Beautiful Japanese Women Getting Slutty in Thongs – It’s No Panty Day PICTURES part 1

A female Japanese tourist visiting a certain country in my hometown in Africa was surprised to learn that most young women were already having babies by 22 or 24 years, with little means to support them and barely having finished school. It looks like it was the opposite of her country where pursuing a career is the first priority and making a baby is the last, with most women not making a baby until 30 years. Yes, Japanese women are not just pretty, they are one of the most conservative women in the world. Don’t be fooled by the fantastical Japanese maid cafes or hostess clubs where beauties in sexually suggestive costumes and demeanours entice western male tourists to get a cup of cafe or two. Forget about anime cosplay girls or NSFW fantasies, your typical Japanese woman is not a cheap Facebook Thot or Hoe.It’s weird, but a picture of a black or white Instagram whore conjures dirty thoughts, it makes you want a one-night stand and quick bang on the spot. When I looked at these naughty Japanese babes, I felt like marrying them right on the spot. Can somebody explain this discrepancy in feelings?

Our cute and pretty Japanese women can’t keep their panties on.  They are all wet and begging for assistance. One is frolicking and rolling on the couch like a puppy, she said she wont leave the office…..We tried by all means and failed. I had no choice but to marry all of them like a good and loyal Polygamist 🙂 Enjoy these 42 pictures of juicy Japanese pussy and glorious behinds. I like the thin string running between the tan/pale cheeks 🙂 On this day, I don’t want anything except a  プリティ・ウーマン


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