Natalia Garibotto’s Skimpy Mini-Skirt Picture is Liked by Pope Francis on Instagram

Natalia Garibotto is a hot female Brazilian Instagram model and influencer with 2.5 million fans on Instagram. On 5 October 2020, she posted a sexually suggestive picture of herself in skimpy school girl attire, wearing a white crop top and very short skirt with scotch patterns exposing much of her bums and midriff. She is seen in bare thighs, wearing thigh high white pantihose held by strings attached to the skirt while leaning on a school locker.

A very observant follower noticed that an Instagram account belonging to Franciscus ( Pope Francis Vatican account) had liked the skimpy picture.

The picture was quickly unliked as soon as the incident went viral on social media, with the story being picked up by several news sites and networks.

It looks like the Pope’s Like whose account is run by administrators was discovered between 18 and 20 October, about 13 days after Natalia Garibotto’s picture was posted.

Natalia as well as fans reacted to the Pope’s Like with hilarious responses:


“At least I am going to heaven”

“I am on my way to the Vatican”


“The pope is horny as hell”

“I like the Pope’s taste”

The Vatican has launched an internal investigation into the incident leading to the Account’s Like of Natalia’s scantily clad booty on Instagram.

Anyway, judging by Natalia’s response, she is entertaining fantasies.