very much in love with her big brown boobs, flat tummy and slender straight midriff. The busty black American girl has 240,000 fans on her Instagram wagging tongues at her delicious boob pictures and videos. This confident busty temptress is certainly aware of her best assets and she is cashing in on memberships and subscriptions offered on her blog EllieTheEmpress.com where boob lovers can pay for strip tease shows and more. Who doesn’t like huge tits and feeling those soft things? Imagine running your hand between that warm tight crevice πŸ™‚ ??

She was looking hot and scantily clad on Valentines Day.

The following are seducing pictures of Ellie Mae’s cleavage:

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