7 Types of Sex Machines for Women – Which is the Best Masturbation Machine?


7 Types of Sex Machines for Women – Which is the Best Masturbation Machine?

Blonde woman masturbating with cucumber

Sex toys have evolved over the last 30 years as people get to embrace them, instead of shunning them due to previously-held taboos by society. Expressing interesting in porn used to be something that is frowned upon because it was considered to be weird, but nowadays people openly admit to watching porn, since it’s something that is considered healthy. It’s a sign that you are not suppressing your feelings, which is an unhealthy coping habit. Porn has proliferated in almost all facets of our lives, not just on the internet, but it’s also found on social networks such as Facebook, a perfect place for exhibitionism. After watching a porn scene, you may be seriously turned on, but what if you can’t get sex when you want it? Sex machines also known as masturbation machines provide an outlet when you need it.

Sex toys like vibrating dildos have been on the market for a long time. Actually, when it comes to adult erotic products, the industry has been favoring the female customer with lots of options. Other than the female torso sex doll with silicone breasts and vagina, the male customer didn’t have a lot of choice until recently, when some innovative sex shops decided to create a full-size human-like sex doll with normal body weight and properties resembling the touch and feel of real flesh. Japan is probably the origin of these full-size sex robots.

So if a woman is looking for the best sex machine, what should she look for? The full-size sex doll is a perfect solution for guys, but what about women? There are several fucking machines for women on the market. Are you interested in an automated or manually powered machine that can thrust and pound hard in different positions or you need a dominant role where you can rough-ride the male object?

Male Torso Penis Rider Sex Toy for Women

This is a real-size sex toy for women who like riding the cock in cowboy style. Just as in real love-making with your boyfriend, you have full control over your stud, changing gears from slow to vigorous riding. The female over male sex position is of the most satisfying, especially if the couples are playing the dominant /submissive roles.

However, if you need to be banged hard, this toy is not going to give you a thrusting or bang.

There are several variations of the penis rider sex toy, and they come in Black or Caucasian skin color. The penis is soft and stiff to the touch. The size and shape is realistic, complete with veins and testicles. It can be bent to suit your position.

Handheld Glass Dildo

Glass dildo by WowLife

This is a basic novel toy operated by hand as in masturbating with a cucumber, nothing fancy, no automation or electronic system. One of the most common masturbating tools for women, it can be used for self pleasuring in solitary situation or in assisted masturbation with your partner. There are various types of materials used, ranging from plastic to glass, and rubber to silicone.

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Double ended silicone dildo

Vibrating Dildo

Vibrating dildo


This is one of the most common automatic sex toys for women. Unlike a penis rider, it incorporates interesting technology and sophistication. A dildo is made in the form of a realistic-looking penis. The base of the toy has a suction cup which is capable of sticking on a flat hard surface like a wall or tiled floor. It comes with an electronic controller that allows you to increase or decrease the vibration. You can bend the penis to change the angle of thrust. One advantage of a vibrating dildo is that it’s automatically operated, so you can simply push your vagina into the vibrator and allow it to do the work. A wide range of vibrating dildos is available on Amazon.


More Powerful Options


Handheld Drill Dildo

Drilldo Suction Dildo with Universal Dildo Holder by ThrillsFulfilled

Also known as a drilldo, this innovative toy will give you a thrusting vibration in backward and forward motion and also in angular positions. It’s more effective than a non-electronic handheld dildo. Operating the toy is easy. You insert a silicone penis on the drill tip. Switch on the machine, increase or decrease the speed as you wish. To change from back and forth thrusting, bend the penis to achieve angular thrusting for your pleasure. Use the toy alone or get your partner to bang you. One of the places to get a drilldo is ThrillsFulfilled.

Tilting Supermatic Sex Machine

Supermatic Sex Machine

This is one of the latest inventions that is trending in the sex shop industry. Somebody probably came up with this idea because the available masturbation toys mentioned above wouldn’t do the trick. When you need more power, a good bang that is closer or similar to the real thing, then you should consider a supermatic love machine. It is designed to give you a much better experience that you would get in the bedroom because it never gets tired or bored. You never have to worry about whether it’s in the mood for sex or not. You will get the experience that you have been missing in your sex life.

There are a number of adult companies selling the supermatic sex machine, the competition is low. One of the best illustrated brands available in the market is the love machine from TopSexToys. According to their promotional manual, it can be tilted for up to four sex positions. You can also find highly reviewed supermatic machines from DHGate.

Highly reviewed supermatic fucking machine on DHGate

The tilting supermatic machine comes with accessories that you have install. This includes a silicone penis that should be inserted at the tip of the gun. The machine is capable of thrusting into the vagina horizontally, vertically or in angular movements.

Machine Wire-Controlled Sex Machine

This is one of the newest additions to mechanical sex machines. By the look of things, this wire-controlled machine can accommodate two positions – the doggy style and sitting position. The main features of the machine include a thruster and vertical supports. You can adjust the height by releasing and tightening the clamps. Like the supermatic fucking machine, you need to insert a silicone penis at the tip of the gun. This model is manufactured by HiSmith.


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