10 Types of Sexy Dresses for Prostitutes, Hookers, Partying and Clubbing

10 Types of Sexy Dresses for Prostitutes, Hookers, Party Goers and Clubbers

As much as some people would love to deny, prostitutes are fascinating women who are not only capable of grabbing the attention of ordinary men in the streets, but they have also been known to capture the attention of millionaire celebrities, politicians, business moguls, presidents, pastors and other men of status. So what makes hookers tick? You see, a prostitute has it all – friendly disposition, seductive pose, tolerance, enticing body, winning smile and the best attitude that you can ever find in a woman because she is only looking for one thing – cash. Maybe we could all be happy if we only looked for one thing in life. However, the one thing that makes a woman hot and desirable is her dressing.

Sex Scandal Slash-back Dress Black O/s

Price: $19.39

Aptly named Sex Scandal, a sexy strapless mini dress for those who want to be irresistible. You are on a mission to seduce the CEO of a wealthy firm. This outfit will make him feel like stripping you down, there and there in the office. Just don’t get caught.

If you are dressing to get attention, then you should make sure that your dressing turns heads or else you will lose out to that fashion savvy chick. Your dressing should strive to highlight your curves, cleavage and if possible show a bit of flesh as long as the situation is right. If your object of desire can get a lot of imaginations running inside his head within a few seconds, then you have achieved your goal. However, if it takes a lot of effort for your target to imagine you in a sizzling naked state or hot situation, then you have failed to do what a prostitute is supposed to do.

The following is a list of sexy dresses and outfits that will make you stand out from the rest. They will do their job with little or no effort at all. You won’t need to call out or gaze at your target; your body will do the calling. In the open streets or in a crowded place like a bar or club, you will attract men like a magnet:

Snow Leopard Dress & G-String Black White Small

Price: $31.99

A woman in a short dolly dress is always enticing and attractive. Your excuses for wearing something so small are many. Tell them that you are missing your school days, all your clothes were stolen this morning so you borrowed your daughter’s dress or your size can’t keep up with your aggressive growth hormones. The bigger your bottom, and the wider your thighs, the more sexy you will look as the dress struggles to cover your parts. Of course, as you try to pull the dress down, people will be wondering why you left home that way, but the reason is best known to yourself LOL. This snow leopard dress tugs at your body. It highlights your thighs, legs, bottom and cleavage.

Kitten Strappy Lace Wet Look Dress Black O/S

Price: $38.69

This stylish mini dress has a shiny look and feel of leather. It’s definitely a head turner that will attract glances from an observer.  The bare chest with thin strips barely covering the nipples gives you an opportunity to catch the attention of boob lovers. So if anybody dares ask you why you left home uncovered, just tell them that you were fighting with a cat and you managed to flee before it stripped you naked.

Pothole Tube Dress Purple O/S

Price: $24.89

This slutty micro dress is for the daring because it shows a lot skin, perfect for a night out at the club or beach party. The sexy tube dress has a potholed profile, which displays your flesh from the chest right up to your bottom, so you have to wear some bras and panties to deny that view and tease prying eyes. Your excuse to wear this ripped outfit: – it’s what the doctor ordered to give your body some natural air ventilation.

Pink Lipstick Fully Vented Seamless Dress Black O/S

Price: $16.59

This extremely short kinky dress will make you the centre of attention wherever you go out. The side vents traversing from top to the hem are strategically designed to give a breathtaking view of your curvaceous hips and boobs. The transparent sides work their magic and the front section in opaque fabric just does enough to decently cover your sensitive parts. Your excuse for wearing this tiny thing – Your hips need osmosis.

Tease To Please Seamless Dress White O/S

Price: $15.19

Just as the name says, this is a perfect tease to please skanky dress, very tight and short at the same time. You will need absolute confidence and bravery to wear this seductive outfit with a thin front part and transparent sides that give a full shape and view of your sexy hips and bottom. The white strip barely covers your crotch and boobs, but all eyes will be down there. Your excuse for wearing this sizzling dress – it’s hot and you need 100% body ventilation.

Mesh Stripped Dress Black/Midnight Purple O/S

Price: $35.99

This is a well designed tight stripper dress for those who love to show legs and thighs. The purple mesh strip ensures a half-transparent view and the black material is completely opaque. If you are looking for a short dress with a high neckline that shapes your curves and covers your chest, then this is a suitable dress. It’s a good teaser dress which doesn’t give away everything yet makes you so desirable. Your excuse for wearing this kinky dress – you have never been more decent than this.

Pink Lipstick Seamless Rouched Side Tube Dress White 1X/2X

Price: $24.89

This short and seductive tube dress is not transparent, but it gives you the sexiest appearance that will give a lot of imaginations to somebody who is planning to pick you up. It will not take long for the client to decide because you look like that hot movie star coming out of a hot bath with a short towel wrapped around her body. Your excuse for wearing this come-and-get-it dress is self evident – You are late and you just coming out of a bath, so please forgive me!!!

Halter Dress Mesh Lace Accents Black Pink Small

Price: $32.79

If you enter the bar wearing this halter-type mini skirt, all guys who are planning to take home some booty tonight will whistle as you pass by. It’s not just a seductive dress, but it’s an intimidating outfit too. In case you don’t know, guys like appearing macho, but they are also intimidated like some pussy. Anyone who pulls down a taxi will want to share a ride with you, next to you. Your next move as you sit down in the bar is obvious – you will cross your legs.

Pink Lipstick Slinky Seamless Mini Dress w/Super Sexy Back Slits Black M/L

Price: $20.79

This slinky micro mini dress is always threatening to run away from your body. It’s just what you need to maximize your shapely figure, and expose your cleavage. It makes you look desirable as you walk or sit down in a strategic spot, playing tug-of-war with your skirt and struggling to cover yourself.  Your excuse for wearing this seducing dress is apparent – you like keeping yourself busy.

Pink lipstick adrenaline seamless net dress black o/s

Price: $16.59

This stylish mini dress is daringly sexy and decent at the same time. It’s essentially a tight mini skirt attached to a bra with transparent mesh which exposes your mid-section and attractive belly button. If you have a flat belly and wide hips, you will look gorgeous in this outfit. Your excuse for wearing this hot dress – it’s summertime and you some fresh air to hit you.

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