Sibongile Cummings Naked Dance in the Streets, Trinididad and Tobago Carnival – Wild Twerking and Booty Shaking

Sibongile Cummings – Wild Twerking and Booty Shaking at the Carnival

Sibongile Cummings the Carnival stripper

Very little is known about Sibongile Cummings, she just happened to bust onto the social scene with her busty and bootylicious body. The woman is taller than the average man, and she is blessed with a big well proportioned body with curves in the right places. Although some think she is a super model, what you can gather about Sibongile is that she is never mentioned on credible and reliable sources, and it’s hard to find information about her background, career and profession. She is only mentioned in forums, social media and a few blogs such as Bossip, but not much is said about her, except her curvaceous body.

She hates bras – always in g-strings and thongs

Here is what you should know about Sibongile Cummings. She has Twitter account @SymbasErothick which has been inactive for a long time. She is also on Instagram, and you can find raunchy videos about her on YouTube, including pictures of her scantily dressed figure on the internet. She likes twerking and dirty dancing, especially the naked dance and vigorous booty shaking.

fan of exposure, thongs and strings

It’s also interesting to note that she has a South African Zulu name – Sibongile means “Thank You”. Such vernacular names are found in Southern Africa, and it would not be surprising if she is a South African or Zimbabwean. On the contrary, she might definitely be African American with an African name. There are many African Americans with exotic names.

in chains and thin bra

One other thing that you cannot rule out is that Sibongile is a carnival freak who loves fun. She is a competitive booty shaker who doesn’t like to be outdone. Every year, she is a guaranteed participant at one of two carnivals taking place in the Caribbean, USA or Brazil. You will find her in the social scene at parties and clubs.

Always the most thinly covered woman at the carnival. This time she is spotting a chain thong

She has been seen twerking wildly and flaunting her bums  at a street carnival with only g-string on – watch

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