5 Arousing Pictures of Buhle Mkhize, the South African Socialite with a Curvaceous Body

5 Arousing Pictures of Buhle Mkhize, the South African Socialite with a Curvaceous Body

Buhle Mkhize Goes Underground after Love Affair Scandal with Government Minister – See Her PHOTOS

Buhle Mkhize bums posed a threat to wives with husbands at the beach

Buhle Mkhize is a well known Instagram socialite in South Africa. Like most socialites she is known for having a taste for luxury – travelling to beach resorts, staying in top hotels and lodges, flying from one country to another, and of course fashion.

Since Kim Kardashian released her sextape, there has been a growing trend in socialites around the world. Africa has not been left behind. Socialites have emerged in South Africa, and it’s even now difficult to count them. It seems any woman with a shapely body – a coca cola bottle shape or pear shape, can become a socialite overnight, getting thousands of Instagram followers by posting seductive pictures in semi-naked and revealing attire.

Buhle Mkhize gathered thousands of followers on Instagram by posting hot pictures of herself at events, hotels, beaches and vacations. Instagram is a way of showcasing your life through pictures. Socialites seem to be living the life, getting expenses paid trips by wealthy men.

However, everybody seems to be wondering what happened to Buhle, because since her love affair with a government minister, she has kept a low profile and gone underground. Her Twitter account has disappeared and her Instagram account has been deactivated, to the disappointment of her followers who were in awe of her salacious displays. Her last posts were in 2017, when she went for a vacation in the Caribbean Islands. On her Instagram post, the temptress claimed to have caused vacationers to run away from the beach, because she posed a threat to their husbands. Her threat – wearing a thong swallowed between her bums. The following are some of Buhle’s seductive pictures:

Buhle in Beach Thong and Sunglasses

Buhle Pulls Down Her Pants

Buhle in Tight Body Shaping Dress

Addicted to Beaches

Busty Mama Buhle Looking Classy and Sexy

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